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Q: Manuel Pellegrini
a. A great signing for the Club and maybe the change of direction we all need
b. It will only be a great signing if the Board back him with decent funds
c. This is West Ham so it will only end in farce
d. I'm not sure about this one, I'll wait until SKY is back to hear what Gary Neville thinks, then I'll voice my opinion

Nutsin 6:05 Sun Jan 17
Merson reckons

Payet was the stand out signing for the summer and whoever persuaded him to join West Ham deserves a huge pat on the back.
He adds that all the big clubs will be in for him and he'll be off for a huge fee.

Talk about a back handed compliment the cunt!

Why would we sell even if offered silly money, we'll be in our brand new stadium with a huge wad in our pocket from the New TV deal and we'll be looking to strengthen our team with a couple more world class players for our champions league campaign...... Again why would we sell?

These fucking pundits really are a bunch of cunts!

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normannomates 6:14 Tue Jan 19
Re: Merson reckons
Merson is a stain on society.
Fucking coke fiend extraordinaire

sidneyshitcunt 6:07 Tue Jan 19
Re: Merson reckons
"Merson reckons" seems to be one of the great double paradoxes of our day.

Brucies_Star_Prize 7:30 Mon Jan 18
Re: Merson reckons
Most players would rather be playing every week and idolized by fans at a club like ours, as opposed to sitting on the bench at Man City. However a player approaching the back end of his career would surely take the money on offer.

I'm still not convinced anyone will offer it though. The transfer fee would be huge and they'd have to pay massive wages over a long period to make the contract more lucrative.

The concern for me is that his head will be turned and we'll be forced to reject derisory offers before he's persuaded to 'force a move'. Having an unhappy player at the club in those circumstances rarely ends well.

Obviously that's all hypothetical and hopefully won't happen, however the better he does, the more likely the scenario becomes.

ludo21 7:24 Mon Jan 18
Re: Merson reckons
How much is Payet on? Must add up to 4m a year, so 20m over five years to add to what he has already earned in his career to date.

He seems like a nice, sensible bloke... call me naive but the way he has applauded and bowed to the fans at the end of a match is completely genuine (you can see it in his eyes).... he ain't going nowhere.

threesixty 6:53 Mon Jan 18
Re: Merson reckons
The other thing to remember is that Cabaye did the same thing. Got into the french side from Newcastle and then went to sit at the bench in PSG. Came back to Palace where he's a hero again.

Can Payet afford to not be playing at big club who dont need to sell him? Especially at 29/30. Might be too much of a gamble.

Brucies_Star_Prize 1:35 Mon Jan 18
Re: Merson reckons
dealcanvey 1:26 Mon Jan 18

They are definitely the factors in our favour, namely his age, the length of his contract and therefore the transfer fee he would command.

dealcanvey 1:26 Mon Jan 18
Re: Merson reckons
Of course the Payet signing looks like a great deal for the club now. But this was/still is a massive gamble for the club. He signed a 5/6 year deal meaning he will be here until he is thinking about retirement. Probably the reason he came to us with such a lengthy contract at that age on offer.

Still it also puts us in a great position. We dont have to sell unless we see silly money. How many clubs will pay massive money for a 29 year old? Not as many as you think. Probably why no one has come in with a big money offer for the likes of Vardy this window. Big clubs will pay the big money but they still want a player with years in the tank and with potential sell on value. I personally dont think we will see any offers worth considering for Payet this month or in the summer window.

Pancho 12:57 Mon Jan 18
Re: Merson reckons
"But again, is CL football and playing for a so called 'Big Club' something that will tempt him over being West Ham's superstar, the chance to become a West Ham legend and the chance to be a huge part of a pivotal moment in our club's history"

Sadly for 99% of players, realistically, yes...

Mr Polite 12:57 Mon Jan 18
Re: Merson reckons
Well i'm going to boo him at our next game just in case he is thinking about leaving...

penners28 12:55 Mon Jan 18
Re: Merson reckons
B, gerard and lampard were mid thirties though?

brucies, i dont think its about money for all players. yes for the most it probably is, however payet appears genuinely happy here. i think IF he was early/mid twenties then i'd be more concerned. as it goes, unless a mammoth offer comes in...i dont think he'll go

Brucies_Star_Prize 12:22 Mon Jan 18
Re: Merson reckons
It always comes down to money I'm afraid.

He's with us because we offered him the contract he wanted. If someone else comes calling with an offer we can't match then he will no doubt want to leave.

Factors such as our success, rapport with the fans, home in London etc. do come in to it, but that won't stand for much if someone offers to double his wages.

That's not to say I think he'll definitely go. At 28 years old and having just signed a 6-year deal, it will take a hell of a lot of money to prise him away, and I'm not sure if there are any clubs who will offer it.

Worst case scenario is his head being turned, followed by derisory offers and him becoming unsettled.

Trevor B 12:20 Mon Jan 18
Re: Merson reckons
but if players at 29 are wedged enough to not bother about money why do so many of them take massive paydays? did gerrard and lampard need to move to the states? im guessing they earned a lot more than payet has.

it wont be solely about money, but then again a team willing to pay the sort of money that might turn his head will probably be a CL team anyway.

penners28 12:14 Mon Jan 18
Re: Merson reckons
Its a weird one with Payet really due to his age. Like Russ said, he must already be wedged therefore decisions at this stage of his career shouldnt really be based on money. it's down to the player really. if we can match his ambitions then he doesnt need to look anywhere else

Mr Polite 12:13 Mon Jan 18
Re: Merson reckons
The club have said he is not for sale and we will not sell under any circumstances. That's good enough for me...

Trevor B 12:11 Mon Jan 18
Re: Merson reckons
Russ very well reasoned post mate.

Russ of the BML 12:10 Mon Jan 18
Re: Merson reckons
I don't know how money orientated Payet is but I am sure that playing as a pro footballer all of his adult life he is not short of a few bob. And he is probably earning very, very good money with us.

The question will come as to if he thinks at his age he needs to get another big contract before he moves into retirement age or whether he is happy and content with his lot.

He may be tempted by an agent saying to him "Look, so and so have offered West Ham £20m and you £150k per week. Plus guaranteed CL football. You've got to do it". And to be fair it's be hard not to be tempted.

But again, is CL football and playing for a so called 'Big Club' something that will tempt him over being West Ham's superstar, the chance to become a West Ham legend and the chance to be a huge part of a pivotal moment in our club's history.

People are motivated by different things. If he is happy with his financial situation and enjoys being our superstar then he could very possibly ignore all the vultures. But we may receive an offer that is so ridiculous it would be stupid to turn down for a 29 year old (which he will be in the summer).

Merse is just being a lazy cunt like the rest of them and does not actually look at he individual or the fact that the money in the game now has levelled the playing field.

ludo21 9:36 Mon Jan 18
Re: Merson reckons
He won't be going anywhere this summer (apart from his hols).

threesixty 9:28 Mon Jan 18
Re: Merson reckons
I think it depends on how much the club "love"him and maybe how much he cares about being in national team.

If he goes to a "big" club and is the best player there then he Deschamps will have to play him. I get the feeling though that he doesn't care that much about that otherwise he wouldn't have gone to West Ham. (He already had the best assists in Europe from Marseille).

I think being 29/30 and being the most important player at a club that is being "reborn" in the Olympic stadium with 50 thousand plus fans might not be a bad look for him. He'd have to compare that with being accommodated at psg / Madrid and being on the bench a lot.

Also Madrid / Atletico would have to buy him now considering they have a ban. Man U / Chelsea would be the most likely as they don't have this type of player but they'd have to offer a silly contract to him. I'm sure we could match them financially next year.

The Ghost of Braderz 12:56 Mon Jan 18
Re: Merson reckons
I actually think he has a closer to reality understanding than a lot of other pundits.

If you can say Payet is an unbelievable footballer, you can see why people would question whether he'll stay. And given that a lot of Premier league giants are in need of a few talented individuals then it's even more foreseeable.

Pancho 11:15 Sun Jan 17
Re: Merson reckons
For the pure footballing side of it everyone would want to see him stay. Tell them to stick it and say West Ham gave him his chance to shine, he wants to stay and see out what he started and playing in the OS.

Any real football fan would want to see that.

But that sadly doesn't happen anymore.

Gruesome Dump 11:07 Sun Jan 17
Re: Merson reckons
If you ever bump into him, ask him about the time Buster got an FA Cup Ticket off him (for face value) then raped his daughter.

*taps nose*

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