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LeroysBoots 3:40 Fri Feb 5
East Sussex
Anybody live there?

Pros and cons?

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Re: East Sussex
Also everywhere you would ever want to go in England is easy to get to by car in East Sussex loads of good thngs only an hour-90 mins drive. Trains are only for when you want to get drunk.

Re: East Sussex
My cousins new house in St Leonards is lovely. Fabulous sea view on the cliff decent sized garden and large for a 2br house. Cheap only around 250. Not upscale but not dangerous.

Beats living in a flat with their first kid coming in a few days.

Gonna be in the UK again in a couple months and looking for a good investment and you all are a bit gay and french and player haters when it comes to buying event tickets for resale GOD FORBID SOMEONE GET YOU INTO A SOLD OUT GIG OR MATCH AND MAKE A BIT FOR THEIR EFFORT THE HUMANITY FFS so might want to bark up another tree instead of getting on stubhub.co.uk (im only on .com) Im thinking of purchasing in some of these towns mentioned.

If I can get qualified I'd buy one of the cheapest 2 up 2 downs in that town assuming its on a nice street and let it out most likely I know from my house in the states that affordable homes are great investments it only took a year for mine to go from 200k to 300k in value. Decent street and area and about 150k pound would be about right live there for a couple months let it out sell it on for a 50-100k profit in a few years.

Hammer-n-nails 3:46 Sat Feb 13
Re: East Sussex
Bexhill is full of pikey's these days as well !

yngwies Cat 3:17 Sat Feb 13
Re: East Sussex
Royal Botanic Gardens Haywards Heath. Kew in the country.

Sussex_IRONS 2:28 Sat Feb 13
Re: East Sussex
Hastings has potential if they bothered to try and get investment but like most Sussex towns it's like being in a time warp walking round. It's also full of addicts. The smaller towns are better places to live Burgess hill,Seaford,Peacehaven,Rottingdean,Bexhill.

Annony 1:07 Sat Feb 13
Re: East Sussex
I think it can be a better idea to rent for 6 months+ at first depending if renting is reasonable, rather than buy. This gives a base to buy from, time to test out an unknown area and move on if not what you thought it was and don't like it.

Hammer-n-nails 12:38 Sat Feb 13
Re: East Sussex
New haven inbred paupers shit hole. Pisshaven not as shit but not nice. Seaford used to be lovely but now full of druggy scuzzers.
All the seaside towns are rundown, though Hastings has had a lot of money pumped into it.

the exile 10:15 Fri Feb 12
Re: East Sussex
Nice one LB. No doubt you'll help to gentrify the place.

LeroysBoots 10:06 Fri Feb 12
Re: East Sussex
We are moving to Hastings

Far Cough 9:39 Fri Feb 12
Re: East Sussex
I loved Hastings and St Leonards when I lived there but that was early 70s

eusebiovic 9:29 Fri Feb 12
Re: East Sussex
I have Hastings in mind...

I don't mind a town that is a bit shabby around the edges...as long as it's not destitute and on it's arse then it's fine by me

The idea of a clean, safe, respectable place to live has always been bullshit anyway...look how boring London is becoming...sterile and corporate...

The best times of my life were in London in less affluent times... The best parties were in the shabbiest areas and so called dangerous areas.

People have short memories

ACIrons 8:22 Fri Feb 12
Re: East Sussex
Recently reported as the music capital of England - Hastings. It's a place on the up, travel links to London are being improved to.

eusebiovic 8:14 Fri Feb 12
Re: East Sussex
What are Newhaven, Peacehaven and Seaford like?

Are they good value for money?

They sound like they could be nice

(Stokes chin pensively)

Hammer-n-nails 8:18 Sun Feb 7
Re: East Sussex
I lived in Eastbourne for almost forty years. (Was born there)
I now live in Mid Western Ontario.
Need I say more ?

monto 8:14 Sun Feb 7
Re: East Sussex
In reality, Best avoided = Aleppo

On here, Best avoided = Belgravia

cholo 7:33 Sun Feb 7
Re: East Sussex
Agreed sold, the area is rundown in places and has its shit hole estates like all towns but it's nowhere near as bad as some are making out.

Northern Sold 7:23 Sun Feb 7
Re: East Sussex
but if your thinking of buying here, I'd give Hastings a wide birth!

Mum bought her flat on the seafront in St Leonards... £110,000... glorious sea view... nice park withing 1 min walk... as VFM goes I can see exactly why people down there... like I said earlier you would pay 3 to 4 times more for a place of the same specs position in Southend... fuck that give me St Leonards and Hastings everytime

Buzz442 3:46 Sun Feb 7
Re: East Sussex
Crawley is a hole agreed, but your taxi driver on here that reckons East Grinstead is a hole is way off, very wealthy, very nice town, lived there for over 10 Yrs.

Hammer and Pickle 2:32 Sun Feb 7
Re: East Sussex
Was there in the 1970s - got carsick and didn't like it.

The Kronic 2:26 Sun Feb 7
Re: East Sussex
The snobs on here clearly reside in Henley-on-Thames with their fellow inbreds.

Eerie Descent 2:06 Sun Feb 7
Re: East Sussex
I'm on my way back home from Guildford as it goes. How on earth do you consider it a shithole?

Some fucking high standards on here.

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