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bell 10:17 Mon Feb 15
The Walking Dead
Back on tonight.

Just seen it.

Amazing television.

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bell 10:36 Thu Apr 7
Re: The Walking Dead
Exactly Miike.

I liked the way that Maggie had been wondering for ages what happened to her, only to be told she had been found and was safe.
Then Maggie turns up and she gets killed. She was a good looking girl as well.

Takashi Miike 10:28 Thu Apr 7
Re: The Walking Dead
I know what you mean. the 'I better go as im a danger to you all' is a bit silly after all they've been through. I would have thought she'd have been suffering much sooner that season 6 if it was going to happen

one character I was sad to see go was Beth, she was good. that's maybe the one death that shocked me in the whole series

bell 10:22 Thu Apr 7
Re: The Walking Dead
Game Of Thrones manages with dire wolves. Think that's what they are called.

The biggest disappointment for me this series, has been Carol. She has gone from being one of the best characters to a proper whiney boring one,in about six episodes.

ironsofcanada 4:20 Thu Apr 7
Re: The Walking Dead
Some interesting theories, though a tiger would be hard to do without bad CG.

On a side note, for a show nobody likes any more, it sure drives a bit of traffic on here.

Takashi Miike 4:06 Thu Apr 7
Re: The Walking Dead
also there's the leader of The Kingdom, Ezekiel, to be introduced next season. he's supposed to have a pet Tiger

kylay 4:03 Thu Apr 7
Re: The Walking Dead
bell 12:10 Thu Apr 7

reckon this is exactly correct and they will begin conducting focus groups to find out which character death will boost ratings the most whilst least affecting viewership.

nothing like stories told by committee meeting.

Sniper 2:37 Thu Apr 7
Re: The Walking Dead
Could make 'catching a tiger by its toe' a bit more interesting...

bell 2:15 Thu Apr 7
Re: The Walking Dead
Good shout that Sniper, that would have been pretty cool.

If the two people with Carol and Morgan are who we think they are, then series 7 could be pretty cool.

Sniper 1:13 Thu Apr 7
Re: The Walking Dead
Agreed bell - I also think they should have announced that Morgan was to play negan in season 7 - that way people wouldn't have spent this series waiting for him to come, instead it would have been a surprise and the cliffhanger would have been an unexpected bonus not a bit of a disappointment

bell 12:10 Thu Apr 7
Re: The Walking Dead
I reckon initially it was going to be Glenn and follow the comic. Knowing it wouldn't be popular, they threw the mid series bit in with him nearly being dead, to see people's reaction. They have now changed it to someone else.

Takashi Miike 11:59 Thu Apr 7
Re: The Walking Dead
for me Abraham's the best character at the moment so I think it'd be stupid to get rid of him now

Council Scum 11:53 Thu Apr 7
Re: The Walking Dead
For me Abraham isn't one of the original and beloved characters so counts him out, it will be Glen or Machone and I think the later as they don't really like Rick with a love interest

Council Scum 11:51 Thu Apr 7
Re: The Walking Dead
"Who want Maggie to die? she is absurdly gorgeous."

Go and see The Boy at the Cinema

Josh 11:17 Thu Apr 7
Re: The Walking Dead
"You know how to bite a dick Eugene. I mean that with the utmost of respect."

Cracked me up!

Guinness Shandy 11:02 Thu Apr 7
Re: The Walking Dead
Even if the writers had initially intended it to be Glenn, it won;t be now.

After the uproar caused by the cliffhanger series end, it would only highlight how bad that idea was if they then copied the comics, effectively removing the need for the 'hanger in the first place.

They will mix it up a bit.

Eugene is an obvious candidate with him already having passed his bullet making knowledge to Rick, effectively making him redundant.

Got to love Abraham's lines in this as well. He cracks me up.

Mart O 3:02 Thu Apr 7
Re: The Walking Dead
kylay 5:40 Tue Apr 5

In a nutshell. It just feels to me that the episodes are so drawn out and that revenue is clearly so much more important than any other consideration.

I still think it won't be Glenn for precisely that reason - the demographic. Likewise Michonne and, to a lesser degree, Rosita or even Maggie (she's fit - it attracts viewers). The example of Lost is easily the best I can think of in terms of just how badly wrong it can all go when this type of thinking takes over.

I will forgive them on one condition: we get a really graphic show of that little one eyed brat having his head stoved in - only after being forced to eat his stupid hat and hair. Cannot abide the little cunt.

The old c wing 1:17 Thu Apr 7
Re: The Walking Dead
Al of these sound slowdowns are fakes.

We don't know and won't know for another few months.

The war will come, though probably not until season 8.

Who want Maggie to die? she is absurdly gorgeous.

Pancho 8:40 Wed Apr 6
Re: The Walking Dead
I think he saw he was Rick's by virtue they were both trying to do their best tough guy impression with the crazy eyes while shaking like shitting dogs, crying and whimpering...

Romfordboy 8:38 Wed Apr 6
Re: The Walking Dead
Course it Glenn it is what sets off the war between the 2 group

wurzel 8:32 Wed Apr 6
Re: The Walking Dead
I hope it's not the ginger bloke, Maggie or Glenn I couldn't care less.

Don't want it to be the fit hispanic bird either,

cholo 8:27 Wed Apr 6
Re: The Walking Dead
Did Negan work out that Rick and Karl were father and son by virtue of the fact they look absolutely nothing like each other?

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