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LeroysBoots 9:04 Tue Feb 16
We all hate them

But what's your reason for that?

Is it passed down or do you have a rational explanation for it?

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toadinthehole 7:08 Thu Feb 18
Re: Tottenham
I thought Zarate would be cup tied for this match

Vexed 5:05 Thu Feb 18
Re: Tottenham
Time to kill off this thread. Embarrassing.

, 5:04 Thu Feb 18
Re: Tottenham
My experience with other fans is that we all have so much in common in the way we feel about our club and what we wish for. However I know a couple of ManU ST holders and when they talk about their team it can be unbearable.

Particularly in the Ferguson years their team could not lose without it being some sort of conspiracy. They actually once complained to me about us trying too hard and preventing them from winning the Premiership. I have not met any Spurs fans like that.

Buster 4:49 Thu Feb 18
Re: Tottenham
Swiss. 2:17 Thu Feb 18

League cup.

Cor Blimey 4:36 Thu Feb 18
Re: Tottenham
Their fans, absolute cunts.

Never hated the team really. If I'm honest I think they've had some very watchable players. Ginola, Modric, Berbatov... lots of quality players, but their fans......

Absolute cunts

oh and Daniel Levy

LeroysBoots 4:19 Thu Feb 18
Re: Tottenham
Cottee's winner on debut

Swiss. 2:18 Thu Feb 18
Re: Tottenham
They've just been vastly more successful than us you have to admit.

Swiss. 2:17 Thu Feb 18
Re: Tottenham
Bobby Zammora knocking us out of the FA cup.

franksfat&slow&wank 2:11 Thu Feb 18
Re: Tottenham
I don't mind them until I joined who 20 years ago

Yarmouth 2:09 Thu Feb 18
Re: Tottenham
Forgot to mention that Hoddle being an ex player is another huge reason they're cunts.

No doubting his skill as a player, but what a complete cunt as a pundit, a manager and by the looks a bloke.

Yarmouth 2:06 Thu Feb 18
Re: Tottenham
Because of they're constant attitude of being a 'big club' because they won the double back in the day + they put themselves on a par with Arsenal and look 'down' on us as a consequence.

They tend to look down their noses (no mean feat..) at us coming from the 'poor' part of town.


Beating them at home will be a delight this year, better even than beating the scouse 3 out of 4 and drawing the other.

chedylan 2 1:27 Thu Feb 18
Re: Tottenham
i was quite neutral towards them up until the early 2000's.

Liked some of their players in the 90s. Klinsmann, Ginola.etc chuckled a bit at their other expensive flop signings. To me they were this other London side same level as us who thought they were better than they were but played nice football.

Then we got relegated and they pinched our best players while we had their cast-offs. Then the whole Olympic cock blocking thing, underhand and shady, add to that Levy is a fully formed cunt.

Now i fucking hate them

w4hammer 9:16 Thu Feb 18
Re: Tottenham
every total CUNT i ever went to school with supported them.

HairyHammer 8:44 Thu Feb 18
Re: Tottenham
It must be that big Cock on their badge that get's to me.

I haven't got the biggest, and well it sort of mocks me simply by standing proud on their shirt, I hate that big blue Cock.

sand iron 6:52 Thu Feb 18
Re: Tottenham
Far Cough

I can't recall the name of the place, I only worked there for 4-5 months & that was 26 years ago now, blimey! It was down the end of pinder road, It was near a set of lights that I managed to catch most mornings.

normannomates 3:12 Thu Feb 18
Re: Tottenham

Far Cough 1:30 Thu Feb 18
Re: Tottenham
sand iron, yeah I know all those places, nice one

Steel Factory, Bell and Websters?

normannomates 1:23 Thu Feb 18
Re: Tottenham
Taffy O'Callaghan

normannomates 1:22 Thu Feb 18
Re: Tottenham
Anyone recall the quarter final League Cup gainst these in 1980/81?
Psycho popping up with the late winner
Packed to the rafters that night...they had whole South Bank.

sand iron 12:49 Thu Feb 18
Re: Tottenham
Far Cough

Yes used to work there back in 1990 at the steel factory, I can't remember the name of it right now, if you walked out the back entrance it took you to the river Lee, was it Dobbs Weir? We used to walk to the pub at lunch sometimes, I think it was the fish n eels? We used to see Gascoigne fishing there sometimes.

Ronald_antly 12:08 Thu Feb 18
Re: Tottenham
I grew to detest them in the 80s when the papers were always prattling on about a return to the "glory glory days".

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