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Q: 2017/18 Watford (a)
a. Moyes first game & like the postman he'll deliver, win.
b. A tough first game for Moyes it'll be a test alright & I expect a point, draw.
c. Different day and it'll be the same shit, lose.
d. We should be pleaed the football's back but after the last humiliation and the Board's ineptitude, my passion for WHU has been sucked out of me
e. I can't wait me, I'm our biggest fan and once again will be down the Rub a Dub kitted out and belting out David Moysie's Blue & Claret Army, I know all the songs me

Bullet 4:34 Sat Feb 20
EU Referendum 23rd June 2016 declares Cameron
Britain will vote on whether to remain in the EU on Thursday 23 June, Prime Minister David Cameron has said.
The prime minister made his historic announcement in Downing Street after briefing the cabinet.
He said he would be campaigning to remain in a reformed EU - and described the vote as one of the biggest decisions "in our lifetimes".
Ministers immediately divide

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Westside 2:37 Tue Nov 21
Re: EU Referendum 23rd June 2016 declares Cameron
Pretty poor when compared with fighter command's figure of 3.5:1 in the Battle of Britain

Got a link to some stats for that Surface? All the stuff I've read over they ears showed RAF prevailed at a rate of about 2 to 1, in the Battle Of Britain.

As this article would suggest.


Be interested to see some stats, that the kill ratio was as you say.

Willtell 2:32 Tue Nov 21
Re: EU Referendum 23rd June 2016 declares Cameron
I read the first line and thought it might be something written by you so didn't get any further as mim said. No-one can be arsed to read a nutter's conspiracy theories....

Hayzer 2:25 Tue Nov 21
Re: EU Referendum 23rd June 2016 declares Cameron
How was Poland our main ally when more Poles fought for the Germans than fought for us.

Hayzer 2:22 Tue Nov 21
Re: EU Referendum 23rd June 2016 declares Cameron
But you did thickwle I distinctly remember you using the N word. I’m sure some one was trying to get you barred over it. This is what happens when you post things pissed.

Hammer and Pickle 2:11 Tue Nov 21
Re: EU Referendum 23rd June 2016 declares Cameron
You WHO spokesperson on what post is read on here or not by self-appointment, mod appointment or perhaps democratic vote mimmler?

Or are you perhaps a snotty, faggy twat with an axe to grind and a fish dinner on your shoulder about the political system you clearly hate and depend on?

mashed in maryland 12:56 Tue Nov 21
Re: EU Referendum 23rd June 2016 declares Cameron
Literally no one on here except for you will bother reading more than about 3 lines of that bollocks you call an "article", mate. That includes me. Sorry.

Willtell 12:16 Tue Nov 21
Re: EU Referendum 23rd June 2016 declares Cameron
Self-awareness is not something you were ever born with was it Thickle?

Hammer and Pickle 11:13 Tue Nov 21
Re: EU Referendum 23rd June 2016 declares Cameron
I am interested in how Putin's Kremlin is influencing the political process as regards Brexit and Trump. This is, I believe a legitimate topic of interest.

You are clearly bent on presenting me in a bad light and getting me to defend my character. And you are certainly not commenting on the article I have just posted up.

So, I'm not interested in you mimmler. You are boring. Why don't you fuck off?

Willtell 10:43 Tue Nov 21
Re: EU Referendum 23rd June 2016 declares Cameron
Actually I just listened to the "Finest hour" speech and realise that it was actually to prepare the people BEFORE the eventual BOB ready for Germany to turn its attention to Britain after taking over most of Europe.

I'd forgotten that but either way H&P was wrong as Poland was never Britain's main ally.

If you want inspiration for why the EU should not be trying to screw Britain for leaving the EU then listen to Churchill's words from 77 years ago...


, 10:41 Tue Nov 21
Re: EU Referendum 23rd June 2016 declares Cameron
As a matter of fact Churchill made the speech to which the term finest hour is attributed after the fall of France and the Dunkirk evacuation. This was some time before the ending of what came to be called the Battle of Britain. Churchill made reference to European countries but did not include the USA which remained technically neutral until Early December 1941, some eighteen months after our “finest hour”.

I wonder what the USA would have done if there had been no Pearl Harbour incident?

mashed in maryland 10:35 Tue Nov 21
Re: EU Referendum 23rd June 2016 declares Cameron
H&P: Vladimir Putin secretly controls the world using a network of KGB spies who spend their free time calling me a cunt on WHO
Everyone else: shut up you daft old sod
H&P: you really have a weird warped view of the world and have been listening to too many conspiracy theories

Mike Oxsaw 10:30 Tue Nov 21
Re: EU Referendum 23rd June 2016 declares Cameron
You can't say anything good or supportive about America because that will prove (PROVE) that you are a Trump supporter and just want to grope every woman you see.

Willtell 10:19 Tue Nov 21
Re: EU Referendum 23rd June 2016 declares Cameron
"But the problem with you, Zero, is you are interested in dishonouring the memory of Britain's main ally in its finest hour, which can come as no surprise."

Poland was "Britain's main ally in its finest hour" was it? Aren't you confusing something here Thickle? Churchill described the BOB as "their" finest hour meaning the pilots. Not Britain's finest hour you idiot.

America was our Main ally not the dregs of Poland's military that escaped the German war machine and made it to England to have another go at fighting Germany but you now support...

Willtell 9:58 Tue Nov 21
Re: EU Referendum 23rd June 2016 declares Cameron
Reply Problem Child 8:27 Mon Nov 20
Willtell 5:36 Mon Nov 20

"I hate the idea of British politicians bending over to get screwed by a bunch of bureaucrats..."

"Yet you are quite open to you and your fellow members of the general British public getting properly shafted by those very same politicians you are leaping to defend."


You will have to explain that one to me Problem Child? I voted remain and live in France.

The UK though chose by the largest ever vote to come out of the EU. Not me or most of the "strong & stable" politicians now bending over for a right royal rogering from Tusk & Juncker so that they can continue spending your tax money. Not mine yours... HTH

Hammer and Pickle 9:24 Tue Nov 21
Re: EU Referendum 23rd June 2016 declares Cameron
And it happens on here every day

Putin’s cranks and creeps are winning the day
Nick Cohen
17 November 2017
4:16 PM
Jeremy Corbyn and his supporters announce themselves to be the leftist of the left: a band of brothers, who have saved the Labour Party from neo-liberalism and neo-conservatism. Yet they happily align with the most right-wing imperialist power in the neighbourhood.

All around Corbyn, questions about Russian influence in the US election and the Brexit referendum are exploding. Instead of using the opposition front bench to investigate and denounce, Corbyn and McDonnell show no interest in fighting the right at home or abroad. They prefer instead to join a queue that includes Donald Trump, Nigel Farage and Marine Le Pen and wait in line to plant damp kisses on Vladimir Putin’s firm hand. Asked to comment on Theresa May’s belated decision to stand up to a hostile foreign power. Corbyn’s spokesman said:

‘I think we need to see more evidence of what’s being talked about. Jeremy has made clear on a number of occasions that we need to see an attempt through dialogue to ratchet down tensions with Russia’.
Leftists are always keen to denounce sell-outs. ‘The left looks for traitors, the right looks for converts,’ as I used to say. If Corbyn endorsed Donald Trump, even the cultists in Momentum would object. Yet he appears to endorse Trump’s friend and there is no questioning on the left about where Corbyn is taking Labour – and indeed who he is bringing along with him. Backbenchers such as Ben Bradshaw and Chris Bryant ask hard questions about Russian influence, while Labour’s front bench looks the other way. Many liberals and leftists are appalled by Corbyn’s silence on Brexit, they should notice that his silence on Putin matches it.

Moving on, Alex Salmond is a former leader of the Scottish National Party. Now he has swapped Scottish nationalism for Russian nationalism and serves the Kremlin as a minor celebrity on its English-language station. Nigel Farage and Arron Banks have built their whole careers on the claim they are British patriots. Yet as Banks recounts in his memoir of the referendum campaign, The Bad Boys of Brexit, (as if he and Farage looked like rockstars rather than portly Rotarians):

‘(We were introduced to the) First Secretary of the (Russian) Embassy – in other words, the KGB’s man in London…we hit it off from the word go…Our host wanted the inside track on the Brexit campaign.’
The trivial mingles with the profound when you examine the motives of the Russophiles. There’s nothing more to say about Alex Salmond than that he is a vain old man, who cannot accept his day is done. He will seize the hand of any country that will make him feel important again. Many of the talking heads on Russia Today share the same urge. Watch it and you see half-forgotten or never-known men preening themselves with delight that Russia has found it in its interests to give them a platform.

Meanwhile, the Leninist left has simply switched its enthusiasm from the communist Soviet Union to crony capitalist Russia. Seumas Milne could well have been the Corbyn spokesman briefing reporters that Labour leadership did not want any trouble with Putin. He has paid homage to the new Tsar at a Black Sea resort, and warned of the dangers of ‘demonising’ him. If you still have to ask why the Labour left indulges a friend of Trump and Farage, a persecutor of gays and an imperial conqueror of sovereign nations, then you have failed to grasp its cynicism and intellectual emptiness.

Russia is a great disruptive power. It wants to reverse the post-Cold war settlement that stripped the Soviet empire of most of its possessions. Like Stalin and Catherine the Great, and indeed most aggressive leaders in history, it is always looking for openings. The breakup of Britain and Spain would weaken Western Europe, so it supports Scottish and Catalonian independence. A Trump presidency would not even pretend to be interested in Putin’s abuse of human rights in Russia and Ukraine, so Russia or its agent Julian Assange hacked the Clinton campaign’s emails. Brexit weakens the European Union, and we are learning more daily about Russian support for the leave cause. Prime minister Corbyn would weaken NATO, indeed given Corbyn’s promotion of British communists and his long association with the Morning Star, he would want to leave NATO. Naturally, Russia wants to promote Corbyn and vice versa.

Outside the US, where the exploitation of Facebook and hacking of the Clinton campaign may have swung the 2016 presidential election, no one can yet argue that Russian intervention has decided Western nation’s fates. But it has been ever present. And it is time that we talked more about why outsiders admire Russia and what their admiration says about them.

You might begin by noticing that the right and the far right see it as a white conservative power implacably opposed to liberalism. Beyond its residual attachment to the birthplace of Marxist-Leninism, the far left sees echoes of itself in Russia’s hatred of the West.

A few years ago, you could dismiss Putin’s supporters as cranks and creeps. Who’s laughing at them now? They are still cranky and creepy, no doubt about it, but their cranky and creepy causes have won. Trump is president of the United States. Corbyn leads the British Labour party. Britain has left the European Union. The future – our future – belongs to the allies of a corrupt, aggressive, mendacious and murderous state.


Hammer and Pickle 8:15 Tue Nov 21
Re: EU Referendum 23rd June 2016 declares Cameron
The usual downright lies from the usual site inadequates now - always the same twisting and always the same people.

I suppose they represent post-Brexit UK perfectly.

Johnson 8:03 Tue Nov 21
Re: EU Referendum 23rd June 2016 declares Cameron
Yes he did.

He also took the piss out of one of the first truck attacks until he realised it was a Polish lorry driver that got hijacked and killed.

He changed his tune about it a bit then.

Hayzer 8:00 Tue Nov 21
Re: EU Referendum 23rd June 2016 declares Cameron
Didn’t he stick up for the racist Pole that got killed in Harlow? I distinctly remember the N word being bandied about 🙄

mashed in maryland 7:47 Tue Nov 21
Re: EU Referendum 23rd June 2016 declares Cameron
SurfaceAgentX2Zero 1:14 Tue Nov 21

See also:

H&P: the Cologne sex attack never happened, the Rochdale grooming gang was made up by the far right, and Roman Polanski was ok really and just the victim of a right wing judge
Everyone else including me: wtf are you on about you crank
H&P: mimmler you are a disgusting person who needs to be kicked off this site


Doublethink or alcohol damage. Could be both maybe.

BRANDED 1:32 Tue Nov 21
Re: EU Referendum 23rd June 2016 declares Cameron
UK teady to pay 40 billion to EU.

All going well

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 1:14 Tue Nov 21
Re: EU Referendum 23rd June 2016 declares Cameron
H&P - The RAF sucked and the Poles were great and won the Battle of Britain for them
SAX20 - That's not true

= SAX20 dishonouring Britain's ally

What an absolute tool H&P is.

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