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Bullet 4:34 Sat Feb 20
EU Referendum 23rd June 2016 declares Cameron
Britain will vote on whether to remain in the EU on Thursday 23 June, Prime Minister David Cameron has said.
The prime minister made his historic announcement in Downing Street after briefing the cabinet.
He said he would be campaigning to remain in a reformed EU - and described the vote as one of the biggest decisions "in our lifetimes".
Ministers immediately divide

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Swiss. 4:47 Tue Aug 21
Re: EU Referendum 23rd June 2016 declares Cameron

Freedom of movement for you is when you mum lets you come out your bedroom and sit on the sofa.

Dwight Van Mann 4:44 Tue Aug 21
Re: Untitled
Swiss. 3:24 Tue Aug 21


you think freedom of movement is the only thing that allows you off the Isle of Sheppey you parafin lamp

Mike Oxsaw 4:36 Tue Aug 21
Re: Untitled
Looks like Pickled is confusing "Normal" with "Mainland" - an easy mistake for an uneducated simpleton; a deliberate deceit by one with intelligence.

Hammer and Pickle 4:27 Tue Aug 21
Re: Untitled
Certainly 50 years ought to be enough time to work out that freedom of movement is a principle that guides immigration policy in all normal European countries that were never messed up by Communism following the war, whether they are in Schengen or not.

But do carry on selling the lie that immigration policy is impossible with freedom of movement - there will always be a mong or two who will buy it.

Lee Trundle 3:56 Tue Aug 21
Re: Untitled
"You should give Freedom of Movement a chance"

Do you not think almost 50 years is enough of a chance, then?

Mike Oxsaw 3:45 Tue Aug 21
Re: Untitled
Swiss. 3:24 Tue Aug 21

Will they not be able to undertake such activities once the UK leave the EU Swiss? That is what you seem to be implying (or firmly believe).

Was doing the same not possible at all before the UK joined the EU? That is also what you seem to be implying (or firmly believe).

Strangely enough, I've never met anyone who had any issues before or after joining the EU regarding working there - except, perhaps, if they had a past of which their local police force held a record. I expect that to also be the case once the UK leaves, deal or no deal.

Swiss. 3:24 Tue Aug 21
Re: Untitled

You should give Freedom of Movement a chance. Stop living at your mum's on the council estate and come to France or Spain. Licking stamps and placing them on envelops is the same their as in the UK I guess.

But you'd be the experts on that.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 12:39 Tue Aug 21
Re: EU Referendum 23rd June 2016 declares Cameron
In other news, the slimey arch-Remainer Phillip Hammond was caught-out trying to make the Treasury's 'No Deal' plan part of Project Fear.


Prometheus50 12:05 Tue Aug 21
Re: EU Referendum 23rd June 2016 declares Cameron
so the EU delivers its hubris laden statement hailing the Greek exit from the bailout programme This of course was designed to draw focus away from some interesting facts and figures about Greece since the EU intervened to "help"

* Population has slumped by 5%
* Unemployment hit 27.8% and is still > 20%
* Youth unemployment reached 60% and currently stands
at 42.3%, some of which is emigration
* The economy shrank by 25%
* Debt to GDP ballooned to 180%
* Suicide rates increased sharply

and what of the future for Greece Well, as long as the single currency remains intact, the EU made the following forecasts based on budget surplus numbers to 2060 that no other Euro area nation had ever come close to achieving

Debt to GDP will fall to 100% in 42 years time

In other words, Greece will remain impoverished well beyond many of our lifetimes and this is a disgrace that the EU should be uitterley ashamed of, especially as Germany has used the same system to enrich itself yet pay nothing for

Willtell 11:51 Fri Aug 17
Re: Untitled
I have to say that in Europe, it would be surprising if a majority wanted to end freedom of movement. In fact I’d go so far as to say that Pickled is right.

The real problem is in UK where an island mentality still pervades and the health and benefits systems are geared entirely to residency rather than qualification as in most other EU nations.

The problem is that identity cards were rejected in UK. This would be a way of identifying immigrants and having a system geared to ID card carriers only but the only workable way now is to control all immigration....

Mike Oxsaw 9:09 Fri Aug 17
Re: Untitled
Most rational people want what is best for themselves and their close relations (to give their genes a chance of making it down the generations). We are all still monkeys (especially Chimpus Polandicus) - never forget that.

Everything else is collateral benefit.

Side of Ham 9:07 Fri Aug 17
Re: Untitled
Pickle even lives in a country that PROVES there is a total imbalance when it comes to migration.

What a THICK cunt he is.

Hammer and Pickle 9:05 Fri Aug 17
Re: Untitled
Still on your bourgeois holiday in Latin America practicing the Castilian you picked up in Barcelona, right Dave?

DaveT 8:59 Fri Aug 17
Re: Untitled
Most rational people want freedom of movement.
Fucking hell H&P What planet are you on? You've said some shit on here but that is, in your parlance, the icing on the cake

Hammer and Pickle 8:58 Fri Aug 17
Re: Untitled
You find no place in a union of sovereign nations that has agreed the freedom of movement is a fundamental human right, Ratched.

That’s a shame and it is of course part of your CONDITION to make sure as many people as possible are denied that place if you can’t find it.

And you call us fanatics.

Nurse Ratched 8:51 Fri Aug 17
Re: Untitled
As you must surely be aware, I was referring to non-EU countries like the US, Canada, NZ, Aus, Japan, etc.

I couldn't give a toss what happens in the EU once (if we ever) we get out. You make your own bed.

Side of Ham 8:48 Fri Aug 17
Re: Untitled
Nurse, you tell him the truth about himself on here and his views is all, he, however, wants to belittle you for doing so as he's not man enough to face his own fraudulence on here.

He loses out financially is the only reason he minces about brexit the greedy cunt, it's got fuck all to do with 'freedom' but to do with free flowing cash going his way.

Hammer and Pickle 8:43 Fri Aug 17
Re: Untitled
Well, I'll get back to you on this when the voters of the 27 EU member states, which you have decided are FANATICS, vote against Schengen and for closing their borders on each other.

Nurse Ratched 8:42 Fri Aug 17
Re: Untitled
S'ok, Ham. I've said far worse to him.

Nurse Ratched 8:40 Fri Aug 17
Re: Untitled
Those politicians run democracies. If the voters wanted open borders, they'd be voted out. The voters, it seems, are happy for their governments to tightly control immigration.

Why are you so rubbish at thinking?

Side of Ham 8:39 Fri Aug 17
Re: Untitled
Pickle no wonder your wife goes elsewhere look at the way you treat the opposite sex, I wouldn't be surprised if Jackie Czanski gave you a slap if you spoke to your wife like you do Ratched.

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