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rwalker38009 12:34 Wed Feb 24
Bobby Moore
Haven't seen a thread on the first few pages so apologies if I'm going over old ground. Is anyone going along to the Boleyn tomorrow to tie a scarf to the gates / lay some flowers seeing this will be the last time we commerate his death at Upton Park?

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lincslink 12:05 Mon Feb 25
Re: Bobby Moore
I don’t wear football shirts but today went out for lunch down here in Devon with a replica Bobby Moore debut shirt and met another iron in the pub.

Percy Dalton 10:28 Sun Feb 24
Re: Bobby Moore
I was at that game and there was a lot more than 24,000.
One of the reasons for that was the two for one brigade and to keep the official count down so that the greedy f.a didn't get their cut.

Any Old Iron 6:05 Sun Feb 24
Re: Bobby Moore
Oliver Cromwell 1:30 Wed Feb 24

Well I went that night to his testimonial, and it was a cracking game.
But one reason why the crowd was only 24,000, which probably included the best part of 5,000 jocks, was that Esso were 'sponsoring' the game and they set the ticket prices, most of which were 30 - 50% higher than league games.

I also suspect that some were put off by the thought of thousands of pissed up Jocks being there.

Far Cough 5:40 Sun Feb 24
Re: Bobby Moore
Dudley Moore 5:14 Wed Apr 27
Re: Bobby Moore

Some bloke on Facebook

Far Cough 5:38 Sun Feb 24
Re: Bobby Moore
Happy Birthday Sir Bobby RIP

Too Much Too Young 3:31 Sun Feb 24
Re: Bobby Moore
26 years ago today.

RIP Bob old son.

Dan M 6:46 Wed Apr 27
Re: Bobby Moore
Dudley Moore 5:14 Wed Apr 27

It's a song by a chap called Bubbles. Played at the start of this...


BubblesCyprus 6:23 Wed Apr 27
Re: Bobby Moore
R.I.P Mooro greatest we have ever had, but a memorial as our last season at UP we are getting very close to the scousers with 27 years of Hillsboro memorials?

Dudley Moore 5:14 Wed Apr 27
Re: Bobby Moore
Does anyone know who wrote this poem?
I've heard it sung acapella on youtube and its lovely.......

We won the cup in '64 beat Preston 3 to 2,
with goals from Johnny Sissons, Ronnie Boyce and Geoff Hurst too, and Bobby Moore, he ran the show until the game was won.
A Barking boy of 19 years, the king had just begun

Cup winner's cup in '65, to Wembley once again.
His fine blonde hair was everywhere as Bobby ran the game.
Two goals from Alan Sealey brought the cup to E13 and we drank a toast to all the boys and Bobby Moore, the King

Then in 1966 the country made the call.
Sir Alf, he rang Ron Greenwood, said" Ron i need them all"
Ron said " Dont be greedy, i'll only give you three, Mooro, Hurst and Peters, get down to Wembley.

Martin Peters got a goal and Geoffrey Hurst got three and Bobby was the Captain when we beat West Germany.
Bobby was the General, the leader of the team when West Ham won the World Cup and England reigned supreme.

His memory will never fade, the greatest in the land.
Now Bobby Moore's in heaven, he sits at Gods right hand
The greatest Number 6 the football world has ever seen and thats how we'll remember him,

Bobby Moore ...the King

BubblesCyprus 10:47 Wed Apr 13
Re: Bobby Moore
normannomates 12:34 Wed Apr 13

normannomates 12:34 Wed Apr 13
Re: Bobby Moore
Buster 11.16
Just brings home how young he was when he left us..
The one and only person I didn't personally know whose death shook me to the core.

joe blob 11:46 Tue Apr 12
Re: Bobby Moore

Northern Sold 11:41 Tue Apr 12
Re: Bobby Moore
Just finished My work bench in the West Ham Shed as a tribute to the great man... sanded down... primed... painted light blue... 2 claret stripes through the middle of it... and a big white no 6 in the corner... it's my Fighting Temeriare...

Happy Birthday Mooro... and thanks for the free WHUFC sew on badge

Rossal 11:18 Tue Apr 12
Re: Bobby Moore
Happy Birthday Bobby

was way before my time but that 1970 game against Brazil is incredible. A true legend of the game

Buster 11:16 Tue Apr 12
Re: Bobby Moore
Would have been 75 today.

Happy Birthday, Bobby son.

MikeHammer 8:39 Thu Feb 25
Re: Bobby Moore
Flown by ... Just realised that this was the first anniversary where I am now older than Bobby was when he died !

MikeHammer 11:41 Wed Feb 24
Re: Bobby Moore

gph 11:41 Wed Feb 24
Re: Bobby Moore
I'm am going to spell ledgend that way from now on.

My tribute to the tribute.

normannomates 11:39 Wed Feb 24
Re: Bobby Moore
Pop Robson 9.24
Too right.

Too much too young 11.21
23 yrs..yea I know..flown by...take it easy mate

Too Much Too Young 11:23 Wed Feb 24
Re: Bobby Moore
Lovejoy 2:16 Wed Feb 24
Re: Bobby Moore
Brings a tear to your eye:


Lovely video.

You cunt LJ.

Especially as I've done a bottle of JD and that my old man died around the same age...which was way too fucking young.

To think it was 23 years since I was there at the gates to pay my respect is surreal.

RIP Dad, Bob, old Son.

Pop Robson 9:24 Wed Feb 24
Re: Bobby Moore
LEDGEND on that shirt !

It's the effort and thought that counts

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