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Q: Manuel Pellegrini
a. A great signing for the Club and maybe the change of direction we all need
b. It will only be a great signing if the Board back him with decent funds
c. This is West Ham so it will only end in farce
d. I'm not sure about this one, I'll wait until SKY is back to hear what Gary Neville thinks, then I'll voice my opinion

Queens Fish Bar 10:43 Thu Feb 25
Tempted to try with my burd.

Anyone got any experience?

Assume ra only way to take.

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Brain Damaged 9:41 Fri Feb 26
Re: 2CB
You need to take a chill pill, chan.

Irish Hammer 9:40 Fri Feb 26
Re: 2CB
Sounds like great fun


Eerie Descent 9:40 Fri Feb 26
Re: 2CB
I take it you don't drink alcohol, Shin Chan?

bruuuno 9:37 Fri Feb 26
Re: 2CB
Drugs are great fun shin chan

Shin Chan 8:59 Fri Feb 26
Re: 2CB
I think junkies, because that is what you are, should get free drugs. Stuff as much of the shit in your system as possible and hopefully die. Would give the normal people a rest form telling us how wonderful getting jacked up is because your life is obviously so fucking boring.

RH 6:37 Fri Feb 26
Re: 2CB
People who take drugs are without doubt the most boring cunts i have ever met

BRANDED 6:09 Fri Feb 26
Re: 2CB
Anyone who doesn't like drugs is a straight, boring gay cunt.

riosleftsock 5:57 Fri Feb 26
Re: 2CB
Druggies are so fucking boring.

Get a nice bottle of wine, cuntchops.

panamahat 5:54 Fri Feb 26
Re: 2CB
Most pleasant as I remember .

w4hammer 5:49 Fri Feb 26
Re: 2CB
lovely lovely bit of gear... at its best after a pill or bit of mdma- take it very easy I would suggest a half each. It takes a while to come up-longer than an e. Also it last longer so dont fire any more until you are well through it.

have fun!

Chip Shop Charlie 1:17 Fri Feb 26
Re: 2CB
bruno: felt clean and fresh after 2cb, bit tired but usually dance my arse off when on it so thats to be expected

bruuuno 12:39 Fri Feb 26
Re: 2CB
Does anyone know what te comedowns like? I can't take mdma without getting ill for a week these days so wouldn't mind an alternative.

Brain Damaged 12:35 Fri Feb 26
Re: 2CB
I've tried 5APB and 6APB (Benzo Fury), but to be honest, I find these legal highs to be pretty shit.

Better off sticking to illegal highs.

Monterey Jack Cheese 11:55 Fri Feb 26
Re: 2CB
Like pills but a bit fuzzier: good for raving not rumping!

Chip Shop Charlie 11:50 Fri Feb 26
Re: 2CB
mashed: 2C-B is a synthetic psychedelic that first gained popularity as a legal Ecstasy replacement in the mid 1980s. It is known for having a strong physical component to its effects and a moderate duration.

JONESY 11:47 Fri Feb 26
Re: 2CB
I always favoured an HB2

mashed in maryland 11:41 Fri Feb 26
Re: 2CB
What the fuck is 2CB and is it safe googling at work?

Dan M 11:41 Fri Feb 26
Re: 2CB
Will you be encouraging your 2FBs to push forward or are you thinking of sticking with a flat back four?

Eggbert Nobacon 11:39 Fri Feb 26
Re: 2CB
Not a fan of Citroens myself

Brain Damaged 11:26 Fri Feb 26
Re: 2CB
Go to your GP and tell them you have erectile dysfunction. They should prescribe you something for your problem.

Fifth Column 11:24 Fri Feb 26
Re: 2CB
With your bird you might need a JCB?

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