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Q: 2017/18 Carabao Cup Spurs (a)
a. It's Wembley we have a decent record on the hallowed turf a& all we need is another Maiga, win
b. There's no draws in this comp so what chance do we have, lose
c. Forget the game, we'll always be a laughing stock while those idiots in the Boardroom still own the Club, SELL SELL SELL
d. How great is this another game live on the box, so it's back down the Pub full kit on and roaring the boys onto another win, cut me and I bleed claret & blue

Sydney_Iron 5:43 Mon Mar 7
West Ham Fan TV
If its been done then delete, sometimes a bit behind the times down here, didn't even know there was a West Ham Fan TV, found by accident on youtube.

ENJOY, brilliant stuff................................ any WHOERS on this ????? about a dozen clips, all brilliant



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park chan wook 11:26 Mon Mar 7
Re: West Ham Fan TV
Always fairly decent viewing lovely seeing our fans enjoying our games. Highlight of Everton game fan cam the bloke saying we could win the boat race. His a funny fellow.

NewtonsPartyBag 11:23 Mon Mar 7
Re: West Ham Fan TV
The fella on the chair is hilarious!

Loving the Captians armband !

terry-h 10:48 Mon Mar 7
Re: West Ham Fan TV
The guy who said"we were more dead than Elvis" was hilarious. You couldn't have him on MOTD though unless all the expletives were deleted.

Northern Sold 10:40 Mon Mar 7
Re: West Ham Fan TV
Do we have our version of Ty, Heavy D and Claude?

Private Dancer 10:19 Mon Mar 7
Re: West Ham Fan TV
No way I could bare these fuckers for over an hour, much prefer the short fan vids.

Dave M 10:17 Mon Mar 7
Re: West Ham Fan TV
I only just discovered the Post Match Pint videos the day after the Blackburn cup game a couple of weeks ago. Eventually realised it was about an hour long,.. brilliant!

As someone else already said, it seems like a good bunch of lads and I've kept watching for that reason. I hope it keeps running for a long time yet. Excellent work!

Lily Hammer 9:48 Mon Mar 7
Re: West Ham Fan TV
Love the pre and post Emirates videos.

Before, this Claud wanker from gooner tv is a patronising prick, condescneding and being generally arsenal, and the West Ham lad does well not to lamp him one....then there is the broken Claud after the match, which makes up for it all.

Troy McClure 9:39 Mon Mar 7
Re: West Ham Fan TV
Love watching DOM after the Everton game. Brilliant.

"YESSSSSSSSSS!! GRRRRRRR!!!! It's usually the other fucking way round with this lot"

Nail. Head.

bobbymoore 9:32 Mon Mar 7
Re: West Ham Fan TV
Been watching it for a few months now since they come on here to advertise it.

Good set of lads, always enjoy their post match pint.

Eindhoven Hammer 7:50 Mon Mar 7
Re: West Ham Fan TV
I've been on there a few times. That cunt Dom gets on my nerves though.

Coffee 6:41 Mon Mar 7
Re: West Ham Fan TV
Superb. Just spent 20 minutes smiling. "We could win the fucking boat race at this rate." Ha ha!

Private Dancer 6:23 Mon Mar 7
Re: West Ham Fan TV
I enjoy it. To be fair though you don't see it mentioned all that often?

Great seeing West Ham fans happy after 4 years under the defeatist dinosuar.

claret50 6:18 Mon Mar 7
Re: West Ham Fan TV
C'mon Syders, keep up with the play mate, it's been around for a while, good site, innit. :)

WHOicidal Maniac 6:09 Mon Mar 7
Re: West Ham Fan TV
Yeah, Always watch them when I can,

Seem like decent lads.

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