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:^) 2:35 Thu Mar 10
Windows 10 update
I don't want this shit and have avoided it so far, but now it is showing an automatic update in the next hour.

I have been able to fuck this off and delay it for 5 days, so does anyone know an easy fix beyond the vague long wided dogshit that windows have offered?

I can't find this Computer Configuration bollocks...


Last windows PC I ever buy.

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Sniper 5:12 Wed Jun 29
Re: Windows 10 update
I turned my back on the laptop for 5 minutes today and Windows 10 started installing.

In fairness it doesn't look too bad although some stuff on my desktop is missing and the whole tile thing is so shit if you're using a mouse

tazman 1:15 Wed Jun 29
Re: Windows 10 update
you need to get rid of some windows updates
go here as I did, and you will sort the problem
back up your computer first in case you make
a mistake. it is easy to follow and it works


Sven Roeder 12:39 Wed Jun 29
Re: Windows 10 update
Ended up having it sneak onto my laptop and now it tells me it cant find the vast majority of emails I have in various folders.
When I look on my phone they are there.


zebthecat 12:35 Wed Jun 29
Re: Windows 10 update
I used GWX control panel:


to get rid of this horror (my ancient printer doesn't have windows 10 or Linux drivers - thanks Epson).
Works a treat

Mike Oxsaw 12:32 Wed Jun 29
Re: Windows 10 update
Install Ubuntu (can be done ALONGSIDE, not instead of Windows), so you can try them both out.

I dumped windows yonks ago in favour of Ubuntu and it does all I need to use my PC on a daily basis.

As a complete bottle-job though, I still have windows available as a virtual machine for when I have to run some of the proprietary microsoft shit that won't port over.

For day-to-day use, all other shit goes through virus free Ubuntu.

Cornish Dave 12:24 Wed Jun 29
Re: Windows 10 update
I updated to W10 it was a nightmare, losing internet connection constantly, crashing and Sky Go would not work amongst other things. I reverted to 8.1 which was also a nightmare but got there in the end. My machine now refers all up dates to me and I just uncheck the W10 enabler which is listed by someone else below.

And yes it does update without your permission so beware!

1964 11:09 Wed Jun 29
Re: Windows 10 update
I was sceptical about upgrading to W10 but it's OK once you ajust it to how you want it and works OK.

All my old programs worked OK even some stuff I still use from the 1990s.

Seems to have some minor bugs which I expect will be sorted in time.

mattyolmes 7:48 Wed Jun 29
Re: Windows 10 update
If you've got 10 already you should check this article too (if you want)

mattyolmes 7:42 Wed Jun 29
Re: Windows 10 update
To stop win 10 download a wee program called never10
We still get a reminder screen- can't get away completely but it doesn't download.


Cheezey Bell-End 3:48 Wed Jun 29
Re: Windows 10 update
I "upgraded" a few months ago and have heaps of problems. It's fucking dogshit quite frankly. My old laptops with Linux on them run much better.

gph 3:13 Wed Jun 29
Re: Windows 10 update
I won't install it until Golden Oldie denounces it as a tool of the World Jewish Order

:^) 3:11 Wed Jun 29
Re: Windows 10 update
I'm just waiting for the campaign that if you don't update to 10, Win 7/8 will get worse because you're racist.

:^) 3:08 Wed Jun 29
Re: Windows 10 update
They have finally fucked off the pressure to update to 10, after a women in Seattle won a lawsuit for an unauthorised update.

* wanker sign *

:^) 7:21 Thu Mar 10
Re: Windows 10 update
Cheers wmc

wmc3205 7:08 Thu Mar 10
Re: Windows 10 update
GWX Control Panel

and stop the annoying updates from showing

:^) 7:07 Thu Mar 10
Re: Windows 10 update
Oh and thanks for all comments. I might upgrade my 8.1 machine but I'm not touching my win 7 lappy.

:^) 7:06 Thu Mar 10
Re: Windows 10 update
Far Cough 11:42 Thu Mar 10

Something changed without me doing anything and it automatically set for a scheduled upgrade.

I didn't notice the cancel upgrade option at first so managed only to delay it.

Seems they are getting pushy with the upgrade though....


geoffpikey 7:04 Thu Mar 10
Re: Windows 10 update
Upgraded overnight. Seems to be working okay, but has pissed with some bookmarks/favourites. Which is hugely annoying.

Need to also sort out "security" settings. Don't want the plod thinking I go on WHO!

Dr Congo 6:58 Thu Mar 10
Re: Windows 10 update
I got it on the grounds it will be supported for longer than W7 will be, but I still prefer 7.

, 12:57 Thu Mar 10
Re: Windows 10 update
I have a five year old Dell laptop with 7 on it. I keep knocking back the 10 Option and after what Lomas has experienced I will not "upgrade".

1964 12:49 Thu Mar 10
Re: Windows 10 update
I'm sticking with 7 for now.

Keep uninstalling the 2 enabling updates KB2952664 and KB3035583

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