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crystal falace 9:51 Thu Mar 10
NFL (since 2016)
Free agency started last night and was pretty crazy some huge money being spent.

Osweiler getting £18m a year for the Texans, leaving the Broncos without a QB,

Giants have spent a fortune on good but not great players, Oliver Vernon has more guaranteed money than JJ Watt.

lots more deals but cant be bothered to list them all.

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Takashi Miike 2:01 Tue Jan 19
Re: NFL (since 2016)

I've seen us throw picks at getting a QB before and it was a great decision until ngata's helmet connected with his knee and it was career over

Takashi Miike 1:58 Tue Jan 19
Re: NFL (since 2016)
I think miami & my job are more ready for him but we have very little to offer in terms of draft position, so we're a no go. yes it's a lot to give up for him, and I'd stick with darnold if lawrence goes at 1. wilson's great but is he an instant upgrade from darnold? I doubt it, and you can fix other areas with those first round picks

Nutsin 1:58 Tue Jan 19
Re: NFL (since 2016)
Looks like Goff is on his way out, no surprise there.

Expect the Rams to go all in on Trubisky.

southbankbornnbred 1:45 Tue Jan 19
Re: NFL (since 2016)
Realistically, there are only three or four sides that can afford Watson at the sort of price people are talking about (a starting point of two first-rounders and at least one Day 2 pick, more likely two Day 2 picks, plus the huge salary hit).

Washington is one of them. Jets have the picks and quite a bit of cap space, but I'd be surprised if the owners/GM have the balls.

It's possible that his asking price will be two first-rounders, a third-rounder, fourth-rounder and scattered lower rounds, plus the deal which made him the second-highest paid player in NFL history. That's pretty much going all-in on one fella.

southbankbornnbred 1:23 Tue Jan 19
Re: NFL (since 2016)
I like Deshaun a lot - and think we should have drafted him in 2017 when we passed on him for Jamal Adams (look how that turned out).

But I also think his price now is too high. We have the worst roster in the NFL and we need every high pick we currently own, to help rebuild the franchise from the bottom up.

He's a fine QB, and most sides should jump at the chance of landing him. But we should stick with Darnold and supply him with some protection and some weapons. He's never had them. If we spent the asking price on Deshaun, we'd have neither the picks to provide him with offensive weapons, or the necessary cap room to build a better squad.

Watson would also get frustrated in New York, because it's going to take a couple of years to build a decent side - and he's more than good enough to go to a 'win now' franchise.

Personally, would love to have him at the Jets. But not sure it would be good for him or the franchise.

Takashi Miike 1:10 Tue Jan 19
Re: NFL (since 2016)
looks like the situation in texas isn't improving and the jets could be the new favourite in a trade for him. makes sense as they have a young QB they could send the other way, and a couple of first round picks this year. bastards :.)

Grumpster 8:06 Mon Jan 18
Re: NFL (since 2016)
Should add i think his contract was up.

And contracts in the nfl are a bit different with only so much money generally guaranteed and the rest of it if you stay there for the duration or play.

Always confused me.

Grumpster 7:59 Mon Jan 18
Re: NFL (since 2016)
New england would still have been shit with brady as the rest of the team are currently wank and they didn't have a choice, as Brady wanted to leave to join a team where his ideas would be used, as basically belichek and the other coaches ignored his input.

Not like footie, players can generally fuck off when they want as franchises realise its pointless keeping someone who doesn't want to be there.

Gaffer58 7:55 Mon Jan 18
Re: NFL (since 2016)
Absolute amateur at this NFL, so are New England kicking themselves for allowing Brady to leave,and if he hadn’t gone to the Buccs would they have made it to the semifinal.

southbankbornnbred 11:39 Mon Jan 18
Re: NFL (since 2016)
Went to bed early in third quarter of the Saints/Bucks game - and watched the rest of it this morning.

That first half showed two ageing legends in decline. Second half was very different.

Both have been phenomenal players, both still good QBs (incredible for their ages). But both now obviously on the tail compared to past capacity.

Even Brady was failing to spot open receivers in the first half. Shame he never did that during the twenty years when he tortured us!

Brady has enough in his legs for two more games. I don’t doubt that. But it will be time after this season.

It is for Brees, too, who deserves to go out on a gold throne for what he’s done in Norlans.

crystal falace 4:45 Mon Jan 18
Re: NFL (since 2016)
Brady has now beaten as many NFC teams in the playoffs as Brees. Pretty remarkable stat.

nerd 4:39 Mon Jan 18
Re: NFL (since 2016)
Going to take something incredible not to be a loss

Grumpster 4:34 Mon Jan 18
Re: NFL (since 2016)
Brees retiring on a loss then.

They've done well getting here, but he has looked his age this year and clearly hasn't aged as well as Brady.

Having Gisele at home probably helps keep him fit!

crystal falace 3:49 Mon Jan 18
Re: NFL (since 2016)
Refs really trying to help the saints out every chance they get.

nerd 3:14 Mon Jan 18
Re: NFL (since 2016)
It was grumpster

Grumpster 2:19 Mon Jan 18
Re: NFL (since 2016)
Good to see Greg rosenthal on sky nfl with his hammers shirt behind him.

IsaacHock 1:45 Mon Jan 18
Re: NFL (since 2016)
Romo & Nantz > Aitken & Buck

Lee Trundle 1:44 Mon Jan 18
Re: NFL (since 2016)
Refs are on the Saints side. This is game over already.

southbankbornnbred 1:07 Mon Jan 18
Re: NFL (since 2016)
Shame the Browns couldn't secure the comeback, but a good game. Left themselves too much to do in the second half.

Chiefs losing Mahomes is huge.

Hope the Saints win, but think it'll be the Buccs.

Lee Trundle 1:04 Mon Jan 18
Re: NFL (since 2016)
Just need the Bucs to win for my accumulator now.

Grumpster 1:03 Mon Jan 18
Re: NFL (since 2016)
Not worth the chiefs fans getting excited, they'll have that clown starting next week against the Bills surely, unless they bride whoever dishes out concussion periods.

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