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Scraper 11:27 Fri Mar 18

It's not natural, is it?
No animals / pets do it.

Once you start though, it has to be done daily. Think it's cause we've fucked up the skin bioflora.

I find it annoying. Not good for skin I'm sure.
Any alternatives welcome.

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Fivetide 9:32 Mon Mar 21
Re: Showering
Nothing unnatural about bathing. What the fuck are you talking about? No more 'unnatural' than clothing, cooked food and every other bleedin' thing. Silly.

Mr Strug 9:13 Mon Mar 21
Re: Showering
Shower twice a day. Once in the morning once in the evening.

Can't remember the last time I could actually be bothered to have a bath though

boltkunt 4:26 Mon Mar 21
Re: Showering
Showering is ideal for mornings and the summer when we eventually have some hot weather.

Baths are for winter.

Nothing better than a steaming hot bath (not so much you burn your bean bag) with some sea salts.

Wait for the gay comments.

Bungo 4:11 Mon Mar 21
Re: Showering
Dwight Van Mann 10:03 Sun Mar 20

Who knows?

I do know that even it it was illegal, the Notting Hill Police (of that era) wouldn't have bothered arresting him for it. They were much more interested in any local disturbances that they could help turn into violent disturbances.

Scraper 4:02 Mon Mar 21
Re: Showering
jack flash 12:27 Mon Mar 21

Hang on just a second, are you a Hippie?

The point of this thread is to be an upstanding citizen without showering, not a fucking Hippie.


Scraper 3:55 Mon Mar 21
Re: Showering
Darby_ 10:17 Mon Mar 21


jack flash 12:27 Mon Mar 21
Re: Showering
Mashed 10:27
I've had dreads for at least 10 years now & they don't smell bad
It's along tedious job getting them done(properly) & they require a fair bit of upkeep!
About every 3 months, I see an African lady in Newcastle who specialises in dreads (& hair extensions) as your hair doesn't stop growing just because you have dreads!
I have a small weave on top (as when you get to 67 most peoples hair starts to thin a little there)
You can get hair (dread) products from www.rastashop.com of which I find "Knotty Boy" very good, though nowadays I tend to use my own concoction as described earlier
I used to have a property in Tobago so dreads are quite normal there (Though possible not so usual on white guys)

Razzle 12:08 Mon Mar 21
Re: Showering
This showering thread is golden

Dwight Van Mann 10:39 Mon Mar 21
Re: Showering
Mim, I can understand people getting upset by the way the dogs get treated in China before being slaughtered but if you eat pigs, sheep and cows etc it really ain't that different is it?
I love dogs, always had one and wouldn't fancy seeing my terrier served up on a plate but if you ain't a vegetarian it's a bit hypocritical to get upset over dog meat.
Maybe Battersea Dogs home could make sausages or something out of the abandoned staffies?

mashed in maryland 10:30 Mon Mar 21
Re: Showering
Dwight Van Mann 10:03 Sun Mar 20

No it's not.

Interesting article:


mashed in maryland 10:27 Mon Mar 21
Re: Showering
jack flash 9:51 Fri Mar 18

I was thinking dreads but unsure.

Know a couple of people with them and they still wash them, just not with shampoo, and in fairness they don't stink (not of BO or shit hair anyway)

Darby_ 10:17 Mon Mar 21
Re: Showering
People asking about the effect of never bathing and whether eating cats and dogs is legal. You should change the name of the thread to 'Tramps advice thread'.

Scraper 7:27 Mon Mar 21
Re: Showering
Thanks. Good intel, that.

I reckon they'd smell less if they stopped bathing all together. Please let them know.

Hammer-n-nails 5:49 Mon Mar 21
Re: Showering
You should get a whiff of the local Mennonite's and Amish that live here in Ontario.
They bath once a week....the man gets the clean water then it's the women next and lastly the kids.
They stink of B/O and horses. You can smell some of them from the other side of the supermarket.
And there was me thinking cleanliness is next to Godliness.
Their women ain't too fresh either...

Scraper 2:43 Mon Mar 21
Re: Showering

Yeah Cats are good cleaners, but CERTAINLY not technically a shower.

Need answer re: armpit of monkeys.

Honest Hammer 12:57 Mon Mar 21
Re: Showering
Cats wash themselves although technically not a shower.
Ours are both always at it, sometimes licking their arse too.

The Ghost of Braderz 11:44 Sun Mar 20
Re: Showering
Fantastic observation Scraper. Can't believe this never occurred to me.

Dwight Van Mann 11:37 Sun Mar 20
Re: Showering

Scraper 11:24 Sun Mar 20
Re: Showering

Does monkey armpit reek?

Dwight Van Mann 10:54 Sun Mar 20
Re: Showering
like us*

Dwight Van Mann 10:53 Sun Mar 20
Re: Showering
think moneys might sweat like and and horses look a bit sweaty sometimes

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