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Gary Darkness 4:29 Tue Mar 22
Pitch invasions
Growing up as a Hammer, I remember there were two events that would guarantee a (non-violent) pitch invasion:

last game of season
reaching a semi-final

was this a west ham thing, or would it be replicated at most grounds in the country?

asking for a friend

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Bullet 7:03 Thu Apr 5
Re: Pitch invasions
jack flash 2:08 Thu Apr 5
Re: Pitch invasions
I remember reading in the papers about manu supporters invading our pitch from the South Bank in 1975!

I was in the NB, sell out, locked the gates, additional members of the West Ham welcoming committee kicked open the SB gates, hence there wasn't much room left for Man U fans.

Chelsea away 78? approx .West Ham fans after taking the Shed invaded the pitch with police horseman wielding batons, all part of the Saturday afternoon shenanigans back then.

only1billybonds 6:46 Thu Apr 5
Re: Pitch invasions
The one at Birmingham in the cup 1984 was the worst/best i ever saw,depending on your point of view of course. As has been said that was a day that was full of NASTYNESS.

di_kezio 3:00 Thu Apr 5
Re: Pitch invasions
Was it the Millwall cup game that Collison left in tears, due to his Dad’s bike accident a few days before, surrounded by fans who ran on at the final whistle. That’s an image that has stuck with me.

Iron Duke 2:30 Thu Apr 5
Re: Pitch invasions
Most other grounds had fences around the pitch.

I remember the game against Cambridge when we secure promotion. A few people already jumped on the pitch when we scored and then the referee blew up and we all went on.

E12Hammer 2:16 Thu Apr 5
Re: Pitch invasions
My favourite was the pitch invasion v Wolves, Liam Bradys last game before retirement and he hits a worldy in the last minute.

jack flash 2:08 Thu Apr 5
Re: Pitch invasions
I remember reading in the papers about manu supporters invading our pitch from the South Bank in 1975!

Swiss. 1:45 Thu Apr 5
Re: Pitch invasions
I remember the B'Ham FA cup QF pitch invasion in the 80s. Great one that.

And v Millwall in 2009

, 11:31 Wed Apr 4
Re: Pitch invasions
Wigan Athletic have been charged by the Football Association over a pitch invasion by fans after their FA Cup fifth-round win over Manchester City.

Sergio Aguero had an altercation with a fan after the tie last month but the City striker faced no punishment.

Now Wigan have been charged for 'failing to ensure that no spectators or unauthorised persons encroached onto the pitch' at the DW Stadium.

The League One club has until 18:00 BST on Monday, 9 April to respond.

City have already been fined £50,000 after failing to control their players when referee Anthony Taylor sent off Fabian Delph for a first-half challenge on Wigan's Max Power.

Uncle Junior 11:06 Thu Mar 31
Re: Pitch invasions
Wembley 1975 cup final ... Birmingham does take some beating though

Bromley Reject 6:18 Thu Mar 31
Re: Pitch invasions
I remember the Notts County game where we lost 1-2 and the Cambridge (2-0)

Plus the 3-3 Southampton where the ref picked the ball up after we equalised with a look that approximated "fuck it, it's 3-3 anyway"

But the two "Bond Scheme" games (lost 0-2 to Arsenal, Tony Parks in goal?) and Everton, where everyone jumped on out of pure frustration more than anything else. One of those games a bloke uprooted a corner flag and stuck it in the centre-circle. Julian told the bloke to "fuck off" or something, Martin Allen was, if I remember, trying to talk the fella round.

SnarestoneIron 4:22 Thu Mar 31
Re: Pitch invasions
13 Brentford Rd 12:09 Wed Mar 23
Re: Pitch invasions

Wasn't the Forest game around the same time as the Bond scheme? I know at the end of the season before the Bond Scheme was introduced we played Forest in the last game, had a pitch invasion and exchanged scarfs - still have it in the loft.

I decided that the Bond scheme was the end for me, and that was the last time I went, other than the Wolves game after Bobby died, until the Pardew era.

Jim79 11:12 Thu Mar 31
Re: Pitch invasions
We had two pitch invasions at the Southampton game in 93/4 for the last competitive game with the North Bank.

Ran on for the equaliser with minutes left to play then had to sit around the edge of the pitch in front of the chicken run as couldn't get back in to the stand for the game to conclude.

Watched match of the day and saw myself and my friend were among the first 4 or 5 who made it in to the centre circle as we were 14/15 year old whippets!!!

DANNY66 11:00 Thu Mar 31
Re: Pitch invasions
Yeah Birmingham away was the worst.

Carnage all day long

Mad Dog 2:33 Thu Mar 31
Re: Pitch invasions
Cambridge I only went on at the final whistle

Mad Dog 2:32 Thu Mar 31
Re: Pitch invasions
13 brentwood.

I was in East upper for that. I was helped.down to chicken run by by THE north bank Norman off of 'fortunes always hiding'.

Used to love a post season invasion. I think it was that one where someone got a ball out and three was a huge match in the goalmouth by North bank. I toe poked it in from about half a yard.

The one after Notts County was.a fucking killer though. After the twat announcer told everyone we'd won the league only to announce his fuck up moments later.

Something football has lost

The Joker 1:29 Thu Mar 31
Re: Pitch invasions
Ipswich in 86 is very hard to beat for me.

Gavros 1:15 Thu Mar 31
Re: Pitch invasions
Remember Cambridge well, especially the early invasion that stopped the game. Ran from north to south and back again.

Annony 1:10 Thu Mar 31
Re: Pitch invasions
Worst I ever been to.


the coming of gary 1:07 Thu Mar 31
Re: Pitch invasions
i was at Birmingham away in the cup, yes very aggressive atmosphere, west ham in three stands.
when west ham ran up the pitch, Brum fans climbed over their home end to meet the charge - then suddenly police horses divided the fans
meanwhile fighting in the side and heavy coining of stewards behind the goal .
there was a feeling that year we would win the cup but were well beaten in this match

hammerromford 1:00 Thu Mar 31
Re: Pitch invasions
Please excuse the predictive text as my last post makes fuck all sense

hammerromford 12:56 Thu Mar 31
Re: Pitch invasions
My first ever game was west ham v Wimbledon in 1991 and there was bad feeling over the bonds scheme and at full time about 3000 of us steamed on the pitch. Then billy bonds came out and said if we all love the club go home to which the reply was the we are he to protest because we live the club. I woke up the next day shitting myself that my parents would see in one of the pictures in the newspaper luckily I was ok. Best £3.50 I ever spent on match.

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