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Q: 2019/20 With seven games to go will West Ham stay up
a. Our demise was sealed when the idiots on the Board appointed Moyes, we're down
b. Despite the efforts of Moyes and the players, we will stay up by the smallest of margins
c. I'm beyond caring & couldn't give two hoots either way

Ernest Faulkner 8:57 Fri Mar 25
Payet v Holland
Starting on left of front three tonight. 7.45pm KO.

Alongside Griezmann, Pogba, Matuidi and others. Fingers crossed no injury.

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Texas Iron 12:05 Thu Mar 31
Re: Payet v Holland
Blind at RB better than all ours...'

Smalling vs Reid...

connolly8 11:57 Wed Mar 30
Re: Payet v Holland
De Gea would be the only guaranteed starter out of them

Texas Iron 11:36 Wed Mar 30
Re: Payet v Holland
How many ManU would walk into our starting XI...

De Gea...Blind...Martial...Memphis...Smalling...???

Texas Iron 11:26 Wed Mar 30
Re: Payet v Holland
Depends who manages ManU...don't see him as a Mourinho player...

Guardiola won't go for him...

Payet can be a bit of a luxury player...re his defensive duties...but he fits very well into Bilic's tactics with Noble Kouyate Obiang Lanxini

D Scully (eire) 11:02 Wed Mar 30
Re: Payet v Holland

2nd angle in that vid is the best i've seen

gets better everytime

Far Cough 10:48 Wed Mar 30
Re: Payet v Holland
On the other hand, fuck 'em

Far Cough 10:48 Wed Mar 30
Re: Payet v Holland
Can't think of anyone we'd like , Martial maybe or Rashford, we certainly don't need toilet brush head

Takashi Miike 10:45 Wed Mar 30
Re: Payet v Holland
tex, two clubs worry me in regard to payet. PSG like you mentioned, and the Mancs (red version). I wouldn't put it past them to try and do a player plus cash deal, trying to offload some of their shit to us. both should be told to fuck off, he's not for sale at any price

Texas Iron 10:42 Wed Mar 30
Re: Payet v Holland
...And I'm sure Sullivan has inserted a hefty buy out clause in his new contract...at least 50million I'd guess...

Texas Iron 10:40 Wed Mar 30
Re: Payet v Holland
Biggest risk is PSG throwing money...return to France...after an excellent Euro tournament...

They can easily pay 250k tax free Euros a week...

Can't see him tempted by any English club...Real & Barca don't need him...

Italians can't afford him...

Vive Payet...Supre'me

Hammer and Pickle 9:37 Wed Mar 30
Re: Payet v Holland

the whole point is regular Champs League if not starting from next season then certainly the next.

connolly8 9:26 Wed Mar 30
Re: Payet v Holland
All clutching at straws. Any big club that comes in will turn anyone's head. The new stadium won't make much of a difference. The lure of champions league football for someone who is 29 will be too much to turn down.

ludo21 6:55 Wed Mar 30
Re: Payet v Holland
I reckon the Davids have pulled a master stroke... he will play at least 2, possibly 3 more seasons for us and we will then sell to the Chinese for 25m+... superb piece of business.

Having said that I would be happy with him seeing out his contract... can see him dropping deeper and orchestrating midfield a la Pirlo in his mid 30s as he has the vision and the passing range.

But anyway, can't see him going anywhere in the summer and I reckon we will be a force next season.

Darby_ 4:01 Wed Mar 30
Re: Payet v Holland
I seriously doubt that Payet will go. He's getting too old to risk sitting on the bench at Real or Barca. Plus he'll probably want at least one year at the new stadium.

Johnson 3:59 Wed Mar 30
Re: Payet v Holland
dicksie3 3:11 Wed Mar 30

Why did we have to recently UP his contract then?

busheyhammer85 3:56 Wed Mar 30
Re: Payet v Holland
Full on joke.

Sven Roeder 3:52 Wed Mar 30
Re: Payet v Holland
Graphic in the Daily Mail reckons the free kick was 36.9 yds , 62.9 mph & 1.2 secs from boot to goal.


FrancoisVanDerElst 3:32 Wed Mar 30
Re: Payet v Holland
As I live up in Leicestershire now I can tell you Dicksie66 is spot on everyone up here is jumping on the bandwagon
I definitely think Kante and Mahrez will go
Think they will attract some players with CL football next year but may be paying over the top for players not in their prime
They should be trying to attract top young players really

SullyHammer 3:23 Wed Mar 30
Re: Payet v Holland
Agree with you D3 re Leicester fans. However, given that they are on course to qualify for the Champions League, this will surely strengthen their pull for players?

They will not perform the same miracles again next season so will be interesting to see how it pans out for them, not that I give one fuck about them one iota. In the short term I hope they finish about the Yido's but that's as far as it goes.

Marston Hammer 3:23 Wed Mar 30
Re: Payet v Holland
Private Dancer 3:01 Wed Mar 30

Agree - the only club who would pay anything like the kind of money we MIGHT accept are the Chinese - and i'd put my mortgage on him not wanting to go there (not til he's nearer 40 anyhow)

The footballing landscape has changed massively and if we'd had him 10 years ago he might get his head turned with bigger wages and champions league football by one of the so-called bigger clubs. Not now though - why would he want to go to another English club?

dicksie3 3:11 Wed Mar 30
Re: Payet v Holland
Leicester City will lose Mahrez and Kante as, with the deepest of respect, there a bit of an arsewiping happy-clappy cunt club.

Look at their crowd on match-days; full of replica-shirters, cardboard happy-clappers... Just smacks of a shit club. If I was a top player; I wouldn't want to stay at a club with embarrassing newbie support like Leicester's.

Blackburn Rovers won (or, should I say, bought) the league in 94/95 but their better players couldn't wait to jump ship and join better, proper football clubs.

We're a proper football club with proper support - although the mind-fuck DRUIDS think otherwise - who are about to move to a 60k-seater stadium, which will be the joint 2nd largest in the league, with guaranteed sell-out crowds every game... That's more than enough for the likes of Payet to stay here.

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