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Q: 2017/18 Leicester (h)
a. Moyes has had all week with the whole squad and that will make a difference, Win
b. Where do we start, a point would be good, Draw
c. Let's be honest we're a shambles, still letting in two goals a game so what chance, Lose
d. "You've destroyed our fucking Club", the only way to get the pride back in WHUFC is when the Clowns leave, Who's up for a protest?
e. Can you believe my luck, another game on SKY so back to the pub, head to toe in club merchandise and show that I'm hardcore West Ham who follows the Club home and away from my seat at the bar

WHU(Exeter) 11:38 Thu Apr 7
Weekend Bets...

Manchester City vs West Bromich Albion (H)
Dunferline Athletic vs Forfar Athletic (H)
Carlisle Utd vs Mansfield Town (H)



Emerald Loch - 1.55 - Leicester


The Kings Steed - 4.50 - Lingfield


Holywell WIN
The Romford Pele e/w


( - MINUS 71.07 pts)

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Northern Sold 7:01 Sun Nov 12
Re: Weekend Bets...
Stewards = Grumps

Takashi Miike 6:59 Sun Nov 12
Re: Weekend Bets...
he's due a big game grumps. we were obsessed with containing Wilson last week, what a player he is :.)

Grumpster 6:58 Sun Nov 12
Re: Weekend Bets...
Ive backed thompson for your mob.

Always feel he's underused in good positions, so fingers crossed.

So murray for the titans and kearse for the jets.

Takashi Miike 6:53 Sun Nov 12
Re: Weekend Bets...
Redskins +11.5
Rams -2.5



Grumpster 6:44 Sun Nov 12
Re: Weekend Bets...
Before trapping off soldo sir, try watching the race ;o)

Believe it's been confirmed that all of them are under investigation from the stewards.

Was the first race at naas.

Northern Sold 6:30 Sun Nov 12
Re: Weekend Bets...
That's unlike you Grumps having a poke at jockeys... well I never

Grumpster 2:52 Sun Nov 12
Re: Weekend Bets...
At least the commentators today believe everyone but the winner should get a ban.

Everyone other than Matt Chapman normally defends the fuckers.

Takashi Miike 2:50 Sun Nov 12
Re: Weekend Bets...
didn't even watch it yesterday, too much fiddling going on

Grumpster 2:19 Sun Nov 12
Re: Weekend Bets...
Yet ANOTHER race in Ireland where all but one jockey should get at least a months ban.

Fucking disgrace the crooked bastards.

Grumpster 2:55 Sat Nov 11
Re: Weekend Bets...
Where's ruby?

Townend has put in a couple of fucking diabolical rides to say on horses ruby would normally be on.

Grumpster 12:42 Sat Nov 11
Re: Weekend Bets...
Excellent times 3.50 Doncaster.

Haven't backed a horse for weeks, but see easterby has rinsed this race in recent years so why not.

Grumpster 2:29 Fri Nov 10
Re: Weekend Bets...
Today I'll just be having a fiver on a goalscorer in the Italy game.

Probably immobile if he plays.

Grumpster 2:28 Fri Nov 10
Re: Weekend Bets...
No idea if it's the ground, but just had a look at all the results over the past 3 weeks and loads of very suspect results.

Great for the owners and magnificent for the bookies.

One day had 3 horses with a combined 0 wins from 75 races all going in and all in a grade 2 higher than they'd ever run in!!

Dodgy sods, good luck to em.

BRANDED 1:26 Wed Nov 8
Re: Weekend Bets...
The UK Government is about to fall

Takashi Miike 12:03 Wed Nov 8
Re: Weekend Bets...
I also like Henderson, a true horseman

Northern Sold 12:01 Wed Nov 8
Re: Weekend Bets...
Agree with that Miike.... love Gosden when he talks about the sport... absolute man of the people... met Stoutey at Warren Hill have to say he was in a hurry... he did say hello mind you... Sir mark Prescott on the other hand... absolute top man... I imagine a evening in the boozer with him is a night to remember

Takashi Miike 11:57 Wed Nov 8
Re: Weekend Bets...
AOB & Gosden are the best ambassadors ever for the sport, Stouts can fu k off

Northern Sold 11:53 Wed Nov 8
Re: Weekend Bets...
Totally forgot the MC was on.... watched it on replay last night... superb training performance that... he's been on the go all season... loved his Dad's response after the win... absolute class guy is A'O'B

happygilmore 10:58 Tue Nov 7
Re: Weekend Bets...
Fantastic win for young Joseph in The Melbourne Cup. Deserves a mention.

1,2,3 for Ireland,

Takashi Miike 1:25 Sun Nov 5
Re: Weekend Bets...
Moore gets outridden, again

happygilmore 12:51 Sun Nov 5
Re: Weekend Bets...
£1m on Churchill in the last

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