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WHU(Exeter) 11:38 Thu Apr 7
Weekend Bets...

Manchester City vs West Bromich Albion (H)
Dunferline Athletic vs Forfar Athletic (H)
Carlisle Utd vs Mansfield Town (H)



Emerald Loch - 1.55 - Leicester


The Kings Steed - 4.50 - Lingfield


Holywell WIN
The Romford Pele e/w


( - MINUS 71.07 pts)

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Grumpster 12:53 Tue Jan 16
Re: Weekend Bets...
Most of us have done the odd silly cash out when our arses have gone, but a chap at work showed me one his mate done on Saturday with about 20 mins to go.

£2 acca which would pay £2085 odd with all games being almost guaranteed except for a draw in the games involving Chelsea and Watford.

Because Leicester had a player sent off, he cashed out for £92 thinking Chelsea would clean up..........

Ha ha, unlucky!

Son of Sam 2:38 Sat Jan 13
Re: Weekend Bets...
countesscathleen 33s ew bumper punchestown will run big race

Northern Sold 2:31 Sat Jan 13
Re: Weekend Bets...
Left on own accord by the sound of it...


Northern Sold 2:25 Sat Jan 13
Re: Weekend Bets...
After one week?? WTF?? Chapman is marmite... no inbetweens you either love him or hate him... I think he's great... one thing he is not is boring...and he deffo knows his gee gee's...

Athletico Easthamico 11:17 Fri Jan 12
Re: Weekend Bets...
Chapman sacked from DOI after 1 week.

Bloke is a boring prick who knows fuck all about racing. May as well have Big Mac back, controversial but he knows his stuff.

Cunningham had an opinion and was worth listening to.

Northern Sold 1:18 Thu Jan 11
Re: Weekend Bets...
See Thistlecrack is out of Cheltenham..... not being funny but I have not known a more open festival in all my life... so many big guns already not there...

Son of Sam 12:06 Thu Jan 11
Re: Weekend Bets...
Have had a good bet on Itstimeforapint* at 9s e/w in the big race at Catterick as its fancied to improve on last years showing.

Dorking 1.05 will win a handicap hurdle this Spring, whether todays the day is the question but she will be trying . She will most likely find three too good though but still have had a small e/w at 28s

Good luck to all having bets today

Son of Sam 5:48 Tue Jan 9
Re: Weekend Bets...
Grumps I do everything e/w tbh if they are 4s or more as I seem to end up with a lot of 2nds and 3rds, horses that are trying but seem to find one too good, like there. I thought we had that until the last 100 yards but onwards and upwards and hopefully might get one placed at Clonmel later in the week at a good price depending on what ends up in the field

Grumpster 5:33 Tue Jan 9
Re: Weekend Bets...
Oh so that's why you do it E/W...........ha ha

Done it in a forecast with Innisfree Lad as well, so a shame that fucking winner didn't fall.

Profit for you SoS, that's what it's all about :o)

Grumpster 1:26 Tue Jan 9
Re: Weekend Bets...
Only really crusties who watch it TK and they can't handle anyone lively.

And McCormack at the double - Boom (as Chappers would say)

Takashi Miike 1:16 Tue Jan 9
Re: Weekend Bets...
I said Chapman would be too much for the cunts watching DOI, already calls for him to be replaced by wet lettuce viewers

Grumpster 12:57 Tue Jan 9
Re: Weekend Bets...
Grumpster 11:04 Mon Jan 8

Cheers Ross son, another 1st goal to make it 9 times out of 14 games!

Grumpster 10:39 Tue Jan 9
Re: Weekend Bets...
It's illegal to do anything e/w that is a lower price than 8/1, so a grand lumped on at 9/2*

*well a fiver anyway - cheers

Son of Sam 8:02 Tue Jan 9
Re: Weekend Bets...
Have had a good e/w on Amberjam* 3.40 Doncaster at 5s currently 9/2, actually got a message last night to get on at 7s but I only saw it now so price may drop further

Grumpster 12:22 Mon Jan 8
Re: Weekend Bets...
Let's just say that the right on PC BBC wouldn't employ him ;o)

Good on ITV happily employing someone who will never beat around the bush and always say what he's thinking.

Northern Sold 12:11 Mon Jan 8
Re: Weekend Bets...
Yeah Chapman was berating Richard Hoiles... they had a bit of a run in on the morning show... I love Chapman.. proper in your face... him and Big Mac together going hammer and tongs on the Sunday review on ATR's is the highlight of the week ...

Takashi Miike 11:34 Mon Jan 8
Re: Weekend Bets...
grumps, he came out with a few near the mark things during the short bit I watched last night. he may be too wild for schofield :.)

Grumpster 11:21 Mon Jan 8
Re: Weekend Bets...
Chapman is mental.

Turned on the racing Saturday to see him singing 'who are ya' to another pundit who had said a horse couldn't win!!

Bloke doesn't give a fuck :o)

Takashi Miike 11:14 Mon Jan 8
Re: Weekend Bets...
sounds grim soldo

funny seeing matt chapman working on the new dancing on ice series, not sure how long he'll survive :.)

Grumpster 11:04 Mon Jan 8
Re: Weekend Bets...
Spent the season doing McCormack and Bobo to score first in the Oz league and then continually doing them for the next goal of games afterwards.

Shame I've bothered with anything else, as would be several hundred quid up without then losing the winnings elsewhere.

Clearly not the greatest league, but the fuckers score in literally every game!!

Northern Sold 9:41 Sat Jan 6
Re: Weekend Bets...
Miike..... 3:45 Handicap Hurdle... couple of fallers at the 1st.... both horses get up and carry on running and next thing Edvado collapses on the floor twitching like a good un... looked like a heart attack ... on the 2nd circuit the guys with the green sheets were not good enough covering him up and neither was the ITV cameraman.... lets put it this way he was not twitching anymore poor sod

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