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WHU(Exeter) 11:38 Thu Apr 7
Weekend Bets...

Manchester City vs West Bromich Albion (H)
Dunferline Athletic vs Forfar Athletic (H)
Carlisle Utd vs Mansfield Town (H)



Emerald Loch - 1.55 - Leicester


The Kings Steed - 4.50 - Lingfield


Holywell WIN
The Romford Pele e/w


( - MINUS 71.07 pts)

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WHU(Exeter) 2:11 Sat Aug 11
Re: Weekend Bets...
4 pts treble, just over 2/1


2 pts Bless him - 2.50 - Ascot
2 pts Ajrar - 3.45 - Newmarket


Minus 27.93 pts

happygilmore 1:24 Thu Aug 9
Re: Weekend Bets...
Eleven look for card details, make sure to sign out at end of free trial.

I feel a bit underwhelmed by the PGA. Picked Thomas last year, a rear win for me.

Will probably have a couple for interest.

Grumpster 11:58 Wed Aug 8
Re: Weekend Bets...
Nice one, cheers.

Will let the old man know as well.

Takashi Miike 11:03 Wed Aug 8
Re: Weekend Bets...
if you haven't got a streaming thing to get yank tv, you have to register with a new uk firm called eleven sports. sign up for the free seven day trial and then cancel on monday and you won't be charged. if you can stream it, it's on TNT the first two nights from 7pm and then on CBS saturday and sunday with TNT showing featured groups in the hours building up to the main coverage

Grumpster 10:59 Wed Aug 8
Re: Weekend Bets...
Where the fuck is the us pga being televised???

Takashi Miike 9:51 Wed Aug 8
Re: Weekend Bets...
he's playing great dave, much better value than dustin who won't like many of the tee shots that favour players who draw the ball

Dave Boozle 9:39 Wed Aug 8
Re: Weekend Bets...
Lost way too much on Day over the years. Not going anywhere near that useless bottle job.

Takashi Miike 8:37 Wed Aug 8
Re: Weekend Bets...
my two main ones this week are DAY & CANTLAY

Dave Boozle 7:13 Wed Aug 8
Re: Weekend Bets...
Any thoughts on the PGA? I like the look of Thomas, with an outside dabble on Stanley

Grumpster 1:42 Sat Aug 4
Re: Weekend Bets...
Might start the day with a dabble on Salford.

Just seen they signed Adam Rooney and he'll score for fun at that level.

Fuck knows how they managed that.

Too Much Too Young 1:33 Sat Aug 4
Re: Weekend Bets...
Morning tipsters.

Had a couple of Gins, so,how about an (mostly) alcohol related 10p ew Heinz?

Boy In The Bar @Guaranteed Price (7/1) 1:50 Goodwood

Melting Dew @Guaranteed Price (5/1)
2:25 Goodwood

Foxtrot Lady @Guaranteed Price (5/1)
3:40 Goodwood

Restive Spirit @Guaranteed Price (3/1)
4:50 Goodwood

Highgarden @Guaranteed Price (7/2)
2:05 Newmarket

Pass The Gin @Guaranteed Price (13/2)
2:40 Newmarket

Stake 11.40
Return 10 GRAND.


WHU(Exeter) 10:40 Sat Aug 4
Re: Weekend Bets...
Morning all..

4 pts Acca

West Brom
Ross County

2 pts win - Time to study - 2.25 - Goodwood


Minus 21.93 pts

Northern Sold 6:51 Fri Aug 3
Re: Weekend Bets...
Battash.....fucking incredible that....absolute turbo charged...

Grumpster 7:07 Thu Aug 2
Re: Weekend Bets...
Fair play, both won at 9/2 and 7/4.

6's and 4's when he backed this morning.

Grumpster 4:09 Thu Aug 2
Re: Weekend Bets...
Was given 2 tips today and have ignored both (as they're in Ireland), but both have been smashed in so far today.

Camlann - 5.15
Yulong Gold Fairy - 3.25

Northern Sold 12:02 Thu Aug 2
Re: Weekend Bets...
Mark Johnston's Dark Vision in the Vintage Stakes has been stand out performance so far for..... I would want to check that colts birth certificate.... an absolute MONSTER

Grumpster 9:35 Thu Aug 2
Re: Weekend Bets...
Been some good ones so far and Stradivarius is some beast.

Northern Sold 2:23 Thu Aug 2
Re: Weekend Bets...
Great fun watching Lil' Rockerfeller as well... handicapped like a dream

Northern Sold 2:22 Thu Aug 2
Re: Weekend Bets...
Made up for Lightning Spear..... absolutely deserved that big gr 1.... great patient ride from Murphy as well

Takashi Miike 6:19 Wed Aug 1
Re: Weekend Bets...
not at all bent, no. nothing crooked about it, a perfectly genuine sport

Grumpster 6:05 Wed Aug 1
Re: Weekend Bets...
125/1 class 2 winner at Goodwood from a horse that had been dogshit in class 5's previously.

Bookies in heaven!!!

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