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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

Lewisham_Hammer 11:18 Fri Apr 8
Site hacked?
Hasn't anyone noticed this site is being weird???

Either that or the same poster with 20 usernames has lost his marbles??????

I've posted on her for years btw if you wanna check my 'number' probably 2005

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Nurse Ratched 1:14 Sat Apr 9
Re: Site hacked?
It was rather odd on here last night.

bobbymoore 12:11 Sat Apr 9
Re: Site hacked?
I'm going to meet Moncurs Putting Iron shortly? Is he a bit "shifty"?

Tomshardware 11:52 Sat Apr 9
Re: Site hacked?
I have a split personality disorder, which is the real me I couldn't tell you.

Lewisham_Hammer 11:42 Sat Apr 9
Re: Site hacked?
Perhaps with it being the Upton Park farewell people are more sceptical/paranoid but id be the first to report any wrong doing when it came to tickets. Problem is the people reporting it when asked didn't have a story or claim to back up accusations which is poor and frankly a little out of order.

Just my opinion of course.

Pancho 10:40 Sat Apr 9
Re: Site hacked?
ag ag ag ag

Best thread ever!

gank 10:39 Sat Apr 9
Re: Site hacked?
ag ag ag ag

Best thread ever!

Buster 9:00 Sat Apr 9
Re: Site hacked?
There are some absolute fucking loons on this site.

gph 2:10 Sat Apr 9
Re: Site hacked?
About ten years ago, I had dealings with a bloke (I've forgotten his user name, but it doesn't matter, as he would have changed it) who didn't rip me off. As always, I was quite careful in dealing with him, and didn't give him the opportunity to profit unfairly from his dealings with me, but he could have caused me grief without making money out of me (i.e., letting me travel to Manchester without turning up to hand over the ticket).

I reported back to the forum that I had got my ticket ok, and at face value.

This bloke apparently ripped off others who handed over cash in advance.

I feel a bit guilty reporting that he dealt with ME honestly, but it was the truth.

What I am saying is that rip-off merchants are quite capable of building trust for a while before breaching it.

Lewisham_Hammer 2:06 Sat Apr 9
Re: Site hacked?
How about you don't talk to me like that you asshole? If you have trouble with life then sort that my friend!

Lewisham_Hammer 2:01 Sat Apr 9
Re: Site hacked?
You all know this is wrong!!

Alfie 1:41 Sat Apr 9
Re: Site hacked?
Anyone on here ever wanted to or actually glassed someone with a robertsons marmalade jar?

Or carried out a facial assault with a miniature tiptons of burnham jarlet of jam?

I have. Ive attacked people with all kinds of fucking breakfast produce and continental buffet products.

What you gonna do about it? Im just being honest. Weve all wanted to do someone with a boiled egg. All wanted to maim some geezer with dippy egg yolk and dippy buttered soldiers.

I took a geezers nose off with eggs benedict once. Filled another cunt in with breakfast kippers, smoked and skin on.

Im not proud of it bruv but if it comes to a tooled up ruck or violent bust up during breakfast at a hotel, b&b or tavern, i will fucking use any breakfast stuffs within reach mate, no questions.

If you set about me in a morning breakfast situation, i will fucking do you a sharp bowl of frosties or dry muesli, couldnt give two lonely fucks for the consequences.

In a foreign continental breakfast sutuation ill fucking carve you up with that low quality pig ham near the edam crescents that no one ever eats because it resembles sheep labia

Lewisham_Hammer 1:33 Sat Apr 9
Re: Site hacked?
Check back? All readers need to know is that if you hover over my name it says I was one of the early people that made this site!

Do it?! Hover over my name and a number will appear at the bottom of your browser it will tell you I am old school from 2005(ish) now hover over the site big mouths! The see their numbers

Lewisham_Hammer 1:26 Sat Apr 9
Re: Site hacked?
Yeah your 90's yellow and navy c&a jersey tell us that mate!

Lewisham_Hammer 1:19 Sat Apr 9
Re: Site hacked?
I bought a ticket off him last Saturday and he charged me UNDER value???

This site is literally takikg the P!

Lewisham_Hammer 1:17 Sat Apr 9
Re: Site hacked?
Please explain why Romford was banned????

You started this and I as a poster on here forever (hover over my ID) saw fit to ban him???? He was selling tickets genuinely!

Please explain!!

Alfie 1:06 Sat Apr 9
Re: Site hacked?
That is not entirely true.

On occasion i become joseph merrick, the elephant man, 19th century dandy, curio and cause celebre.

On still others i am inhabited by sawney beane, historical brigand, highwayman, cannibal, butcherer of innocents.

There have been times when i have felt with every fibrous string of my constitiution an elegant peregrine falcon, swooping down upon field mice and pecking at the corroded remains of run over badgers.

None can deny my multiple identities because i have lived full and rich days in each of these guises, lived within multiple historical epochs and trod many varied lives down the years, as both bird and hominid sir

Alfie 12:58 Sat Apr 9
Re: Site hacked?
I strenously deny being anyone other than myself.

There have admittedly been challenging and parlous times when i have lost posession of my own mind, faculties and identy, but that malaise has only occured scarcely, and when i have over imbibed rarely pure quantities of proscribed pharmaceuticals.

As far as i am aware of it and have a sound grasp of the matter under discussion, i declare myself to be alfred now, in the present, past and future tense- me. Alfred.

In short it is I, alfred, singular and alone, in my house, tapping out my minds horizons upon an ipad connected to this website.

Zammo 12:42 Sat Apr 9
Re: Site hacked?


gank 12:31 Sat Apr 9
Re: Site hacked?
That was a genuine mistake, I'm not Gank.

gank 12:30 Sat Apr 9
Re: Site hacked?
There's no way I have the same IP as Pancho

gank 12:29 Sat Apr 9
Re: Site hacked?
There's no way I could have the same IP as Gank

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