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Buster 9:45 Sun Apr 10
Billy Bonds
For anyone who wasn't there yesterday or missed it at half time, this is well worth a watch. Brought a lump to my throat when Billy mentioned not being able to say thank you to the fans, he looked a bit emotional and it was great for him to be able to say thank you one last time at the Boleyn Ground.

My all time favourite hammer and for me the greatest player we've ever had.

Thank you, Billy.


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bill green 4:42 Wed Apr 27
Re: Billy Bonds
I was lucky enough to see Bill play from 75 onwards. I also winced at some of his tackles. I remember him scything down Garth Crooks who was playing for Stoke. Then Crooks went to Spurs and Bill went through him again. He played the fellow hard men at their game and always came out on top, Todd, Wythe, Harris to name a few.
Also on the radio after he retired he was commentating on our away game at Birmingham where we were relegated and Savage was winding our players up some of whom were in tears.
Bonds cut into the commentary and said ' Someone needs go on the pitch and lamp him'.

pdbis 3:36 Wed Apr 27
Re: Billy Bonds
Best player in my eyes.No one else comes close.

Tomshardware 10:38 Fri Apr 22
Re: Billy Bonds
Best win percentage of club's permanent managers according to wikipedia.

Alex Bunbury 10:30 Fri Apr 22
Re: Billy Bonds
If you take out the Bond scheme season his record as a manager is decent.

LeroysBoots 5:28 Fri Apr 22
Re: Billy Bonds
Qpr ?

gph 3:27 Fri Apr 22
Re: Billy Bonds
Modest man.

He managed QPR for 20 years, always operating behind a front man, who got all the glory (alright, I made the stuff up about glory)...

Buster 3:12 Fri Apr 22
Re: Billy Bonds

Jez 3:02 Fri Apr 22
Re: Billy Bonds
CNN filmed a piece when he was awarded his MBE. It is mentioned on one of the official history videos out there.

My old man met him when he was managing QPR and said was everyone says, that he was an utter gent.

Definitely the best value for money the club has ever had out of someone they've bought

LeroysBoots 6:31 Thu Apr 21
Re: Billy Bonds
I recall an American TV company did a piece on him when he was playing in to his 40's, absolute legend

normannomates 5:41 Thu Apr 21
Re: Billy Bonds
Worst time I've known

Bad times...just makes you appreciate where we are now...even if it will be full of Ben shepherds and the fat lump

Billy Blagg 4:49 Thu Apr 21
Re: Billy Bonds
Top man and player.

normannomates 3:03 Thu Apr 21
Re: Billy Bonds
No...quite correct.he was very for us..not doubting that for a heartbeat.
Bad times...fall out from Johnny Lyall.
Bill steadied the ship..but all I'm saying is I don't think he even felt comfortable as manager..did it out of love for the club.

cholo 2:53 Thu Apr 21
Re: Billy Bonds
The bond scheme wasn't his fault, in fact he backed the fans iirc. He got us promoted and whatever was going on behind the scenes it was a fucking laugh supporting the club in that era.

normannomates 2:50 Thu Apr 21
Re: Billy Bonds
He was hopeless as manager though wasn't he..let's be honest here.
The Bond scheme days...up there as the darkest days in our history

cholo 10:57 Tue Apr 19
Re: Billy Bonds
I only caught the last few years of his career, although I missed him at his peak it was still great seeing players half his age shit themselves seeing him flying towards them.

JAC 10:53 Tue Apr 19
Re: Billy Bonds
Bloke I work with lives next door to Bonzo...says you couldnt meet a nicer bloke,looks after my mates kids sometimes ....everyone loves him.

Chip Shop Charlie 8:14 Tue Apr 19
Re: Billy Bonds

Alvin Martin must be in with a shout.

Stranded 8:12 Tue Apr 19
Re: Billy Bonds
BubblesCyprus 7:48

No Brooking? For me they were the two sides of the WH coin.

BubblesCyprus 8:05 Tue Apr 19
Re: Billy Bonds
MikeHammer 6:50 Mon Apr 19

Grandfather , Father ( both R.I.P) and myself were season ticket holders through 60's 70's and 80's before I moved Overseas and can assure you the wooden seats in The Upper West Stand were full every game.No empty seats as per your post.

BubblesCyprus 7:48 Tue Apr 19
Re: Billy Bonds
We have had over the years some 1/2 season
stars( e.g Parker,Di canio) but after Moore,Hurst & Peters. Billy Bonds is the only other player worthy of LEGEND status IMO.

Lee B 2:55 Tue Apr 19
Re: Billy Bonds
Saw him come on once in the late eighties, a cup game against Charlton which we won 2-0. Dreadful game, and both sides were both so bad that that winning the cup wasn't even thought about. Anyway he changed the game. He was 40 plus at the time, and laid on the second goal from right back.He had many finer games but this one stuck in the mind for the way he showed up the younger lads. Ward and Cottee were playing I think. I adored Brooking but Bonds up their with him - too hard to put one ahead of the other.

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