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Q: Manuel Pellegrini
a. A great signing for the Club and maybe the change of direction we all need
b. It will only be a great signing if the Board back him with decent funds
c. This is West Ham so it will only end in farce
d. I'm not sure about this one, I'll wait until SKY is back to hear what Gary Neville thinks, then I'll voice my opinion

Gary Darkness 1:23 Fri Apr 15
Alex Song
Pretty much confirmed that it's all over for him now we've signed the Norwegian and he hasn't even made the bench recently.

Arguably our most gifted player (ok, second most gifted) and apparently fit. What the hell went wrong?

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You must be Gary 1:30 Sat Apr 16
Re: Alex Song
PD showing his incredible ability to remember what people allegedly said months or years ago, yet athe repeatedly contradicts what he himself said sometimes only days before.

What a man.

Sorry, cunt

yngwies Cat 12:46 Sat Apr 16
Re: Alex Song
That Man City game last season, unbeatable, and weird shorts tucked up his Arse. Got injured never been the same player since. Shame cos on his day..

jack flash 10:00 Fri Apr 15
Re: Alex Song
He was so impressive when he first arrived,you could see him becoming our future captain & star player

Sadly, the writing is on the wall for him now. He can barely get into the squad now, let alone the team

He has failed to impress in the few times he's played & just doesn't look like a player prepared to fight for a contract with us

I hope he manages to pull things round for himself as he seems a likeable chap

I doubt his future will be with us though

franksfat&slow&wank 9:31 Fri Apr 15
Re: Alex Song
Thank fuck our owners never bought him

Fivetide 8:29 Fri Apr 15
Re: Alex Song
Private Dancer 6:32 Fri Apr 15
Re: Alex Song


Fivetide 8:27 Fri Apr 15
Re: Alex Song
Not hungry enough. No commitment. Talented, but crap since Christmas 2014.

charlie paynter 7:36 Fri Apr 15
Re: Alex Song
Is it his eyes? Says he can't see properly when wearing those glasses but worried about infection when he doesn't.

Texas Iron 7:30 Fri Apr 15
Re: Alex Song
Not the same player as in his first spell pre injury...

Lost his MOJO somewhere in Darkest Africa...

kylay 7:21 Fri Apr 15
Re: Alex Song
On his day, his through ball could slice open any defence, but he ain't been on his day in some time.

Private Dancer 7:14 Fri Apr 15
Re: Alex Song
'He's top drawer'

No he's not. Then again you rated Amilfitano and Carlton Cole, so I'm not surprised you say that.

stomper 7:00 Fri Apr 15
Re: Alex Song
What went wrong?
Look at his performance in the last world cup. Explains everything

On The Ball 6:54 Fri Apr 15
Re: Alex Song
Take me back to last Summer and I'd still take Song over Kante every time. Who knew how brilliant Kante would turn out? Who knew that Song wouldn't pick up again with the right coach? He's top drawer.

collyrob 6:36 Fri Apr 15
Re: Alex Song
He was top class, we took a gamble and it didn't work out. He'll be gone in the summer anyway.

Massive shame if that's true about Kante

Private Dancer 6:32 Fri Apr 15
Re: Alex Song
Tel - Yep. People get bought into Song because he had played for Arsenal and Barca. Just as well for him that he's already made a fortune as I don't hink he will get anywhere near a top club again. He's the only only player I've seen that WALKS on the pitch.

terry-h 6:28 Fri Apr 15
Re: Alex Song
Someone( either Sullivan or Bilic) decided not to pursue the deal agreed at the end of July last year to sign N'Golo Kante from Caen. Leicester proceeded to buy him for 6.75 mill a few days later. Now he has a 20 mill release clause and several clubs are tipped to buy him in the summer.
Whoever preferred to wait for Song's injury to clear up made one BIG MISTAKE.

Private Dancer 6:11 Fri Apr 15
Re: Alex Song
Cholo - Based on his poor from since December AND his injury I thought it was a poor decision to give him a new deal.

cholo 6:03 Fri Apr 15
Re: Alex Song
Was worth the gamble, sometimes gambles don't pay out.

Private Dancer 5:58 Fri Apr 15
Re: Alex Song
I thought Bilic was weak in re-signing him AND waiting for him to recover from an injury. He only wanted to stay because he likes London and his son is on our books, He can't go quick enough for me.

claypole 3:36 Fri Apr 15
Re: Alex Song
Apparently Played centre half for barca, but i have never seen the fucker head the ball.

The Ghost of Braderz 3:30 Fri Apr 15
Re: Alex Song
Alex who?

franksfat&slow&wank 3:26 Fri Apr 15
Re: Alex Song
That first half of last season seems a long time ago now, he just lost it totally hows strange as he's not that old?

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