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LeroysBoots 2:09 Thu Apr 21
Seems to get better and better, thought he was outstanding again last night.

How on earth is this kid nowhere near the England set up ?

I saw this morning that Liverpool are sniffing around, if ( and I hope he never does go ) he did go there he would be straight in the next England squad)

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folkestone iron 5:31 Thu Apr 21
Re: Cresswell
talking to Liverpool fans, they believe that they have other areas which require attention before they look at shelling out on a price bumped (cos he is English) LB
If he did leave it would be a £20m +deal

Also - i'd imagine that Liverpool will be buying predominately from Germany in the next couple of transfer markets

Sven Roeder 5:07 Thu Apr 21
Re: Cresswell
Baines, Shaw, Gibbs, Bertrand, Rose & the right footed Clyne.
All picked before him by the Croydon Guardiola
Staggering ineptitude

Nagel 5:05 Thu Apr 21
Re: Cresswell
You would think that the left back slot is the hardest to fill, given that it's the only position where you really need a left footed player, which accounts for only 10% of the population.

If you manage to get a good one, who can play 90 minutes week in week out, and helps fill your home grown quota, you shouldn't even think about selling him.

Krap not Pu 4:52 Thu Apr 21
Re: Cresswell
certainly do not want him sold...but he is a scouser and money talks....regardless if he was to stay or go...we should go and buy the young lad Kieren Tierney from Celtic., this boy is going to be the nuts

Russ of the BML 3:52 Thu Apr 21
Re: Cresswell
Steve P 3:11 Thu Apr 21

Thanks. Appreciate that.

Steve P 3:33 Thu Apr 21
Re: Cresswell
Last audition before we decide not to buy, Trunds?

cornish 3:33 Thu Apr 21
Re: Cresswell
Why on earth would you sell one of our better players,we are already short in the left back position,we aren't a selling club anymore.

Lee Trundle 3:31 Thu Apr 21
Re: Cresswell
I couldn't see the point in bringing Chelsea's Moses on last night. I would have taken Sakho off, brought West Ham's Bryam on and moved Antonio up the pitch.

Rossal 3:28 Thu Apr 21
Re: Cresswell
Tailed off a bit just before christmas but last few months has been superb. I agree he is playing too well to be overlooked. Him and Rose England left backs if Shaw isnt fit and doesn't regain form. Otherwise id have Shaw first choice and Creswell, Bertand and Rose battling to be understudy.

Wouldn't sell him, wouldn't be confident of securing a replacement that would be better.

Only two young LB's i can think of are Taylor at leeds and Chillwell at Leicester

Steve P 3:22 Thu Apr 21
Re: Cresswell
Be nice if he played, Hiding son?

I was saying last night how we missed him, ironically after he made a name at Leeds for consistent appearances.

eusebiovic 3:21 Thu Apr 21
Re: Cresswell
He has been brilliant since he signed...

I think he got better after his nightmare against Bournemouth in August...which is the sign of a good player

Fortunes Hiding 3:20 Thu Apr 21
Re: Cresswell
Hopefully byram on the other side is as good.

dealcanvey 3:20 Thu Apr 21
Re: Cresswell
Steve P

I know but just because he is a scouser dont mean he is in a rush to go back there. I can only see one factor and that is he will get into the England squad easier being in the Liverpool squad. Going forward I cant see Liverpool being a much bigger club than us. Of course they have their amazing history which they know all too well but going forward to the future would like to think we can compete if not better them. We certainly have done this season.

Chopper Toshack 3:18 Thu Apr 21
Re: Cresswell
We don't want any of our players any where near the England squad. It's tainted and cursed.

dicksie3 3:17 Thu Apr 21
Re: Cresswell
Looks like a 9-year-old boy playing left-back.

Great signing though. Fantastic left peg and excellent going forward. Good athlete.

Side of Ham 3:16 Thu Apr 21
Re: Cresswell
Fantastic going forwards will get caught out by the slower tempo of international level and will have at least one moment in a game where he is not goal side of an attacking winger which would get punished at that level.

Basically a fantastic player which West Ham/ Bilic takes full advantage of in the team formation.


Steve P 3:14 Thu Apr 21
Re: Cresswell
He's a scouser, Canvey son. Wasn't he rejected by the bin dippers initially after being on their books?

dealcanvey 3:12 Thu Apr 21
Re: Cresswell
Days of being a selling club are gone. We dont have to sell no more unless we see a silly offer. he seems happy here not sure he would want the move anyway.

Steve P 3:11 Thu Apr 21
Re: Cresswell
I'm fair minded and generous, you can have three Russ?

Fivetide 3:10 Thu Apr 21
Re: Cresswell
Regarding Friend at Boro...

...their whole back four is solid and cost them peanuts if we want anyone else at the back.

Steve P 3:10 Thu Apr 21
Re: Cresswell
Sorry Dave, I was just talking to Smarkev about emergency cover if he was injured, which would hopefully be a game or two.

The jock snooker bloke hasn't stepped up much, which is disappointing.

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