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Q: 2019/20 With seven games to go will West Ham stay up
a. Our demise was sealed when the idiots on the Board appointed Moyes, we're down
b. Despite the efforts of Moyes and the players, we will stay up by the smallest of margins
c. I'm beyond caring & couldn't give two hoots either way

LeroysBoots 12:10 Fri Apr 29
Line of Duty
Fucking superb tv series

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White Pony 12:12 Tue Aug 4
Re: Line of Duty
I never really followed this so I have just watched it all. Barring a couple of weird anomalies, it's reasonably accurate for a TV show.

Martin Compston is good lad.

Athletico Easthamico 12:01 Tue Aug 4
Re: Line of Duty
First series on BBC 1 now if you want a catch up.

Deanooooo 12:09 Tue May 7
Re: Line of Duty
Thought the final episode was a bit of a let down to be honest, certainly not the action packed finale I thought we had in store. Far too much time in the interview room; got a little boring.

Still least its nailed on for another season.

w4hammer 11:57 Tue May 7
Re: Line of Duty
White Pony 11:47 Mon May 6
Re: Line of Duty
I'm not sure why everyone raves about Maxwell-Martin. The way she played that role was very much like a hackneyed panto villain.

The morse code bit was laughable.


same here. So many plot holes and implausibles however its always been like that and so we should just sit back and enjoy ;-()

daveyg 11:09 Tue May 7
Re: Line of Duty
Kaiser Zoso,

I thought in episode 3 (not sure ) Ted was seen on some adult site then shaking his head at what he was doing and closed down the laptop. When he went to the shop to dispose of it he looked releaved that he wouldn't be surfng porn agan. But we knew that it would come back to haunt him.

medwayhammer1 2:00 Tue May 7
Re: Line of Duty
Enjoyed it and love a bit of Polly Walker...could corrupt me any day of the week!

gph 1:23 Tue May 7
Re: Line of Duty
ted should've stuck to the weather.

The weather's more Frintony

Nurse Ratched 1:20 Tue May 7
Re: Line of Duty
Up until which point he was so skint the bloke on the desk was badgering him about the late payment of his bill.

This 'H' character has been running throughout 5 series now, and Ted has always had money worries. I doubt the role of H is a voluntary one. Whoever H is is rolling in dough. Otherwise, why arrange all those Brinks Mat style heists? Who's getting a cut of the drugs and whores money if it isn't H?

zebthecat 1:14 Tue May 7
Re: Line of Duty
Well he did have 100 grand turn up out of the blue.
Probably didn't make up for the broken toilet though.

Nurse Ratched 12:57 Tue May 7
Re: Line of Duty
If Ted is/has been 'H' then why is he skint and in debt all the time?

Surely there would be financial rewards coming with all those H shenanigans?

zebthecat 9:47 Mon May 6
Re: Line of Duty
Sven Roeder 9:42 Mon May 6

Depends if she actually knows - they could be using a cell system.
Alternatively I could be overthinking this.

mashed in maryland 9:44 Mon May 6
Re: Line of Duty
Is it technically information that's traded for immunity or testimony?

Big difference I'd have thought.

Fantastic end to the series anyway

Sven Roeder 9:42 Mon May 6
Re: Line of Duty
If Gill was the third one the only information I would have accepted from her was the identity of the fourth one

Iron Duke 9:36 Mon May 6
Re: Line of Duty
Good point exile. The same with Lisa McQueen. What information did she have that they didn’t already know?

the exile 9:34 Mon May 6
Re: Line of Duty
What I didn't get was how Gill Bigellow got away without going to jail. If she provided information in exchange for indemnity, what information?

Northern Sold 6:53 Mon May 6
Re: Line of Duty
Wasn't bad but felt so OTT with some of the shit going on.... 7/10 for me...

Babelman 5:37 Mon May 6
Re: Line of Duty
did nothing for me,crap

twoleftfeet 4:09 Mon May 6
Re: Line of Duty
Sounds like a load of old shit, glad I avoided it.

Now Endeavour is different class 👍

Chi-townHammer 3:45 Mon May 6
Re: Line of Duty
They've lifted the whole Morse code thing, and gangsters entering the Police academy scenario from Internal Affairs/The Departed.

Hasans Fish Bar RIP 12:07 Mon May 6
Re: Line of Duty
Ah, ok im a thicko Thanks for explaining

Hasans Fish Bar RIP 12:04 Mon May 6
Re: Line of Duty

Yeah but surely it was a proceed of 'crime' I know it was part of some property deal at somepoint, but that was dodgy wasnt it?

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