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Buster 11:42 Sun May 1
Sunday football
An interesting set of fixtures today that could have a large bearing on where we finish this season. Would love for Swansea to turn Liverpool over and likewise, it would be superb to see Leicester go and win up at Old Trafford today and win the title, keeping those cunts behind us in the process.

A Southampton win would put them just a couple of points behind us, but if Man City then slip up against Arsenal and we win our remaining three, we could still end up sneaking into the top four.

Could end up being a great weekend for us if the results go our way today.

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gph 12:45 Mon May 2
Re: Sunday football
Has there ever been such a shit pair of defenders as Otamendi and Mangala in a side that hoped to win the top tier?

normannomates 12:32 Mon May 2
Re: Sunday football
Make you right about top 4...only Man City realistic...but even that's a long shot.
But if we beat Swansea...and they lose to Arsenal..we have a chance for sure

ludo21 12:31 Mon May 2
Re: Sunday football
No guarantee that City will win at Swansea (though they probably will).

As long as we beat Swansea and Man Utd and City don't beat Arsenal we will go into the last match with a chance of CL qualification... that is something in itself!

normannomates 12:26 Mon May 2
Re: Sunday football
Rooney was moaning like a bitch from 20 mins/ knackered onwards.

JohnnyL 12:24 Mon May 2
Re: Sunday football
Rooney lucky not to be sent off ... Probably three yellow cards there ! At least Fellani will miss our game - the FA will take action

gph 12:18 Mon May 2
Re: Sunday football
Fellaini should get a ban. Rooney should have been off, but won't get anything

Gavros 10:37 Sun May 1
Re: Sunday football
We wouldn't be hoping if key decisions hadn't been made against us...and we'd probably be in the cup final as well.


Badhabit 10:23 Sun May 1
Re: Sunday football
The results have definitely gone our way today. Don't think we can worry too much about all the permutations regarding who wins CL or Europa League, but I think it's unlikely that both the scouse and citeh will. IF we win our final three games (a big if) then we have 68 points. Man Ure can then only max 66 so are out of it. I don't think we can expect Arsenal not to turn over Vila on the last day and end up with 70 points even if they lost to Citeh. So the result we want is Arsenal to win at Citeh next Sunday (a draw is no good to us cos if Citeh end on same points as us they have a much better goal difference). Let's just hope we do the business and Arsenal for once do us a favour. Let's all dream!

Dagenhammer 10:12 Sun May 1
Re: Sunday football
I cant help but think that whether it be on goal difference or Liverpool and / or City winning their European competitions (or a UEFA rule change), we will miss out by the skin of our teeth on a CL place.

It only ever happens to us!

Norflundon 10:06 Sun May 1
Re: Sunday football
City if they get through Wednesday I think they will
Imagine how ridiculous it'll be if they come 5th and they get Bayern in the final talk about conflict of interests ....!!!

Crassus 10:03 Sun May 1
Re: Sunday football


Gavros 10:00 Sun May 1
Re: Sunday football
What if city win, mikeys don't and city are in top 4? It doesn't open up 5th?

Far Cough 9:45 Sun May 1
Re: Sunday football
Liverpool could win Europa but lets get real, City won't win the CL

Norflundon 9:44 Sun May 1
Re: Sunday football
If only one team wins either champions league OR eufa cup 4th will get in the champions league
If the mickeys and city both win then only top three will get champions leagu

jack flash 9:42 Sun May 1
Re: Sunday football
IF we can beat Swansea, then it's definitely game on!

Gavros 9:41 Sun May 1
Re: Sunday football
I cant see it clearly so can someone spell out what winning to CL or Europa means for league places?

gph 9:31 Sun May 1
Re: Sunday football
AKA E - see ioc below

AKA ERNIE 9:29 Sun May 1
Re: Sunday football
What happens if city finish 5th but win champions league ?

Stewart Pen 9:27 Sun May 1
Re: Sunday football
Nobody in the media seems to realise that if we win our last 3 and City lose to Arsenal we will be in the Champs League. Except maybe Ian Wright who has just tipped us on 606 to finish 4th, despite the fact he thinks City will draw with Arse and beat Swansea. Go figure.

Texas Iron 9:01 Sun May 1
Re: Sunday football
Righto Chaps...

One Game at a Time...One Win at a Time...


Just imagine where we would be if they had kept BFS...

Struggling for survival as usual...!!!

Gavros 8:43 Sun May 1
Re: Sunday football
It'd only be good and proper we did make 4th given the decisions that have cost us.

Let's have Swansea first. Losing at home to Man U after is unconscionable and going into the last game in 4th will give the players a massive boost.

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