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Q: 2021/22 What competition should we prioritise this season?
a. The league is our bread & butter, so this year let's have a club sandwich
b. We're owed an FA Cup after Gerrard nicked our last one in 06, our name's on it in 22
c. A bye to the League Cup 3rd round gives us a good start, let's make it count
d. The Europa is our best ticket to the Champions League, this is the one
e. What's wrong with you, let's do the lot, has the quadruple ever been done

ornchurch ammer 10:33 Sat May 7
What happened?
I missed the game today as my boys team were in a tournament.
Couldn't believe it when people were updating me with the score so what the fuck went wrong?

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jack flash 10:08 Sun May 8
Re: What happened?
Infidel 11:55 ~ Agree with most of that except Ogbonna
Yes he misplaced a few passes & missed a sitter but otherwise was pretty solid

Cresswell was probably the best out of our bad bunch. Our defence on the left side was never a problem all afternoon. Earlier in the season our left side was a cause for concern. If you remember our win at Man City, they tried to exploit the space behind Cresswell on the left side by playing a ball over the top every time he tried to push forward

Cresswell has become twice the player he was with Ogbonna behind him to cover

Yesterday, it was our right side that was taken to the cleaners. Antonio was at fault for at least one goal, but he was put in that position. Reid was either unwilling or unable to cover Antonio's forward forays in the way that Ogbonna covers Cresswell
Also on the left flank Cresswell had Lanzini tracking back in front of him, where Antonio got no help from Moses whatsoever!

Texas Iron 1:07 Sun May 8
Re: What happened?
Vexed 11:18 Sun May

Bilic should have changed it at HT.....Antonio..weak link at RB...and our best attacker wasted...
Carroll ineffective all game...Sakho much better...Moses poor...

Infidel 11:55 Sun May 8
Re: What happened?
Blaming it all on Antonio playing out of position isn't the whole story.

Ogbonna had a very poor game. Gave the ball away inexplicably for one of their goals, missed an easy chance in front of goal that would have made it 1-1.

Payet was average, again. Lanzini was invisible. These are the players we expect to create something.

There were very few crosses for Carroll to get on to - Cresswell seems to get fewer crosses in every game now.

Moses was awful.

In fact Antonio - going forward - was the only real threat we had for much of the game.

Absoutely agree that he should be pushed further up with Tomkins at RB but that wasn't the only reason we lost.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 11:41 Sun May 8
Re: What happened?
I've said it all year - our best CB pairing is Collins + A.N.Other. I actually believe Bilic thinks this too, which makes his omission since regaining fitness all the more curious.

dicksie3 11:32 Sun May 8
Re: What happened?



Iron2010 11:25 Sun May 8
Re: What happened?
That was painful

Northern Sold 11:23 Sun May 8
Re: What happened?
Last home league game we lost was back in August... nearly 9 months ago.... yeah what a fucking disaster....not sure how we can roll on from this... Lets see if we can go virtually 9 months unbeaten in the Hotpoint....

Vexed 11:18 Sun May 8
Re: What happened?
Swansea rocked up and couldn't believe their luck that we'd persisted with playing a winger at right back. Then they just arseholed us down that flank. Then Bilic didn't change it at half time as per the cup quarter and we inevitably conseded another.

Bilic to blame for a crap lineup and for not changing it. Tuesday will be the same if he starts with Antonio at RB and Carroll up top on his own. It clearly doesn't work.

dicksie3 11:17 Sun May 8
Re: What happened?
Bryam MUST come in at right-back.

Moses should (and will) be dropped.

Moving Antonio back onto the right wing is crucial and should've been done weeks ago - it's cost us big time.

Bilic has done a superb job but his insistence on playing Antonio - a great attacking player who scores goals - at right-back is making us very vulnerable in defence.

Just hope that we haven't surrendered a Europa League spot as well now as that would be very gutting.

collyrob 11:08 Sun May 8
Re: What happened?
Bilic got it wrong

Defence all over the place

Midfield offered nothing

Strikers couldn't finish

Probably too much gargle during the week

, 11:04 Sun May 8
Re: What happened?
In typical WHU fashion we lost the game of our last three which was our three point banker. We started the season with two home defeats let's hope we don't end it in the same way.

On The Ball 10:53 Sun May 8
Re: What happened?
We lost a football match.

It happens.

Bungo 9:49 Sun May 8
Re: What happened?
As mentioned elsewhere, I do have to wonder what effect the recent awards night had on the team yesterday.

They all looked a little bit off it. Stuff that has often worked recently never seemed to come off yesterday.

Scraper 9:22 Sun May 8
Re: What happened?

We didn't cut it when it mattered most

This is surprising, as I expect Bilic would have set them in the right state of mind

Maybe most of our players are not used to this type of pressure? So keen to impress that they forgot the basics.

*strokes chin, smokes pipe*

Mex Martillo 8:35 Sun May 8
Re: What happened?
Ornchurch, I was the same, missed the game and could not believe result
What happened??
Had this down as an easy win and was still thinking we would get a champions spot

Then like my dreams,
They fade and die.
Fortune's always hiding,
I've looked everywhere,
I'm forever blowing bubbles,
Pretty bubbles in the air.

Johnson 5:45 Sun May 8
Re: What happened?
There was a lot of pissed up cunts today. Tuesday could be carnage!

jfk 5:39 Sun May 8
Re: What happened?
We started off well, but in true West Ham style naused it up.
The best team won probably our worst display of the season.
After a few beers everyone seemed to be upbeat and had a great night in the supporters club.
Let's hope we get our act together and stuff rhe mancs tuesday.
Whoever the gobby prick who was screaming fuck off bilic you useless cunt in the south bank should consider himself very lucky he never got filled in.

Johnson 5:25 Sun May 8
Re: What happened?
Tex, to be fair he played a reasonably consistent side, it was the one that won at West Brom easily wasn't it?

I think the players have to take a big share of the blame today, our passing was off, the right hand side was wide open, the Cressers/Payet/Lanzini triangle didn't spark down the left through misplaced passes or no running.

I honestly don't think having the awards before the end of the season helped, once you've celebrated achievement it's hard to motivate - especially immediately after.

Just a bad day all round, if that was butterflies for the big one Tuesday I'm glad they got it out the way today.

Sydney_Iron 5:14 Sun May 8
Re: What happened?
Sickening really, who saw that coming, same old, same old West Ham.

Bubbles really is an appropriate song for us.


Texas Iron 5:12 Sun May 8
Re: What happened?
Bilic got the starting line up wrong...

At HT...0-2...hould have subbed Moses with Tomkins...Antonio RW...
Sakho for Carroll

Bilic blamed the players...he was very much at fault too...

Johnson 4:47 Sun May 8
Re: What happened?
Antonio won't be right back next season.

For some reason Bilic is keeping Byram off, I'd trust that decision as he might not be a right back naturally and maybe Antonio's physicality helps get round the fact he ain't. That said he was poor today, got rinsed.

I reckon a big name right back will come in, we haven't had one at the club for ages so it would do all the youngsters and players who play there well. Hopefully it'll happen.

Expect to see Antonio at RB Tuesday, but I think Sakho starts over Moses (who can fuck off) and we'll see the sort of fluid formation we played against the Ys.

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