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Too Much Too Young 11:24 Thu May 12
The year is 2030
2029 Edit
A $1,000 personal computer is 1,000 times more powerful than the human brain.
The vast majority of computation is done by computers and not by human brains.
Further progress has been made in understanding the secrets of the human brain. Hundreds of distinct sub-regions with specialized functions have been identified. Some of the algorithms that code for development of these regions have been deciphered and incorporated into neural net computers.
Massively parallel neural nets, which are constructed through reverse-engineering the human brain, are in common use.
The eyeglasses and headphones that used to deliver virtual reality are now obsolete thanks to computer implants that go into the eyes and ears. The implants are either permanent or removable. They allow direct interface with computers, communications and Internet-based applications. The implants are also capable of recording what the user sees and hears.
Computer implants designed for direct connection to the brain are also available. They are capable of augmenting natural senses and of enhancing higher brain functions like memory, learning speed and overall intelligence.
Computers are now capable of learning and creating new knowledge entirely on their own and with no human help. By scanning the enormous content of the Internet, some computers "know" literally every single piece of public information (every scientific discovery, every book and movie, every public statement, etc.) generated by human beings.
Direct brain implants allow users to enter full-immersion virtual reality—with complete sensory stimulation—without any external equipment. People can have their minds in a totally different place at any moment. This technology is in widespread use.
Most communication occurs between humans and machines as opposed to human-to-human.
The manufacturing, agricultural and transportation sectors of the economy are almost entirely automated and employ very few humans. Across the world, poverty, war and disease are almost nonexistent thanks to technology alleviating want.
The rise of Artificial Intelligence creates a real "robot rights" movement, and there is open, public debate over what sorts of civil rights and legal protections machines should have. The existence of humans with heavy levels of cybernetic augmentation and of larger numbers of other people with less extreme cybernetic implants lead to further arguments over what constitutes a "human being."
Although computers routinely pass the Turing Test, controversy still persists over whether machines are as intelligent as humans in all areas.
Artificial Intelligences claim to be conscious and openly petition for recognition of the fact. Most people admit and accept this new truth.
Reverse engineering of the human brain completed
Non-biological intelligence combines the subtlety and pattern recognition strength of human intelligence, with the speed, memory, and knowledge sharing of machine intelligence
Non-biological intelligence will continue to grow exponentially whereas biological intelligence is effectively fixed in its rate of growth

Where does this leave football?

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Too Much Too Young 9:09 Mon Jun 6
Re: The year is 2030
Gene editing technique could transform future


"In theory it might be possible to correct the DNA of embryos carrying the gene for Huntington's disease or cystic fibrosis.
But it might also be used to add in genetic enhancements, leading to designer babies."

Sullivan Jr. (Now chairman) Is at West Ham's Chadwell Heath embryo research facility.

1,000 embryos, each with different traits of Payets free kick gene.

On a more serious note, looks like each pregnancy will be scanned and fixed of all known deseases before birth and I can see wifi direct software downloads to the service pack for new super duper bugs as discovered.

We will all end up the same.

Cheezey Bell-End 3:01 Fri May 13
Re: The year is 2030
I just want to wear metallic clothes and drive a rocket car.

SilverSurfer 1:23 Fri May 13
Re: The year is 2030
unless isis takes over.

then we will all be wearing sheets and wandering about in the sand in our flip flops.

WHOicidal Maniac 12:20 Fri May 13
Re: The year is 2030
Im not going to worry about all that, I will be living in a cabin in the woods, playing me banjo...

Hammer and Pickle 11:45 Thu May 12
Re: The year is 2030
This has already happened geep.

I fear the robots' job will be thinking up jobs for us.

Too Much Too Young 11:45 Thu May 12
Re: The year is 2030
*blutooth syncs ones Liver to the Cote Du Rhone vin yards, ones nostrils to the Peruvian Cocoa region and ones blessed lungs to Dat skunk sheet*

I will let my bellend wander freely amongst the cactoplasm of pussy beyond my consciousness, but yet simultaneously be conscious to cunt it in the bastard at the same time.

Can't wait

gph 11:43 Thu May 12
Re: The year is 2030
Sounds like everyone will be redundant.

So don't believe the no poverty bit.

Geoffrey Pike 11:36 Thu May 12
Re: The year is 2030

Hammer and Pickle 11:28 Thu May 12
Re: The year is 2030
*uploads genetic information*

ironsofcanada 11:27 Thu May 12
Re: The year is 2030

That's why we are ahead of the game and signed a player already.

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