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Q: 2020/2021 Where will we finish up this season?
a. Top Four, Champions League here we come
b. 5th-7th Europa League is well within our grasp
c. 8th to 14th anywhere in mid table is about right
d. We're in a dog fight before a ball has been kicked and we'll do well to finish 17th or just above
e. GSB have derailed our season before a ball has been kicked, the Championship beckons

Mex Martillo 6:42 Sun May 15
Great season
What a great season
I have really enjoyed it
Win against manure was everything
Today we played great, no shame
Great season

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Fivetide 4:29 Mon May 16
Re: Great season
"winning at Anfield was a Brit winning at Wimbledon moment for me"


BubblesCyprus 4:26 Mon May 16
Re: Great season
Great season only ruined for me by Swansea game. Typical West Ham of old hopefully.

DJH 11:06 Mon May 16
Re: Great season
In regards of performance it was a very good season but not a great season for me, had we finished 4th or added a Cup Final appearance to a 7th place finish then we could be talking in those terms.

Having said that it has been one of the most enjoyable for many a year, being the last at The Boleyn meant it was always going to be special and winning at Anfield was a Brit winning at Wimbledon moment for me.

Having said all that I think we will look back at this season like many sides with the exception of Leicester and think about what could have been because in terms of the standard at the top of it the poorest I can recall so the bar was pretty low to break into top 4 this season.

Maybe we will not see another season where at least one the so called big 4 fails to exceed 75 points for some time and for us to enjoy the kind of chance we have had to break the top 4 is for unlikely to happen again without significant further improvement in the side.

The sad fact is that if we were really as good as some think we are then we would have been seeing off sides at the bottom of the table comfortably and you know what if we had we would probably have won the League, in truth for me where we finished is far fairer reflection as to where we are as a club at this time than a top 5 would have and for me we still need to continue improving just to maintain a position in the top 10 next season.

bruuuno 10:21 Mon May 16
I'm 35 and this season has been easily the most enjoyable that I can remember

After8 9:26 Mon May 16
Re: Great season
At the end of last season I said all I wanted was a manager who respected the fans and the traditions of the club.

Bilic has overachieved and I'm for one are delighted.

My only small criticism was the utd cup game.

Overall though a great season.

One McAvennieeeeee 9:22 Mon May 16
Re: Great season

Vexed 9:18 Mon May 16
Re: Great season
Entertaining but ultimately an just above average result for me. We blew another big opportunity to kick on as a club, it will be much harder next season if not impossible to get in the CL. We might not even get EL football which is ridiculous. What a fuck up.

Side of Ham 9:08 Mon May 16
Re: Great season
One Mac 7:42

I'm the same on Europe, just getting used to having a half decent squad which in turn had a decent bench for games. I think I'll need a few seasons to get used to that factor before looking to conquer Europe.

Nutsin 8:16 Mon May 16
Re: Great season

We beat Liverpool away first time in over 50 yrs...
Everton away.... Most amazing come back...

Finished the season with a positive goal difference..
And close to, if not the highest points tally in our history.

Broke some records this year, particularly enjoyed the way we dominated the scousers this year....

Nutsin 8:05 Mon May 16
Re: Great season
Yes, season was great overall.

Best win...... Man Utd at home...
Luckiest win..... Man City away.

Worst loss.... Swansea at home
Unluckiest loss.... Stoke away

Looking back over the season we played some real nice football, our biggest problem was consistency and officiating... We were practically unbeatable when we played a top side, yet struggled against weaker opposition....The Arsensl game at home was the most poorly officiated, although the penalty awarded to Leicester at the end of the game was the single worst decision..

On a positive note, we've got some great core players to build around.

Supported by

For the future

Bring in a quality right back, box to box midfielder, Winger and a Striker or two. We will be a force again next year.

I would get rid of

Send back

Looking forward to next season, Onwards and Upwards!

Sydney_Iron 7:44 Mon May 16
Re: Great season
Got to say I have enjoyed this season, some great wins and some great football at times, if only though……………as more than a few games we could and should have won rather than drew and a few of the loses leave me shaking my head, not least Stoke yesterday.

Still nice not to be looking over our shoulders for the second half of the season and a fitting farewell to the Boleyn.

Roll on August (or more like July!!)

One McAvennieeeeee 7:42 Mon May 16
Been a very good season. One of my favourites ever for enjoyment.

I tend to keep it quiet, but I'm not too fussed about Europe next season. If we sneak in then great, but if we don't then I won't lose any sleep.

Private Dancer 6:50 Mon May 16
Re: Great season
''Overall I enjoyed the season and look forward to the moves in the Summer and feel confident we can genuinely challenge for a top four spot next season''

Not sure about that. Depends what you mean by 'challenge' I suppose. I think this season was the one where we could have got top 4. Next season you fancy the bigger guns to come strong, Arsenal, Spurs, Chelsea, Man U, Man City, Livepool, then you have Leicester, Everton with money to spend, etc. Will be very tough to get close to top 4 imo, then you have to factor in playing at the OS, it won't be the usual 'home advatntage' that may take time. Also, if we are in the EL, it's a lot more games and the Thursday/Sunday thing.

Capitol Man 6:41 Mon May 16
We all said we wanted entertainment - and we got it in bucketfuls. Couple of wins from the champions league.

I have to say after the Grant experience I was wary of any manager coming in but Bilic has been masterful.

stomper 5:58 Mon May 16
Yep its been triffic.
All down to Bilic.

Banjo 5:21 Mon May 16
I have really enjoyed this season. There were low points, Watford away, quarter final loss to the Mancs, Swansea at home, but many high points.

For me they way we played the game was such a wonderful change compared to both BFS and Grant. The players attitude in general was excellent and due in part to the management style that Slav has brought to West Ham. His tactical nous, his passion and his style has been the biggest positive in a very good season.

Payets amazing ability from both the dead-ball and when running into the box has been brilliant. The discovery of the hidden talents of Antonio and his passion have been excellent and Mark Nobles play and captaincy have both stood out.

Overall I enjoyed the season and look forward to the moves in the Summer and feel confident we can genuinely challenge for a top four spot next season.

Spandex Sidney 1:55 Mon May 16
Re: Great season
Only time will tell. If 7th now launches us to greater things then this has been a great season. If this is another Roeder 7th then it will not have been because we missed the chance to stamp our authority on European football and have relied on others.

Last season people didn't fancy the wafer cup because they said we hadn't deserved it. To be honest we still don't know if we have deserved it this season yet.

park chan wook 1:48 Mon May 16
Re: Great season
It's had great moments but not a great season ffs, Roeder got us to 7th. If the tight counting board would have splashed out on a world class striker last year, like I dunno........... Hernandez we would have won the league. Great season my arse.

Nagel 1:10 Mon May 16
Re: Great season
Obviously people are feeling disappointed now at what might have been but I'm sure people will look back on this season as the start of something special - a new dawn of attractive attacking football in which we fear no team and go out to win every match.

If we can get in a top quality striker who hits the ground running then we're in for a really great season next year.

Aalborg Hammer 12:31 Mon May 16
Re: Great season
What made this season different for me was that I actually looked forward to the games...it was great not to fear anybody for a change..

SteveJacko 11:43 Sun May 15
Re: Great season
This has probably been the best season of my lifetime. Not sure if it's because of the whole "farewell Boleyn/Noble testimonial" vibe but there's been a real positive buzz about the club, and a sense of togetherness. We've had some fantastic results too, and had it not been for a string of shit refereeing decisions during a 4 week spell we'd more than likely be going mad about finishing 4th.

Roll on next season. Irons.

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