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claret on my shirt 2:53 Mon May 16
Ticket Line
Is a fucking joke, been on here over an hour , estimated hold time 5 minutes, websites don't work and it's moving 1 person per minute. Typical West Ham fuck up

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Johnson 9:20 Mon May 16
Re: Ticket Line
How do you know what the demand is, does it tell you?

SnarestoneIron 9:20 Mon May 16
Re: Ticket Line
30 minutes on the website, but given the demand that was pretty reasonable. Once through, really easy to pick a decent seat.

SteveJacko 7:31 Mon May 16
Re: Ticket Line
Got the same message on my confirmation email, not a STH either...

"Please note that if you fail to complete your 2016/17 Season Ticket purchase the club reserves the right to cancel this transaction."

Johnson 7:20 Mon May 16
Re: Ticket Line
They want the money now so they can then flog us again if the Europa comes off.

It's clever really I suppose, but certainly not treating fans right.

A "free" day out in August mind.

The Stoat 7:19 Mon May 16
Re: Ticket Line
Far Cough 7:11 Mon May 16

Yeah I saw that but I am not buying a season ticket so fuck knows what that is all about

w4hammer 7:17 Mon May 16
Re: Ticket Line
what a lot of drama aint it. Have we ever sold pre-season tickets before the end of the previous season ? Its fucking May and Im supposed to have made descision and paid out money for match that wont be played for practicallly 3 months?


Far Cough 7:11 Mon May 16
Re: Ticket Line
I bought a Juventus ticket before I paid my ST balance off but on the email, it states, that the club reserve the right to cancel your ticket if the balance isn't paid

penners28 6:59 Mon May 16
Re: Ticket Line
I cant help but feel this is a lot of hassle for what probably will not be our first game at the os!

Johnson 6:57 Mon May 16
Re: Ticket Line
w4 - It's because ST sales ended at midnight last night.

I presume the way this new site works is that you are then locked OUT whilst the member window is open and probably let back in at General Sale. Or never, who knows.

You'll have to bell them or go in I reckon.

w4hammer 6:52 Mon May 16
Re: Ticket Line
Ive got two ST's at the new stadium and ive registsered etc however its telling me i dont have the correct ticket priveliges to book tickets for juve- is this because i havent paid off my ST balance yet do you know?!


claret on my shirt 4:49 Mon May 16
Re: Ticket Line
the women on the phone said we had new numbers and gave them to me, i've not brought new memberships yet for the new season, all very bizarre. She did say she'd linked mine and my boys cards together so maybe you get new numbers if they are linked. All i know is that was one of the most painful experiences of my fucking life

Northern Sold 4:48 Mon May 16
Re: Ticket Line
All this grief for a friendly??

crazy col 4:44 Mon May 16
Re: Ticket Line
claret on my shirt

where / how did you get the new numbers?

I activated my current numbers a few weeks back, although my Man U tickets didn't show up in the new system only the old one

Johnson 4:39 Mon May 16
Re: Ticket Line
That won't happen for a while then as they will have to sort this latest shambles out first.

This stuff really isn't that difficult, it amazes me how they've managed to cock it up so prolifically over the last year or so.

Straight forward incompetence.

Dan M 4:35 Mon May 16
Re: Ticket Line
ST balance payments are meant to be completed by 5th June.

E-purse credits should show up by now, but they don't. The user guide says "you will be able to do so after the end of the season when your e-purse credit is transferred from the existing ticketing system to this new one. "

yngwies Cat 4:32 Mon May 16
Re: Ticket Line
Got 2 tickets went to pay and it appears the site has crashed.

Same old West ham

Johnson 4:28 Mon May 16
Re: Ticket Line
Was supposed to be after the Stoke game but I've not been on to check, when do STs need to be renewed by?

El Scorchio 4:25 Mon May 16
Re: Ticket Line
Anyone know if they've activated the facility to use e purse credits against 2016 season tickets yet?

I'm guessing not, but does anyone know otherwise?

The Stoat 4:07 Mon May 16
Re: Ticket Line
There were masses of tickets on the seating plan when I booked at 12.30

claret on my shirt 4:04 Mon May 16
Re: Ticket Line
crazy col 3:55 Mon May 16

I could use this years membership cards but they gave me different numbers to what i log in with and that are on our cards, she did say they were amazed by the demand but said there were lots of tickets left

Buster 4:03 Mon May 16
Re: Ticket Line
I'm a STH and can't even buy online.

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