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Q: 2017/18 Carabao Cup Spurs (a)
a. It's Wembley we have a decent record on the hallowed turf a& all we need is another Maiga, win
b. There's no draws in this comp so what chance do we have, lose
c. Forget the game, we'll always be a laughing stock while those idiots in the Boardroom still own the Club, SELL SELL SELL
d. How great is this another game live on the box, so it's back down the Pub full kit on and roaring the boys onto another win, cut me and I bleed claret & blue

SilverSurfer 11:49 Mon May 23
Laurel & Hardy


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zebthecat 7:50 Thu Jun 2
Re: Laurel & Hardy
I love the one where they a chimney sweeps and Stan yanks Ollie down the chimney with inevitable cascade of bricks (there is always one more) landing on Ollie's head. Ii ends with Ollie getting turned into a chimp.

"I have nothing to say"

Helmut Shown 6:30 Thu Jun 2
Re: Laurel & Hardy
Its so cold out there you might get ammonia.

Ho ho ho he means PHEWmonia

62Hammer 12:50 Thu Jun 2
Re: Laurel & Hardy
I heard someone say once that they admired Charlie Chaplin, but laughed at Laurel and Hardy, which I think is right.
I went to see the steps used in the "Music Box" short (the piano one) a few years ago, just outside Hollywood in a little Mexican area.

Northern Sold 12:14 Thu Jun 2
Re: Laurel & Hardy
Watched `Blotto` yesterday superb....

Claret Badger 4:42 Thu Jun 2
Re: Laurel & Hardy
clunk click wid every trip

Lily Hammer 9:56 Wed Jun 1
Re: Laurel & Hardy
Helmut Shown 11:02 Tue May 31

That sounds like the one. Nice one. I'll give it a watch tonight.

SilverSurfer 11:23 Tue May 31

I remember that bit. Ha! Absolute classic scene. Can't quite stop smiling just thinking about it.

:^) 11:30 Tue May 31
Re: Laurel & Hardy
Could be the Murder Case...


SilverSurfer 11:23 Tue May 31
Re: Laurel & Hardy
Lily Hammer 11:48 Wed May 25

Also vaguely remember some haunted house type 20 minute short being one f my favorites.
haunted house one...................................
I remember one scene where they are scared shitless in bed together with a shotgun, Ollie moves his toes and Stan shoots them.

Helmut Shown 11:02 Tue May 31
Re: Laurel & Hardy
Lily Hammer 11:48 Wed May 25
Re: Laurel & Hardy
"Do something to help me!"

I think this was Night Owls where they played two coppers and used a marble bench to break down a door but Stan lets go and Ollie ends up in a pond with the bench on top of him

jack flash 9:41 Tue May 31
Re: Laurel & Hardy
NS ~ In case you're still looking for it! Phoenix>One242415>Scroll down>Laurel And Hardy

Big E 12:49 Fri May 27
Re: Laurel & Hardy
Last (apparently) footage of them together in 1956


Private Dancer 2:00 Thu May 26
Re: Laurel & Hardy
Use to love them as a kid but honestly couldn't be bothered to watch them now. The one I've always remembered is when they were taking, or trying to take, the piano up the stairs. Superb.

Northern Sold 1:48 Thu May 26
Re: Laurel & Hardy
Swiss... Sons of the Desert ... and fucking brilliant it is as well..

Takashi Miike 1:22 Thu May 26
Re: Laurel & Hardy
like Tommy Cooper, they don't even have to say anything to get you laughing. a lot of it was so ahead of it's time, like the way Olly would look to the camera when Stan said or done something stupid. genius comedic legends

Lily Hammer 1:11 Thu May 26
Re: Laurel & Hardy
Denver Hammer 12:29 Thu May 26

That's not the one I was thinking of, but thanks anyway. I watched it last night and had a bit of a time-warp feeling when the theme tune started. Glad to say I have NOT grown out of them. Still loved it.

Swiss. 1:05 Thu May 26
Re: Laurel & Hardy
Fucking love them. You can stick your Stooges, Marx bros and abbot Costello up your arse. The one where they are supposed to have died on a ship but sneak off to a convention is hillarious. "Honolulu baby where u get those eyes?"

violator 12:45 Thu May 26
Re: Laurel & Hardy
Ghost ship

Northern Sold 12:11 Thu May 26
Re: Laurel & Hardy
Ha Ha ha... superb !!

Think on one of the Phoenix apps' on Kodi there is a laurel & Hardy ... will have to poke me nose in and see what they have in there...

Takashi Miike 12:11 Thu May 26
Re: Laurel & Hardy

ohgodno 12:09 Thu May 26
Re: Laurel & Hardy
Ollie: Didn’t you once tell me that you had an uncle?
Stan: Sure, I’ve got an uncle. Why?
Ollie: Now we’re getting somewhere. Is he living?
Stan: No. He fell through a trap door and broke his neck.
Ollie: Was he building a house?
Stan: No, they were hanging him.

Saul Bollox 1:36 Thu May 26
Re: Laurel & Hardy
On the Trail of The Lonesome Pine


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