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Q: Manuel Pellegrini
a. A great signing for the Club and maybe the change of direction we all need
b. It will only be a great signing if the Board back him with decent funds
c. This is West Ham so it will only end in farce
d. I'm not sure about this one, I'll wait until SKY is back to hear what Gary Neville thinks, then I'll voice my opinion

Hammers1993 9:14 Thu May 26
Dimitri Payet
What a season he has had.. Why isn't there an icon for him by the way?

Anyway, check this video out which includes all of his goals and assists for us this season..


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Hammers1993 11:31 Thu Sep 1
Re: Dimitri Payet
Best thing about this transfer window was keeping hold of him.

Lily Hammer 10:24 Thu Sep 1
Re: Dimitri Payet
I was pretty confident he would stay, but of course there was a nagging little demon whispering in the back of my mind that someone would tempt him away, especially after the second France match in Marseille at the Euros.

Just want him to come back uninjured from France. It's good he'll be playing himself fit for them and not us. If he gets at least 2x60 mins for France, he should be just about ready to dismantle Watford.

I know you all understand.

Eggbert Nobacon 10:11 Thu Sep 1
Re: Dimitri Payet
According to Sullivan we had one enquiry and slapped a £100m price on his head to scare them off

RichyP 10:10 Thu Sep 1
Re: Dimitri Payet
he's not been injured, they've been keeping him locked in a room with no windows until the transfer window closed.

He was released last night bleary eyed and a bit paler than when he went in but nothing a sun bed wont sort out.

Welcome back Dimitri son

Full Claret Jacket 10:07 Thu Sep 1
Re: Dimitri Payet
Hope he can regain the form from last year. Went off the boil for France in the Euros and hasn't been able to get involved in pre season. Our side desperately needs an on form Payet to lift the crowd and the others around him.

Mad Dog 12:51 Thu Sep 1
Re: Dimitri Payet
He'll definitely leave they said
We'll never keep him they said

We'll unless I missed something, we've STILL got payet.

I don't think they understand

stoneman 12:49 Thu Sep 1
Re: Dimitri Payet
He's going to leave, mark my words! The owners are cunts, I'm going to phone talk sport and say I have heard from a source he will be gone before the end of deadline day. This club has no ambition.

What the fuck do some of you know?

Said he was going nowhere and he didn't.

Big time knicker wetting.

stoneman 12:29 Tue Aug 30
Re: Dimitri Payet
Has he left yet? ;-)

Hammers1993 12:14 Tue Aug 30
Re: Dimitri Payet
D Day tomorrow..

Praying he is a West Ham player at the end of it.

Hammers1993 4:57 Wed Aug 24
Re: Dimitri Payet
Back in contention either tomorrow or Sunday, along with Lanzini.

The both of them back completely changes us as a team.

If only he had a top class finisher infront of him.

Sven Roeder 3:19 Tue Aug 16
Re: Dimitri Payet
Ogbonna has only played 45 mins in preseason v Juventus hasn't he?
Presume he will play Thurs and then we will see where we are for Bournemouth
I suspect Payet will be a sub or not play at all on Thurs

With him & Lanzini we will beat Chelsea in the return game

One McAvennieeeeee 2:04 Tue Aug 16
Re: Dimitri Payet
He is simply world class. It's a pleasure to watch him.

Pervy McBeer 2:03 Tue Aug 16
Re: Dimitri Payet
busheyhammer85 12:31 Tue Aug 16
Re: Dimitri Payet

Three of our best players last season in that list. Find me a team that can lose three of their best players and replace them with equal talent, good enough to beat a top team at their own ground?

That's why we shouldn't be too disappointed with the result itself. But I think we deserve to be disappointed with the performance and baffled by some of the decisions that Bilic continues to make.

LeroysBoots 1:59 Tue Aug 16
Re: Dimitri Payet
Ogbonna is a bit disingenuous, he was fit but the manager preferred Collins

busheyhammer85 12:31 Tue Aug 16
Re: Dimitri Payet

Big losses for any team!!

TWe 12:24 Tue Aug 16
Re: Dimitri Payet
Wouldn't say we're bog standard without him. Him and Lanzini being out is a big blow though.

busheyhammer85 12:20 Tue Aug 16
Re: Dimitri Payet
It's not just the fact he's absolute top drawer, the likes of Noble, Kouyate etc all improve when he' on the pitch.

Rest for Thursday... Back Starting XI on Monday.

Hammers1993 12:03 Tue Aug 16
Re: Dimitri Payet
Looked good last night. Do we think he will start against Bournemouth? Or even Thursday..

Hammers1993 12:13 Fri Jul 29
Re: Dimitri Payet
Sadly, we are nothing without Payet. Bog standard average.

We need to keep hold of him and add proper class.

Stranded 8:17 Fri Jul 22
Re: Dimitri Payet
Rough google translation from the text of the article.

"For now, I am still at West Ham, I just extend my lease a few years. I will be resumed on August 5. My agent has not issued any doubts, he just denied an article published but it did not launch rumors. I have not been contacted by anyone. "

Hammers1993 8:14 Fri Jul 22
Re: Dimitri Payet
Any French speakers know what Dimi says here when asked about West Ham by the reporter? Video in link..


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