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Stranded 8:49 Fri Jun 10
France vs Romania
Payet starts. Kicks off at 8.

France: Lloris; Sagna, Rami, Koscileny, Evra; Matuidi, Pogba, Kanté; Payet, Giroud, Greizmann

Romania: Tătăruşanu; Săpunaru, Grigore, Chiricheş, Raţ; Hoban, Pintilii; Stanciu, Popa, Stancu; Andone

Referee: Viktor Kassai (Hun)

Stream if anyone needs one: http://cricfree.tv/watch/live/france-vs-romania-euro-2016-live-streaming

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VirginiaHam 6:20 Sat Jun 11
Re: France vs Romania
Judging by the agricultural nature of some of Albania's tackling it might be a good idea to park Payet's arse on the bench for that game.

Scraper 6:12 Sat Jun 11
Re: France vs Romania

*West Ham vs Romania

daveyg 6:10 Sat Jun 11
Re: France vs Romania
If it's about money then we match that.
200K a week is £11M a year .We would easily make that back in sponsorship,shirt sales,more TV games etc.
If he wants to play in France again then it will be PSG.
His idol was Ronaldinho,when he was at Barcelona.
That's where he would want to go.
Do Barcelona need him,probably not unless they want to sell Neymar. Maybe Real might but they don't usually go for older players. But may want to make a statement.

Sullivan and Gold should ask Payet who he would like to play with .If it's Batshuayi then get him now.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 5:08 Sat Jun 11
Re: France vs Romania
Resting your fully fit best player during a major championship? Blimey!

Marston Hammer 3:30 Sat Jun 11
Re: France vs Romania

Marston Hammer 3:29 Sat Jun 11
Re: France vs Romania
It would be nice if Deschamps would taken into account my £10 bet on Payet being top scorer before making any decisions.

Sven Roeder 3:27 Sat Jun 11
Re: France vs Romania
What Deschamps said was
"The emotions were strong for him, he's come a long way in a short time. I'm going to put him on ice ahead of the next few matches so nothing untoward happens towards him.

He just means he is not going to let Sean le Wright Phillipes anywhere near him in training
They play Albania next in Marseille on Wednesday so you'd expect them want to get well ahead & manage any players that need it.
Don't think he'd get out alive if Payet didn't appear in Marseille

Spandex Sidney 3:13 Sat Jun 11
Re: France vs Romania
FC, oh I understand it but it is unfair to Payet although it might be better for us and France.

4 points puts you in the next round. Remember that the top two in each group PLUS four of the six third placed teams go into the next round. Given France already have three points it would be pretty hard for them NOT to qualify from here given they have three points on the board already

Far Cough 3:08 Sat Jun 11
Re: France vs Romania
Spandex, their next two games while not gimmes, are certainly capable of being beaten by a French side without Payet, plus the less games he plays, the less chance of being injured, then Didier will bring him back for the knockout games

Far Cough 3:05 Sat Jun 11
Re: France vs Romania
Well said Blaggo

Gavros 3:01 Sat Jun 11
Re: France vs Romania
WHO'S own Billy Blagg spot on here


Spandex Sidney 2:58 Sat Jun 11
Re: France vs Romania
I wonder how many West Ham shirts with 'Payet' on the back will get sold around the world after that??

Anyway, Deschamps said after the match that he 'will keep him on ice for the next two games so nothing happens to him' What a fucking idiot if true. The lad plays well and can't get in the team, he is their stand out player and still get's dropped.

Takashi Miike 1:43 Sat Jun 11
Re: France vs Romania
yes VH, it's great to see someone take their chance and not be overawed. id expect Antonio to be the same if the Barn Owl had had the sense to include him. some players just get on with it and I think Michail could have been the surprise factor in our team

ragingbull 1:42 Sat Jun 11
Re: France vs Romania
Their fans should have sung the frog version of the Payet song.

VirginiaHam 1:36 Sat Jun 11
Re: France vs Romania
Takashi Miike 11:27 Sat Jun 11

I think Dimi also realised he should be on that stage. Self doubt can be a killer, and to go into such a high profile game and win the thing for your country says everything about technical and mental ability.

There will be a lot of pressure on DP to play like that for us and drag us onwards. Hopefully we'll add another two or three quality players to help him.

Takashi Miike 11:34 Sat Jun 11
Re: France vs Romania
of course it was, fucking divvy scouse cunt

Far Cough 11:33 Sat Jun 11
Re: France vs Romania
Deschamp took him off to give the crowd a way of applauding him as he saw him as MoM

Johnson 11:30 Sat Jun 11
Re: France vs Romania
Barton is thick.

Takashi Miike 11:27 Sat Jun 11
Re: France vs Romania
barton on the radio this morning, im sure it was him, saying the crying was because he was taken off. completely missed the point that it was nothing to do with coming off but all to do with playing so well in front of his own crowd and the ovation he got from the fans

jfk 11:14 Sat Jun 11
Re: France vs Romania

neilalex 11:05 Sat Jun 11
Good post mate,nice one.

neilalex 11:05 Sat Jun 11
Re: France vs Romania
Fantastic performance. He's just such a joy to watch, everything he does is hallmarked with wonderful touch, vision and intelligence.

I hope he keeps it up and is the outstanding player of the tournament. If 'big' clubs come calling so be it. At the moment everyone knows who Dimitri Payet is and who he plays for. It can only help us attract better players, which in turn is more likely to make him stay, and it does the standing of the club generally no end of good.

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