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LeroysBoots 8:11 Wed Jun 15
France V Albania
So... Deschamps drops Pogba and Griezman for Martial abd Coman and puts Dimi in at 10

Massive respect to him for that

Not afraid of upsetting big egos

Scrape a win and says they underperformed so drops them

That is exactly why successive England managers since Ramsey always pick their favourites and we have won fuck all

Can you imagine Hodgson dropping Rooney and Kane ?

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cholo 10:14 Thu Jun 16
Re: France V Albania
Antonio is the sort of bloke who'll relish any challenge to his place in the team, which is part of the reason he's so fucking good.

Sven Roeder 10:12 Thu Jun 16
Re: France V Albania
Probably last season we would have said Moses was a first teamer & Antonio a back up.
What we have now is competition for places and options. No one can coast.
They always say a lot of PL games are decided by the quality of the bench after 70mins. Plus obviously suspensions, injuries etc will require this depth.

Trevor B 9:53 Thu Jun 16
Re: France V Albania
why do players have to be classed first teamers or subs? for me they are all part of the first team squad and no player should ever be guaranteed a starting place. the fact is that al players will earn their place by playing well and being in form. we will have four very good players fighting it out for 3 positions. they arent all going to be in form at the same time. there will be injuries, and players will be selected on merit, fitness and dependant of tactics.

ludo21 9:51 Thu Jun 16
Re: France V Albania
Sven - all of those are predominately wingers with the possible exception of Lanzini.

Don't get me wrong I love an exciting winger and I'm happy to have squad depth, just don't believe that Tore (if he comes) and Feghouli are being bought as anything other than first teamers... I'm sure they would assume they are so someone is going to be in for a shock.

Trevor B 9:40 Thu Jun 16
Re: France V Albania

let's refer to them all as AM (R/L/C) will that appease the football manager within?? lol

ironsofcanada 9:38 Thu Jun 16
Re: France V Albania
On what are people basing idea that Feghouli can play across midfield?

Honest question, I have only seen him play from the right and I know he struggled when Neville put him in the centre.

Tore looks decent with both feet and on the left.

Sven Roeder 9:37 Thu Jun 16
Re: France V Albania
That's true
But we do need ALL these players .... Payet Lanzini Feghouli Tore Antonio Samuelsen

Trevor B 9:25 Thu Jun 16
Re: France V Albania

its just an expression based on their starting position. we all know the midfield is more fluid and at anytime they could be an attacking midfielder/winger/wide forward.

Sven Roeder 9:24 Thu Jun 16
Re: France V Albania

Trevor B 9:23 Thu Jun 16
Re: France V Albania
(obvs has signed one and wants to sign another)

Sven Roeder 9:23 Thu Jun 16
Re: France V Albania
Lanzini is the player I think Slav sees as his number 10 with Payet to his left.
Of course its more FLUID than that sounds

Trevor B 9:22 Thu Jun 16
Re: France V Albania

all these wingers? he is signing two. we need competition for places and a squad with more quality throughout. remember when payet and lanzini were injured last season? we ended up playing much more defensively because we didnt have the attacking talent to put on the field. we didnt lose many games, but we also didnt win many during that period.

Sven Roeder 9:21 Thu Jun 16
Re: France V Albania
I think its fairly obvious Antonio and Townsend should be there.
The extra midfielder Henderson and one of the excessive number of strikers (Rashford or Sturridge) should have made way.
If Hodgson doesn't fancy Sterling or Lallana as the wide players in his 4-3-3 .... or they get injured or suspended or tired .... who comes in?

ludo21 9:20 Thu Jun 16
Re: France V Albania
I suppose in Payet, Foughouli and Tore. you have players who can play anywhere across the midfield. If all three are left to roam, switch places and be interchangeable it would be very difficult for the opposition to deal with.

Mind you it might be too difficult for us to deal with as well... but suppose it could work once the team is used to the system (or lack of it).

Still don't see why Slav is intent on getting all these wingers if he sees that as Payet's best position, unless he is resigned to losing him? (FWIW I don't think that's the case).

Trev - It's going to be difficult for Lanzini... he will be late back from the Olympics and will therefore lose his place in the team.

Good problem to have I guess.

Trevor B 9:16 Thu Jun 16
Re: France V Albania
Antonio was far and away the best English winger last season, and should be at the Euros. You can have that for free.

Sven Roeder 9:15 Thu Jun 16
Re: France V Albania
Antonio isn't a natural right back but obviously it appears Bilic is trying to get his best options on the pitch when he plays him there.
I do hope we see more of Byram but I think he likes the idea of Antonio joining in with attacks from there when teams sit in.
The idea when he goes forward is I imagine that someone like Kouyate drops in and covers him.
The problem for me is when opponents are more attacking and force him back or especially when they keep a player high and wide on the left like Swansea did.

Darby_ 9:15 Thu Jun 16
Re: France V Albania
Putting midfielders in the defensive line permanently always makes me nervous.

Trevor B 9:10 Thu Jun 16
Re: France V Albania
So in his natural position on the wing from where he has scored 7 goals this season he isn't going to be a top class winger, but he's a good enough winger to be a top class right back?

Willtell 9:04 Thu Jun 16
Re: France V Albania
It has been said by Ex that Bilic wants to play Antonio at RB next year. I think it makes it clear Ex is right because we seem to be targeting wingers.

The fact is that Antonio is an enthusiastic winger that scores but he isn't ever going to be a top class winger. He could be a top class England RB with some improvements added to his defensive abilities.

Trevor B 8:32 Thu Jun 16
Re: France V Albania
As per below, both feghouli and tore can play across the midfield. plus we need competition for places and it's always a good idea to have extra attacking options as its often attacking options that are changed during a game in terms of tactics.

Texas Iron 8:24 Thu Jun 16
Re: France V Albania

I was just referencing your post...not criticizing you...

Seems strange buying so many RW ...unless they are backup and/or can play LW and down the middle...

I want to see Antonio only at RW...RB only in emergencies......

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