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Northern Sold 4:32 Fri Jul 1
Just been pondering...

NWA v Public Enemy

In their prime...no mike off... no tools....no medallions... just baseball caps... who'd win??

I'll be fookin' honest ... it's far too close to call for me??

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Agent Scud 11:35 Sat Jul 2
Re: Fight
Kunta Kinte v Solomon Northup needs to be on the undercard.

stomper 3:57 Sat Jul 2
Re: Fight
Smaug against the Soup Dragon.

stomper 3:53 Sat Jul 2
Re: Fight
Lord Lucan vs. Shergar

gph 1:20 Sat Jul 2
Re: Fight

What about the Wombles vs the Clangers?

park chan wook 1:18 Sat Jul 2
Re: Fight
Louis Spence and the pineapple dance studio would fuck them all up........quite literally. Rappers are pussies.

Takashi Miike 12:30 Sat Jul 2
Re: Fight
DJ Lord? what the fuck, Terminator X you cunt

mentor 12:29 Sat Jul 2
Re: Fight
Sold knows Fuck all. He's a permie


monto 11:57 Fri Jul 1
Re: Fight
Sold - did Griff actually rap with PE?

Northern Sold 10:31 Fri Jul 1
Re: Fight
Right lets look at this constructively ...

DJ Yella (NWA) ... he's a DJ


DJ Lord (PE).... he's a DJ

Result DRAW

MC Ren (NWA) ... Was in the Cripps... he's a muslim... hates the Police


Professor Griff (PE).... Does not like Jews very much

Result WIN NWA

Dr Dre (NWA) .... Beats the shit out of women,.. Beats up Police... been in Prison... Makes overpriced headphones


Chuck D (PE).... Went to University... into Civil Rights

Result.... WIN NWA

Ice Cube (NWA)... Swears a lot... crap actor... bit stroppy... thinks the police are wankers


Khari Wynn (PE).... errr...errr....

Result WIN NWA

Eazy E (NWA).... Drug dealer... 10 kids by 7 different women... slept with over 1000 women.... fucks the police...bit aidsy...


Flavor Flav (PE).... Played piano at 5... set house on fire when he was a kid... owns `Flav's Fried Chicken' franchise... Jail... 7 kids... addicted to Coke.... been roasted on TV

Result PE win

Final Result

NWA 3 1/2


NWA win Friday Fight

Far Cough 9:18 Fri Jul 1
Re: Fight
Tone Loc would have beaten them all with his Funky Cold Medina

mallard 9:15 Fri Jul 1
Re: Fight
Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Public Enemy have more numbers?

Lovejoy 9:05 Fri Jul 1
Re: Fight
The London Boys.

monto 8:53 Fri Jul 1
Re: Fight
I'd take Public Enemy to ruin them. Although most of there menace was lost having the S1Ws mincing around behind them.

BRANDED 7:25 Fri Jul 1
Re: Fight
This guy would have SMASHED hem all


The Kronic 7:22 Fri Jul 1
Re: Fight
Yeah BDK was a hard fucker. Personally I'd like to bitch-slap KRS-1 for being so wank live.

tonka 7:20 Fri Jul 1
Re: Fight
I reckon big daddy kane could have them all

The Kronic 7:19 Fri Jul 1
Re: Fight
PE would destroy them! Flav might look like a malnourished frog ,but he's got a mean right hook.
NWA on the other hand are cissy Jheri curl cunts.

The Cult Of Bob 7:15 Fri Jul 1
Re: Fight
I doubt Eazy-E would put up much of a fight considering he died of the AIDS several years ago.

Too Much Too Young 7:12 Fri Jul 1
Re: Fight
Don't Fuck with the Wongs.

Northern Sold 5:55 Fri Jul 1
Re: Fight
In `their prime` sub so would have to be the boys from Compton surely??

Northern Sold 5:54 Fri Jul 1
Re: Fight
Wasn't there about 19 members of the Wu Tung Clan?? They would be better going toe to toe with Grandmaster Melle Mel's mob....

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