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Man of Iron 7:45 Mon Jul 4
Morning gents, I’ve been reading this site for ages now and I know a lot of you love ya dogs so I’m after some opinions please. (Apologies if this has been done to death.)
I’m looking to get a Medium to Large size dog ideally with a protective instinct. By that I don’t mean it has to be a trained guard dog, what I mean is I work a lot of nights and would like to know that if anyone breaks into my house the dog will try to see em off and maybe look after my old lady. So ideally not a Lab as I’ve read they are way too friendly to be protective.
Has anyone had any experience with owning a Rhodesian Ridgeback or been around someone that has?
Both the missus and I are used to being around dogs but neither of us has ever owned this breed.
Obviously I’ve read up online but was after any first hand experiences you can offer.

Up for suggestions regarding other breeds too but nothing that drools and preferably a breed that sheds less than the GSD.

Cheers in advance….

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riosleftsock 11:36 Tue Jul 5
Re: Hounds
Get the GSD mate and get on the training courses as soon as possible.

A decent GSD will cost you around 800 to 1200 quid by the way, mastiffs and other special breeds will cost you far more up front and even more in insurance and vet bills.

Schoffie 11:33 Tue Jul 5
Re: Hounds
Jack Russell's by a mile!! Yappy little bastards and once those jaws locked onto your bollocks, the cunts won't let them go!! Funny, great family pets, loyal and very protective.. Oh and cheap to feed.

mallard 5:08 Tue Jul 5
Re: Hounds
A GSD is your best bet - loyal and easier to train.

Worth thinking about the gender as well, Males are known for taking to one owner, where a bitch can share the loyalty

Man of Iron 4:58 Tue Jul 5
Re: Hounds
Northern Sold, I know all about the work that needs to go into having a dog and I'm well aware they can get "bitey" if bored/frustrated or not excercised enough. Luckily I have the time to put into giving a dog a happy life.
What I meant with my old lady is that she has weird preconceptions about dogs. She would happily have a GSD but thinks Dobermans are dangerous, loves Bullmastiffs but thinks Rotties are dangerous. Strange mentality if you ask me.

Cheers Jonesy, I do love a Bullmastiff so it's another one to consider.

JONESY 10:51 Tue Jul 5
Re: Hounds
Man of Iron...

I've had 2 bullmastiffs and still own an English mastiff. neither of the bullmastiffs were droolers but the English mastiff is, not all the time but pretty full on after a drink!

both absolutely lovely breeds!

IlfordArmy 10:43 Tue Jul 5
Re: Hounds
them gold fish are vicious cunts ...............................

Northern Sold 10:41 Tue Jul 5
Re: Hounds
`She has some idiotic idea in her head that they are dangerous`.

Every dog has the facility to be dangerous... you seen their mouth?? Most recorded bites by breed in the US?? Labradors.... why?? People think you don't have to work them so leave them stewed at home... they get frustrated... they take their frustration out on your home OR you... If you cannot work/walk a dog don't bother getting one... you'll will be better off with a new burglar alarm and a goldfish

WorldCupWilly 2:01 Tue Jul 5
Re: Hounds
Chocolate Lab - you won't have any problems with burglars if they come on water skis!


riosleftsock 11:08 Mon Jul 4
Re: Hounds
MOI - The dachsund is pound for pound probably the bravest dog in dogdom and a great burglar alarm.

Any other big dog in combo with it will act as a protector to it, especially if the first dog you get is a big female and the dachsund is a pup.

Man of Iron 11:04 Mon Jul 4
Re: Hounds
Ha ha. The family might be safe but the house would fucking stink.

riosleftsock 11:00 Mon Jul 4
Re: Hounds
Man Of Iron

I'd actually suggest 2 or three dogs (2 are always better).

Get a lurcher first (a big one - wolfhound origin) and then a year later get any other massive dog - english mastiff, rottweiler or doberman.

Then get a dachsund, the smallest hunting dog in the world.

Trust me, nobody will ever fuck about with your house and your family will never have to worry about getting attacked.

Fuck the cost of the food though.

Man of Iron 10:45 Mon Jul 4
Re: Hounds
I like the idea of a Dobie but the old lady ain't sold on it unfortunately. She has some idiotic idea in her head that they are dangerous. Probably from the press vilifying them back in the early 90s

mallard 10:32 Mon Jul 4
Re: Hounds
Looking at your original post, I would say a Doberman suits your requirements

Man of Iron 10:24 Mon Jul 4
Re: Hounds
I certainly don’t mind the work and the long walks are half the fun for me..
Any dog I get will be in obedience classes as soon as they are old enough too as I want a well adjusted hound.

I wasn’t thinking of a Lab for the reasons I mentioned previously but the Mrs has always wanted a chocolate Lab and if you think they can be protective I will have to reconsider.
Although if she gets raped and murdered whilst the dog watches you will have blood on ya hands. :o)

Northern Sold 10:05 Mon Jul 4
Re: Hounds
Any dog breed is interbred enough you'll end up with problems... like I said if you take on a GSD you have to be prepared to work it on a walk... you do that you'll have a fine animal... we had one 30 years ago and she was a fantastic hound

Man of Iron 10:02 Mon Jul 4
Re: Hounds
Cheers for the responses Chaps.
I will defo consider a GSD as it won't be me doing the housework so I guess the shedding won't matter. Although isn't there a history of medical issues with GSD's due to indiscriminate breeding?

JONESY 2:51 Mon Jul 4
I love a Bullmastiff. One of my favourite dogs although the only 2 I've known have been big droolers. Is that not standard for the breed??

Crassus 7:15 Mon Jul 4
Re: Hounds
A thing on your dogs worth noting, how they react when you are there and not there will change.

My two, Eurasiers M and FM, are used to visitors and love everyone coming in - dustman piss them off but generally you would think useless

The other day my lad was on his Jack and in his room just after a shower when the pair wnt absolutely berserk at the front door, proper full on snarling baskerville, no knock, fuck all but they were not having it

Lad looked out of his window and there was a lone schwarzer retreating up the drive sharp order, he never made the door

Now fuck knows what he wanted but as said, he was not about to linger

Crassus 6:59 Mon Jul 4
Re: Hounds
Japanese Akita or a Mastiff variant - you would be certifiable to argue with either

Both apparently stunning family dogs too, albeit I would not fancy having one go 'wrong' on me

On Labs, dont be deceived by their wonderful nature, next time you see one take a look at its energy, leap then a look at its jaw - that is a proper dog and with its dander up would be a handful

Jim79 3:55 Mon Jul 4
Re: Hounds
Cane Corso, great looking dog to.

WorldCupWilly 3:51 Mon Jul 4
Re: Hounds
You wouldn't mess with my black lab!


Coffee 3:47 Mon Jul 4
Re: Hounds
Noise attracts attention.

Until last week, we had a Doberman and a street dog. Whenever the vet came, he was terrified of the Doberman, because she was loud and appeared ferocious. In truth, she would have welcomed any burglar in for tea and biscuits. The street dog, although smaller, is far more ferocious than the Doberman.

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