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whu&eng1 5:59 Tue Jul 12
Clockwork Orange Ibiza
anyone on here going next week ?

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CasualKen 2:35 Tue Sep 12
Re: Clockwork Orange Ibiza
Who's going Saturday then? Got my placard made up ready...one side 'CHOON' and the other 'DILDO BROTHERS OUT'
Should be a good night, new venue and all that. As you were...

whu&eng1 11:42 Tue Aug 8
Re: Clockwork Orange Ibiza
beds available to reserve from 13th August. Messaged Danny last night..

whu29 5:43 Mon Aug 7
Re: Clockwork Orange Ibiza
Good to hear it's not at ocean next year. I think they will change somthing to deal with the randoms etc but to be honest it's not a massive problem when your off your tits anyway. It's just the success that's made it that way

whu&eng1 4:10 Mon Aug 7
Re: Clockwork Orange Ibiza
I remember my mate saying he'd been talking to Owen by the pool one day. We're staying there again, think we can get up a 30% discount as a returning customer. The colour scheme of the hotel is also very ORANGE too.

There were 3 of us, one of whom was a geordie, a mate of my mate. I cannot wait to do it all again next year, but with more people. I get asked about it a lot, people see me liking videos etc from the Sunday.

CasualKen 2:39 Mon Aug 7
Re: Clockwork Orange Ibiza
I went to the Thai restaurant in Sun Ibiza apartments. It was lovely. it was a recommendation from a mate of that Owen Clarke dj who my mate Angie is mates with. You wasn't one of his lot was you? I remember talking West Ham with him

whu&eng1 12:54 Mon Aug 7
Re: Clockwork Orange Ibiza
nice one Jjim79... I think I'd give Tanit a miss on Friday though.. i'm quite laid back, but half an hour to get a drink and it was so hot in there !

I'd recommend Ibiza Sun Apartments, very chilled place and the breakfast ( onto about 11ish ) was decent. About 3 mins walk from the strip. I'd like it if they moved away from Sankeys though.. the terrace etc is good, but i've heard about Es Vive being used next year ?

Looking forward to seeing what they've got planned for next summer. There's an open air nightclub that holds a few thousand in Formentera haha.

We had a bed right towards the back, 2nd row from the back. Music was still loud enough, but people wandering in and out. I saw a few kids there too, which in some ways is good, but not later on when there's a bit of "debauchery" going on. There's no real security there is there.. both a good and a bad thing I guess?!

Herby 12:32 Mon Aug 7
Re: Clockwork Orange Ibiza
That's good news Jim79! Roll on next year

Jim79 12:21 Mon Aug 7
Re: Clockwork Orange Ibiza
I was there all weekend and as per every other year had an absolute barnstormer!!! Never get bored of having that much fun.

Spoken to Danny and Andy who have categorically said it will not be at Ocean Beach next year, which is good to hear as Nassau is a brilliant location for the Sunday. Why would you mess with a formula that works that well. I spent most of the day either inside or just on the edg of the decking, yeah it was busy but I didn't think it was overly so. Still got drinks pretty easily over on the right hand side if you were looking at the ocean.

Already booked Torre Del Mar for next year, I love having it to look forward to.

Herby 12:15 Mon Aug 7
Re: Clockwork Orange Ibiza
its quickly turned into a beast that needs a bit more controlling. The problem with putting controls on it is you start to lose what it's all about. To go from putting on the anniversary event a few years ago to having near on 5000 (apparently) dancing on a beach is nuts.

Hopefully they can find a way of keeping it at tanit. The big attraction for me is dancing on the sand by the sea rather than on artificial grass in the middle of a concrete jungle beside a man made pool of water

whu&eng1 11:21 Mon Aug 7
Re: Clockwork Orange Ibiza
Been to Ocean Beach a few times. I think it would be both a good and bad thing. You'd stop the randoms etc, but it would be ££££ as decent beds are normally min spend of 900 eur.. but I guess split that between a few of you.

It's a good set up, and the only reason i'm not a huge fan of it is that it's usually full of some of the younger lot, just posing all day.. but I could imagine clockwork orange absolutely tearing it up !

I do think it's outgrown Nassau personally.. good suggestion that if it does stay there, some kind of wristband ? I think Danny Gould is the kind of promoter open to suggestions though.

CasualKen 3:56 Mon Aug 7
Re: Clockwork Orange Ibiza
Anyone doing We Are Balearic end of Aug? Looks a good line up

whu29 7:15 Sat Aug 5
Re: Clockwork Orange Ibiza
Prefer circo to paradise but wanted to do pikes Monday as was over that way after mambos.

Herby 6:26 Sat Aug 5
Re: Clockwork Orange Ibiza
DC 10 is a great club. Always do circo on a Monday though not done paradise yet. Out there again in 6 weeks

whu29 6:17 Sat Aug 5
Re: Clockwork Orange Ibiza
Went pikes after mambos Monday was fairly decent. Was thinking of going Wednesday but went dc10 instead

fraser 1:04 Sat Aug 5
Re: Clockwork Orange Ibiza

CasualKen 1:02 Sat Aug 5
Re: Clockwork Orange Ibiza
Friday was Sankeys, Sunday beach party at Nassau beach club and Monday at Mambos. Space is now Hi

fraser 12:58 Sat Aug 5
Re: Clockwork Orange Ibiza
Which. Club was it in.

Space is my favourite club there love it, first went 27 years ago.

CasualKen 12:52 Sat Aug 5
Re: Clockwork Orange Ibiza
Thought it was excellent, Nassau was a joke, great music but a nightmare getting a drink. Walked up to Sankeys just as the power cut happened. Got in there at 1am. Thought it was good, and well air conditioned. Sunday was a blinder although few saying there were randoms walking in after seeing the free party, maybe have some kind of wristband to show your Clockwork to gain entry? That way keeps it on beach. Monday at Mambos was a bit disappointing as old bill got them to turn it down, we went Savannah just up road for after party with Jason Bye doing a blinding set. He was the best I saw out there at Clockwork. cracking Dj. Did anyone stay long enough for Pikes on Wed? What a night, got there about 10pm and you had Nancy Noise playing Balearic by the pool then inside Paul Oakenfold, Nicky Holloway and Alfredo all did sets...all for nish. Gotta be a highlight, hearing Oakenfold play Izit - Stories in that place will stay with for a while. Top holiday all round

Athletico Easthamico 11:42 Fri Aug 4
Re: Clockwork Orange Ibiza

Herby 11:19 Fri Aug 4
Re: Clockwork Orange Ibiza
Ocean beach would be a bad move in my opinion. If they want to move from tanit to get more people involved then destino would be my choice

Hope it's just a rumour and it stays on the beach though

whu29 9:54 Fri Aug 4
Re: Clockwork Orange Ibiza
Didn't bother with Friday night this year although Ive heard it was ok apart from the power cut.

Sunday was the best one to date so many people but I like it that way. We had a bed near the front so had no need to go inside even if we could have which would have been a struggle. My mate and his mrs didn't make it out from inside all day and night

Can easily believe there were 5000 there. Someone told me Danny's goona try and do it at ocean beach on the Sunday next year

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