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The Stoat 12:58 Sun Jul 31
£16m fee agreed with WBA

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One Raducioiu! 7:57 Sat Oct 29
Re: Sakho
Well I'm optimistic and I still think he'll make a brilliant come back.

Eddie B 6:14 Sat Oct 29
Re: Sakho
Huffers, are you on crack?

RM10 10:26 Fri Oct 28
Re: Sakho
he is getting fit for a mr pulis

Full Claret Jacket 10:23 Fri Oct 28
Re: Sakho
I said months ago I would be surprised if he ever plays for us again and it would be all about getting rid of him in the next window - probably for peanuts.

Still our best forward when fit IMO but Bilic just freezes out players he doesn't like or doesn't fancy.

Given none of the signings in that position are pulling up trees and Carroll is fit for 10 games a season, is it worth giving him another chance IF he has shown he wants to play for us and his attitude is professional? Do we think we could sign a better replacement in the January window?

Crassus 10:12 Fri Oct 28
Re: Sakho
RM, are you the lad who has insisted for months that he is fucked all ends up?

Sorry if not but whomever that was has been proven absolutely correct hitherto and I for one dont expect the bloke playing anytime soon, for anyone

RM10 10:03 Fri Oct 28
Re: Sakho
i reckon he wont huffers.

terry-h 7:58 Fri Oct 28
Re: Sakho
tnb 6:47

I believe the player who failed a medical due to a failed eye test was George Boyd. His move from Peterborough to Forest fell through. Since his move to Burnley, he has hardly missed a match.

Huffers 7:58 Fri Oct 28
Re: Sakho
I reckon he will be back for the Tottenham game

terry-h 7:48 Fri Oct 28
Re: Sakho
I agree. Looks like Bilic doesn't want him back and Sullivan wants to raise money when the window opens.
It's a shame really because the 'old Sakho' is just what we are missing now.

Buster 7:29 Fri Oct 28
Re: Sakho
From the latest fitness update.

'Diafra Sakho has been training all week with the Under-23s in controlled but hard sessions. Diaf is in the final stages of his own pre-season training schedule and he will join the first-team squad next week.
He will train for several weeks with the first team before he will be re-introduced gradually into games.'

Several weeks, despite having a 'preseason'? Just admit they're getting him fit for January before fucking him off.

kylay 7:02 Fri Oct 7
Re: Sakho
you said that last week alf

tnb 6:47 Fri Oct 7
Re: Sakho
Spot on, Trevor B. Phil Neville actually did an interesting (I know, surprised me too) segment on this - on Football Focus - recently where he went back to Everton and took a medical. The report produced was extremely detailed and took in every aspect of his health, fitness, and crucially his potential future fitness. It then gave an overall rating of low/ medium/ high risk for signing the player (Neville came out at high risk, which is fair enough really as he must be about 40 now). The club then decides whether to proceed or not based on risk/reward, the size of the investment, what kind of signing they are looking for (is it an urgent addition, or can they afford to wait) etc. The old pass/fail system risked signing a player because they could ace a medical as they were fit at the time, but failing to predict they would be a potential liability in the future. I believe it was one of the Milan clubs who pioneered the new system after investing a large sum in a South American player - may have been Recoba - who barely played for ages and when they went back to look at the raw data they realised they should have spotted that during the deal.

Otherwise you could never sign a player while they are injured, Carroll being an obvious example. Now whether you SHOULD do such a thing is another question entirely, but it's clearly possible.

Failed is just lazy journo speak.

There was a player (Kris Boyd? Perhaps) a couple of years ago who 'failed' a medical due to an eyesight issue which was discovered, only to be snapped up by another club within a few days or so. Clearly, the second club didn't set so a high bar on such things - or they took a view that the risk was worth taking, which is of course easier to do when you are already aware of the potential issue before negotiations begin.

I suspect what happened with Sakho and West Brom was more akin to the kind of concerns raised on here about him - he wasn't so unfit that he would never be able to get fit again, but it raised questions from a future discipline point of view as to how he had allowed himself to get so unfit so quickly.

Sir Alf 6:21 Fri Oct 7
Re: Sakho
Good news, I have it on authority that the harness on Sakho's straight jacket is set to be loosened on Monday. Hurrah! Must have been tough for him getting up for headers in training these last few weeks. Not sure when his lithium dosage will be reduced though.

"Mad Sak" will be like having a new player etc...

kylay 5:13 Fri Oct 7
Re: Sakho
Trevor B 11:31 Fri Oct 7

I remember reports being that benni was a dildo twin special at the time. don't think zola had much of a hand in it.

Johnson 11:35 Fri Oct 7
Re: Sakho
Common consent?

Who exactly?

Trevor B 11:31 Fri Oct 7
Re: Sakho

a player can't technically pass or fail a medical, thats not how it works. the medical is taken and the club given the results, they then decide whether to sign the player or not. so zola etc would've known how overweight and unfit benni was and yet still proceeded.

, 11:17 Fri Oct 7
Re: Sakho
squeaky melt, have I upset diddums?

Try, I know this is against your invertebrate grain, to move this thread along and discuss the Sakho issue. For example why, by common consent, he let his fitness levels go.

Sad do.

franksfat&slow&wank 11:04 Fri Oct 7
Re: Sakho
well fitness wasn't when that fat cunt McCarthy signed

Trevor B 10:45 Fri Oct 7
Re: Sakho
TBF I think they often do, especially when a club knows the player hasn't been training. Each club will do things differently and medicals can be varied depending on the player and his injury/health/fitness history.


Johnson 10:30 Fri Oct 7
Re: Sakho
Medicals don't factor in match fitness comma you fucking idiot.

Trevor B 10:28 Fri Oct 7
Re: Sakho

he got about 3 rises in his first season i think!

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