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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

boy40 2:14 Mon Aug 1
2 Daves can get even richer

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BillyBondsBirthday 9:08 Wed Aug 3
Re: 2 Daves can get even richer
As a postscript to this, some annoying twat from the Taxpayers Alliance wrote to City AM to register his annoyance at the waste of public money, then tweeted his pleasure that the letter was published.

Cue some interesting responses, my favourite from Angry Terry @terrybubbles "Thank you very much 4 our lovely stadium, NOW fuck off and mind your own business"

Lee B 12:23 Tue Aug 2
Re: 2 Daves can get even richer
Sullivan has an attachment but Gold wanted us relegated over the Tevez affair. If they want to sell it would be a touch so we can go back to the days of having a board of relative anonymity. We should hear from the manager, the players, the coaches maybe...having Brady write in the Sun, and Sullivan's kid wanting to be every body's friend on Twitter is crass.
The club is run well financially, and naturally the owners have an agenda which is fair enough as it's their dosh, but what a bunch of cunts they are.

boltkunt 12:19 Tue Aug 2
Re: 2 Daves can get even richer
Other than the fact that will never happen, we all knew the dildo brothers were in this for the money.

Willtell 12:18 Tue Aug 2
Re: 2 Daves can get even richer
Exactly my point bolty. They don't want to sell but really, if someone says I'll buy WH for £1,000,000,000 what does anyone really expect them to say?


boltkunt 12:02 Tue Aug 2
Re: 2 Daves can get even richer
Because it goes against everything they've said to us, Willtell.

Willtell 12:01 Tue Aug 2
Re: 2 Daves can get even richer
They have both put up the money and turned the club around. Why would anyone be bothered by all this? If they sell up so what? However, I think their kids want to take over eventually so I hope they can last out, as I can't see that ending as well under Jacqueline Gold, David Jnr and Jack Sullivan as the two Davids...

Mike Oxsaw 11:46 Tue Aug 2
Re: 2 Daves can get even richer
goose 6:42 Mon Aug 1

Equally, I assume you have "no plans" to bugger a little boy.

Private Dancer 6:26 Tue Aug 2
Re: 2 Daves can get even richer

Banjo 8:57 Mon Aug 1
Re: 2 Daves can get even richer

''I bet he can rest easy now that he has your approval. Does David Gold have your approval also or does he need to earn it?''

Who? Gold is a non-entity, he just waters the plants, and probably talks to them too. Thanks for asking though.

J.Riddle 5:42 Tue Aug 2
Re: 2 Daves can get even richer
They have created a monster.

J.Riddle 5:41 Tue Aug 2
Re: 2 Daves can get even richer
As JR said everyone has a price. The Daveshave said as much. Don't tell me they would turn down £100m for Payet. Likewise with the club if someone offered them 1bn, the club is not worth that yet, but it will be in a few years and they will sell at the peak. Classic buy low sell high.

To be honest no one could blame them they would have taken us as far as they can go. Even they don't have the vast funds to compete top four and in the Champions league season after season and that is where a club with 60k-66k regulars will need to be to keep them coming. It will do the club a favour if they sell it on in a few years, there will be plenty of buyers.

Texas Iron 4:52 Tue Aug 2
Re: 2 Daves can get even richer
Not for sale ...they say...

But I bet they wouldn't turn down a few big money investors....for some of their shares...

One way to cash in without " Selling the Club"...


Full Claret Jacket 1:37 Tue Aug 2
Re: 2 Daves can get even richer
I can't see the point in them selling it off. At their age the money isn't going to make much difference to their lives. Gold in particular has to look after his health. Sullivan loves playing football manager and doing deals. I actually think they both do have an emotional attachment to the club and they have sunk a lot of money in to get this far.

Brady is a pretty ruthless business woman and could get a job anywhere - in fact I could see her moving on now the stadium is almost up and running. I don't think she has the emotional attachment to anything. She just sees profit and loss.

goose 6:42 Mon Aug 1
Re: 2 Daves can get even richer
"no plans"

unless someone offers a fuck load of £££££

The Stoat 6:36 Mon Aug 1
Re: 2 Daves can get even richer
West Ham United statement

The points raised in this morning's City AM article are irrelevant as the Club is categorically not for sale and the Joint-Chairmen have made clear they have no plans to sell the Club.

The Concession Agreement, where they affirm that commitment, is in the public domain and speaks for itself.

Read more at http://www.whufc.com/News/Articles/2016/August/1-August/West-Ham-United-statement#XODW1kHi1s6oy5A1.99

Geoff 4:17 Mon Aug 1
Re: 2 Daves can get even richer
Football today is no longer a millionaire's plaything. It has become a BILLIONAIRE's hobby. And owners can come in different shapes and sizes.

At one end we have the Sheikhs at Man City and Abramovich at Chelsea. Both have not only invested in their first teams but also built state of the art training complexes and spent shedloads on their academies. The Russian bloke who owns Bournemouth also has a reputation as a good owner who is trying to build a club.

At the other end of the scale we have the likes of Massimo Cellini, the Oyston bloke at Blackpool and Vincent Tan.

It's my belief that our owners will eventually sell as, compared with the so called "elite" they are relative paupers. And if they make a great deal of money when they do sell my attitude will be good luck.

I personally detest Sullivan and the way he conducts himself and I would cheerfully strangle his twittering sprog and his transfer titbits. But there is no denying the club is in a far healthier position know than when they bought it a few years back.

They, and Brady who, imo, is the real brain have made the club a far more viabkle, and therefore sellable, asset. So why anyone should begrudge them a profit beats me trbh.

franksfat&slow&wank 4:14 Mon Aug 1
Re: 2 Daves can get even richer
I wonder of brady will do something else once she's done all she can with the OS
mind you she's always been in football and this is only the start of hopefully a bright future?

jimbo2. 4:09 Mon Aug 1
Re: 2 Daves can get even richer
It's mostly just old regurgitated shit that we already know! I expected a small flurry of biased items now about how lucky we are & how the poor old tax payer is suffering etc. There is never a balanced or accurate view by the press. After all, the Tevez goal at OT kept us up (not) & we hardly ever filled UP according to our old mate Bazza, who was totally committed to Orient (where is he now?). The press never let the truth get in the way of a good story do they? Will we now see a brief bleat from the Charlton lot, or expect a new court summons from poor old SU? It's hilarious!

joyo 3:59 Mon Aug 1
Re: 2 Daves can get even richer
Best owners ever and not foreign investors, good luck to them as we could have been the next Portsmouth /leeds without them.

BRANDED 1:42 Mon Aug 1
Re: 2 Daves can get even richer
Fact is. Why would you sell? Where the fuck are going to put all that money?
The reason many business people sell is they have reached the end of their ability to run a business or they want to cash in.
They don't need to cash in. The business looks sound and they haven't come to the end of their wish to run it.

Of course if the number was big enough it might bizarrely tempt them even though all the above still holds.

TCHammer444 12:29 Mon Aug 1
Re: 2 Daves can get even richer
Clearly written by a bitter and jealous Yid!

jack flash 10:51 Mon Aug 1
Re: 2 Daves can get even richer
Terry Brown was drawing one of the highest directors salaries in the league when the club was in a dire state financially

In order to pay for his exhorbitant salary he sold off all our best young players

How anyone can support him and claim to support West Ham is totally beyond me

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