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Q: 2018/19 Wolves (H)
a. At last we have a win now let's make it two, Win
b. A win against 10 men and two leagues below us is fine, but this will be much harder I'll take a point, Draw
c. Who are we kidding, a win against Wimbledon and all is rosy, forget it we're getting our arses kicked in this one, Lose
d. It's at times like these when you really do miss Love Island
e. I was all over this game until I found out it's not on the box, the broadcasting companies really don't care about us hard core fans do they, I might pop off to Thorpe Park for the day instead, obviously in my WHU shirt

Troy McClure 3:03 Thu Aug 4
Our record attendance
Is about to get smashed out the park tonight.

Current (official) record: v Tottenham 1970 - 42,322

Any of you old(er) timers there?

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Northern Sold 11:48 Wed Jan 4
Re: Our record attendance
There was certain games I'd get the old `Not this week son' from the old Man... this was deffo one of them...

Pop Robson 1:36 Wed Jan 4
Re: Our record attendance
Liverpool last game of 77/78 ended up with us relegated, that was another rammed to the rafters job

Mates little cousin passed on at the back of the North Bank feet weren't on the floor

Has DG bigged up the new record or kept quite this time !

Lily Hammer 1:25 Wed Jan 4
Re: Our record attendance
The last few posts have really put a smile back on my face after the last match, and they've also made me miss the old ground (world) a bit more than I already did.

Great story crassus. That would make a blinding pub name....."The Dog & Slippers."

Bullet 1:14 Wed Jan 4
Re: Our record attendance
Crassus that is a classic, I hope the mutt enjoyed it as much as I did.

Briano 10:36 Tue Jan 3
Thanks for that, I have seen it a few times but always worth another look. There is another on YouTube somewhere of the goals Taylor and Goulds winner which also brings it all back. It can never do what went on that day justice of course. The anticipation was massive. I remember as a school kid climbing the steps up to the NB terrace and hearing UNITED! ring out wondering which United would be in there when we got to the top, such was their reputation back in the day.

Unlike some on here I was too young to know about the goings on in there in 67, which was just as well because my big brother and I would have ended up in the SB. Seemed like the whole of the East End turned up for retribution. I always have this abiding memory of what looked like a huge docker who must have been about 6ft 6" being carried out of the SB across the pitch and down the tunnel in a bright green jumper by at least 6 coppers one on the end of each limb, they had to put him down several times due to his brute strength and still managed to knock a couple of their helmets off roared on by the crowd. That day along with the Eintracht game are the days I most remember by a country mile when I think about The Boleyn.

Crassus 11:11 Tue Jan 3
Re: Our record attendance
Sold, I know mate, mad idea but you can picture the scene, desperate to get a glimpse of the ground and see what shops were left intact - the anticipation was such that they had been boarding them up

Anyway got up there and one thing lead to another, so in the Run side of the SB where unbeknown to me things had been rather lively earlier- I ended up with the chaps who had seen the fuckers off, so no popcorn in evidence that day

I still remember the 'ere, have a look at this little cunt with his dog and his slippers' then much back slapping

Hound was a tad confused by it all mind

Northern Sold 11:04 Tue Jan 3
Re: Our record attendance
Ha Ha Ha.... in the ground wearing slippers with your terrier under you arm... I fucking love that Crassus !!!

Crassus 10:48 Tue Jan 3
Re: Our record attendance
That Utd game Bullet refers to, I was their on the south bank in slippers with my bloody terrier

Total ban on going as a kid, Dad was working so Mum had us under wraps, hard to imagine the anticipation and dread from the older ones about that game as it approached

Anyway, with about half an hour to go I said to Mum that I would just pop out with the dog, deliberately left the slippers on for cover, promptly shot off to the ground to see what was afoot, as per, the gates opened with about 15 minutes left so in I went with mut under the arm

Obviously the earlier carnage had been dealt to and there was sufficient space to get a spot - took some funny comments though from our lads

Can't imagine that happening in Stratford

Briano 10:36 Tue Jan 3
Re: Our record attendance
You'll remember this:


Troy McClure 10:30 Tue Jan 3
Re: Our record attendance
Beaten again last night unsurprisingly.


yngwies Cat 2:30 Tue Oct 25
Re: Our record attendance
Oh whoopie.

yngwies Cat 2:30 Tue Oct 25
Re: Our record attendance
Oh whoopie.

Bullet 1:54 Tue Oct 25
Re: Our record attendance
West Ham 2-1 Man United 1975 38,528

The year the Red Army were promoted to Division 1 and came down in force (rumour was they took every home end the year before when relegated to Division 2).

Arrived late at the NB at 12pm and it was already rammed, they closed the turnstiles as we went in. South Bank gates were kicked down and the Red Army ended up on the pitch, game delayed.

Felt closer to 45,000+. Eintracht was another. Many went two for one ducking under the turnstiles back then.

neilalex 11:13 Mon Oct 24
Re: Our record attendance
Fucking hell, can you just remember that feeling of how packed it was once we got over about 30k? Dangerous as hell but I'm so glad to have experienced it.

Johnson 11:11 Mon Oct 24
Re: Our record attendance
You're correct Sold0, ignore those clowns.

Gavros 11:09 Mon Oct 24
Re: Our record attendance
Shut up Sold0

Northern Sold 9:31 Mon Oct 24
Re: Our record attendance
I don't know Mr Millwall... but with all the white seats on show I keep seeing on my crystal clear stream I'm guessing it's NOT people through the turnstyles...

Eerie Descent 9:29 Mon Oct 24
Re: Our record attendance
How would you fucking know, cock rot?

Northern Sold 9:28 Mon Oct 24
Re: Our record attendance
Really?? Blimey.... so that's not people through the turnstyles obviously then??

Troy McClure 9:10 Mon Oct 24
Re: Our record attendance
Record attendance broken for the 4th time this season

Sunderland 56,985

Irons βš’

panamahat 4:26 Thu Aug 4
Re: Our record attendance
The Leeds game in the mid seventies which was a lockout must have been close , i think 42k as well .
That was one of the 2 games I got in when the South Bank doors were kicked in , the other being our 4-0 demolition of Chelski .

Grumpster 3:54 Thu Aug 4
Re: Our record attendance
Gutted I am too young to have stood on the West bank terrace, looked fucking awesome when packed that did.

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