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Q: 2019/20 With seven games to go will West Ham stay up
a. Our demise was sealed when the idiots on the Board appointed Moyes, we're down
b. Despite the efforts of Moyes and the players, we will stay up by the smallest of margins
c. I'm beyond caring & couldn't give two hoots either way

oioi 12:36 Mon Aug 8
Club London
Thinking of picking up a pair of tickets for Bournemouth but not convinced it would be worth the extra money.

Intrigued though. Anyone got an opinion?

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Huffers 8:12 Mon Aug 8
Re: Club London
Sold, I told her that I'm more important than her because my ticket was double the price. I don't care if she's pregnant or not!

Huffers 8:03 Mon Aug 8
Re: Club London
Wristbands are to get you in the bars. Different colours for different areas.

Northern Sold 7:57 Mon Aug 8
Re: Club London
Ha Ha Ha... that cracked me up H-Bomb... what did the woman say when you told her to hop it out of your £100,000 seat ???

oioi 7:55 Mon Aug 8
Re: Club London
You have to wear a wristband!!!

Definitely not happening

Huffers 7:44 Mon Aug 8
Re: Club London
Whats funny? To clarify, I'm happy with what we have got, which is what I consider to be the best seats in the stadium. I go to football to watch the football, not to have a drink etc, not to sit with mates just to watch West Ham United and I may as well add, to get Lampard's shirt.

BulphanIron 7:41 Mon Aug 8
Re: Club London

Huffers 7:38 Mon Aug 8
Re: Club London
Just email the feedback email address saying that it needs a barrier ala Wembley to prevent other people getting in and the areas are wristbands only. Had a woman sitting in my seat the other day who's ticket waf for behind the goal!

I don't agree that they need to tell us when the 2nd half is starting though...should be able to work it out roughly!

pass the dutchy 4:17 Mon Aug 8
Re: Club London
They did that on Thursday too, it allows the door staff to check for the purple bands.

Im sure for Bournemouth game they will have to open both doors. Although maybe its a way of stopping your free beer access?

One other thing, they need to tell people when the second half is starting, to avoid it looking shit with empty corporate seats for five minutes.

LeroysBoots 4:01 Mon Aug 8
Re: Club London
What did you guys think of the access to the bars at half time ?

Double doors but just 1 open ?

LeroysBoots 4:00 Mon Aug 8
Re: Club London
pass the dutchy 3:44 Mon Aug 8

Spot on

Our seats were front row near the West Ham dug out, couldn't get to it initially because a load of Juve fans were standing there waiting to see their "idols".

I did give them a few choice words though

For £90 I thought the "extras" were a blatant rip off, a free programme !?!................

pass the dutchy 3:56 Mon Aug 8
Re: Club London
Balders see now theres the issue at the moment. I think the club havent got this right as yet.

Having 15 minutes to drink free beer is not a lot. You get a free program, but I never read them. They should offer you three free beers per game at any time, and use the season ticket card (when it comes) to swipe against. Bit like vending machines at work do.

The view is excellent, and you do get the occasional player hanging around.

The club could have an issue with return custom if they dont improve things, because three years from now you may find the novelty wearing off.

balders 3:49 Mon Aug 8
Re: Club London
So what are we getting really for the extra grand a year ?

pass the dutchy 3:44 Mon Aug 8
Re: Club London
They need to sort out fans getting near to the players in the dugouts too. Danny Alves was mobbed and had to move away.

Imagine if its that easy when John Terry is sitting there.

Im happy with Club London and they will im sure improve it with customer feedback. I personally think the ceiling looks unfinished in there too.

The other issue are the zero hours contract staff who are clueless and constantly say don't know need to speak to a supervisor.

Also looking forward to see what events we get offered which are other sports or concerts.

Huffers 3:06 Mon Aug 8
Re: Club London
Spoke to a Club London representative yesterday.

More televisions are coming.

Food will change every couple of weeks.

No free drinks because it was a friendly and the membership fee didn't necessarily get paid by users. That is a piss take.

I am happy with my view, one row behind the home dugout. I doubt I would pay £90 for a friendly again. More likely get a ticket elsewhere. There is currently no segregation either so standard admission can gain access to the block...shown by Juventus fans going on the pitch at full time.

oioi 3:05 Mon Aug 8
Re: Club London
pass the dutchy 2:19 Mon Aug 8
Deanooooo 2:36 Mon Aug 8

Thanks chaps, that's pretty much what I'd geussed it would be like. It's a lot to pay for a free beer and no atmosphere.

Not going to bother.


Deanooooo 2:36 Mon Aug 8
Re: Club London
In the Boleyn too for both games so far, no queue for beer before, halftime or after. There are little beer only kiosk things in each corner.

For some reason they didn't give the 'free' drinks yesterday, so not sure why they charged £90 for it. Few blokes going mad about it.

It is good set up but there is zero atmosphere in the bar or stands.

pass the dutchy 2:19 Mon Aug 8
Re: Club London
So me and two mates are in the Boleyn bar club London.

Sit in block 107 which is right next to the away dugout. Its a great view and the people around seem alright and not too poncy. Just fans who wanted to treat themselves really.

The food in the bar is your usual shit, burgers and wedges, very bland and tasteless. For £9.50.

The bars cant really handle the customers before and after the game, you do get entry two hours before and two hours after.

You always get a seat but there is only one screen to watch other football from what I have seen so far.

You get free beer, cokes, water at half time, i didnt see a queue on Thursday, we just walked straight up and got them.

We got access to players yesterday, Lanzini and Obiang were in our bar for about an hour, and after the game we bumped into Adrian and Oxford.

Kris Akabusi is in this area too, so its a kind of medium upgrade rather than the boxes.

Cost for Juve was £90, cost for the season was £2016.

You could always book the Tour of the ground to see it first.

jimbo2. 12:55 Mon Aug 8
Re: Club London
Two of my friends have ST's there & they haven't been overly impressed with queues for your free HT drink etc. You do at least get decent seats though, 3 cup games & a program. I'm a cat1 ST holder in row 71, it's a good view, with binoculars. A ST in the Mital Orbit would have been cheaper & almost as near!

On The Ball 12:39 Mon Aug 8
Re: Club London
I have loads of opinions, all correct as well.

penners28 12:38 Mon Aug 8
Re: Club London
huffers is your man here i think

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