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arsegrapes 1:20 Tue Aug 16
Sullivan & Gold - Where's the ambition?
I am surprised they haven't invested more this window. £32.5m net spend for our inaugural season at the London Stadium. Where is the ambition? The fans have backed them and sold out the stadium for two years in advance, seems like they are resting on their laurels. 75m TV money last year + Boleyn stadium sale and auctions, then two years advance tickets sales for sell out 60k stadium, next year TV money goes up to 100m? I look forward to seeing the accounts ending 2017 and 2018 showing a massive jump in profits, which will increase the club value for a potential buyer and or investment going forward which must be the plan.

Sullivan has said that is it, we will not be spending anymore. Don't tell me we couldn't find cover for RB as we soon bought quality cover for LB when Cresswell got injured. We sold Tomkins and should have bought another quality CB with the money to partner Oggy. Collins is great but getting a little older and slower. Reid is also very good but gets caught out all too often, lacks a cool head.

We were crying out for a tough tackling no nonsense midfielder to breakdown opposition midfields win possession and drive us forward. Our midfield is powder puff all last season and Nordveit with his highlights is the campest recent addition.

Plenty of talk from Sullivan but no striker, all cheapo loan and freebies. Pay peanuts you get monkey's.

Bilic had a great first season last year and Sullivan says he won't be agreeing a new contract yet as a lot of managers find their second season difficult. They should be backing him more in imho. They say Bilic doesn't care about the money, but it doesn't mean they should take advantage of that.

It is obvious that the owners haven't been able to compete with the big clubs in the transfer market and it will prove almost impossible to get into the top 4-6 which is where the club needs to be to fill the second largest stadium in the country after the honeymoon period of the first two years, although they have done a great job they have reached their limitations. The trouble is they have agreed to pay a percentage to the LLDC if they sell up within 5 years, so expect several more years of cheap dealing and mid table before they sell up to avoid paying a cut to the LLDC. I just hope they sell some shares and bring in some inward investment soon before the whole project falls apart.

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Takashi Miike 3:21 Fri Sep 1
Re: Sullivan & Gold - Where's the ambition?
at least I'm consistent................

Reply Takashi Miike 1:25 Tue Aug 16
Re: Sullivan & Gold
I was told they had to pay off various loans they had on the old ground and that's where a lot of the money has gone. I can't believe they'd pay off that much in one hit and I think they're trying to get by spending as little as possible

*cue slagging from pro Sullivan fundaMENTALists

akashi Miike 2:38 Tue Aug 16
Re: Sullivan & Gold
arsegrapes, but every owner in our history has done that. every time we're on the brink of something special they fuck it up by lack of investment or asset stripping. i wouldn't never accuse sullivan of that as he seems to want to keep hold of the better players we have like payer, but we needed to push the boat out this summer and we've come up short

:. (

longford 3:06 Fri Sep 1
Re: Sullivan & Gold - Where's the ambition?
they must be selling up

arsegrapes 3:00 Fri Sep 1
Re: Sullivan & Gold - Where's the ambition?
Groundhog Day!

LeroysBoots 9:46 Fri Jan 13
Re: Sullivan & Gold - Where's the ambition?
Read the Bilic comments on the OS about Payet.

They couldn't just report the thing without mention of the 11 deals made, biggest signing in money terms for the club and how great they were during the summer.

It's a constant stream of polishing a turd with this club

normannomates 12:52 Fri Jan 13
Re: Sullivan & Gold - Where's the ambition?
Totally agree on that.
And not just football

arsegrapes 12:47 Fri Jan 13
Re: Sullivan & Gold - Where's the ambition?
Kind of prophetic that and the last sentence.

Hammers1993 5:04 Tue Aug 23
Re: Sullivan & Gold - Where's the ambition?
I'd argue the brand grew faster last year was mainly down to Payet rather than the stadium.

i-Ron 4:59 Tue Aug 23
Re: Sullivan & Gold - Where's the ambition?
Marketing/Advertising/PR spiel ....load of linguistic garnish bollox. Just a world of bullshit.

Bullet 4:49 Tue Aug 23
Re: Sullivan & Gold - Where's the ambition?
Couple of Brady quotes that stand out from that piece, although doesn't mention how many millions the deal was?

“Our brand has grown faster than any other major Premier League club in the past two years"

"The revenue that this deal generates will be reinvested in our playing squad".

Bullet 4:45 Tue Aug 23
Re: Sullivan & Gold - Where's the ambition?
Just announced the signing of biggest sponsorship deal in the clubs history and we are still looking for striker cheapo loans?

West Ham United’s renewed agreement with Betway is the biggest in the Club’s history.
The new three-year deal will extend Betway’s partnership through to the 2019/20 season.
Betway renewed the deal due to West Ham’s vision, success and stunning new stadium.
West Ham United are pleased to announce the renewal of the Club’s partnership with principal sponsors Betway. The new deal is the largest sponsorship agreement in West Ham’s history.

The Club’s original deal with Betway was agreed in February 2015, and thanks to the great success of the sponsorship agreement to date, both parties were keen to secure the significant extension announced today.

Betway are one of the biggest players in the European betting, casino, poker and bingo markets, employing more than 1,000 people, and priding itself on providing its customers with a bespoke, fun and informed betting experience, supported by a safe and secure environment.

West Ham’s Vice-Chairman Karren Brady hailed the agreement as further evidence of the continued upward trajectory of the Club, especially as they settle into their new home, the magnificent London Stadium.

“We are delighted to extend our relationship with Betway, signing our biggest-ever commercial deal in the process,” the Vice-Chairman said. “Our brand has grown faster than any other major Premier League club in the past two years, and an equally ambitious, forward-thinking brand like Betway wants to be associated with that success.

“Betway have been with us during two of the most momentous years in our history, as we said farewell to the Boleyn Ground and moved into our stunning new home, but they know that the best is still to come. The revenue that this deal generates will be reinvested in our playing squad, and will allow us to enjoy ever greater success in the years to come.”

Confirming the new agreement, Betway said it was a sign of their confidence and excitement at the future that lies ahead for West Ham United.

Anthony Werkman, marketing director at Betway, said: “We are thrilled to renew our agreement with West Ham United and proud to maintain our close association with one of the most historic teams in English football, during such a hugely significant era for the Club.

“Since we first became principal sponsor in February 2015, the partnership has been a real success for Betway and West Ham. This is reflected by the fact that both parties were not only keen to renew the deal early, but also for a substantial period.”


Alex V 4:39 Tue Aug 23
Re: Sullivan & Gold - Where's the ambition?
Tomshardware 9:42 Tue Aug 23

They didn't. But they did spend a huge amount on one player rather than spreading the risk - that's the principle I'm criticising.

Tomshardware 9:42 Tue Aug 23
Re: Sullivan & Gold - Where's the ambition?
Alex V 3:42 Sun Aug 21

How were the owners to know Ayew would get injured in his first game?

Willtell 9:38 Tue Aug 23
Re: Sullivan & Gold - Where's the ambition?
It stands to reason and I'm not sure what you're problem with this is? G&S have lent £60m to the Ltd company that is WH. The company is owned by them but it has to be a real transaction.

If that Ltd company was ever sold then the price the new owner pays does not include the £60m loan. That would have to be paid back separately. It is not a scam because the £60m has to be paid into the company's bank account first.

Takashi Miike 7:44 Mon Aug 22
Re: Sullivan & Gold - Where's the ambition?
not a ploy? :.)

penners28 7:31 Mon Aug 22
Re: Sullivan & Gold - Where's the ambition?
"only" £60m? well that's a relief.

Willtell 6:40 Mon Aug 22
Re: Sullivan & Gold - Where's the ambition?
The whole £100m of debt is not due to the owners. Only about £60m I think from memory. Of course if they sell WH they will get their money and interest back without having to pay a %age to the LDDC but that isn't a ploy. They have had to lend the club the money in the first place....

goose 2:58 Mon Aug 22
Re: Sullivan & Gold - Where's the ambition?
on the subject of the debt.......... i might have the wrong end of the stick but could the £100m debt (to the owners) be a possible way of securing their return despite the % they have to give to LDDC???

Johnson 9:23 Mon Aug 22
Re: Sullivan & Gold - Where's the ambition?
No Trev, Antonio was MotM.


J.Riddle 3:00 Mon Aug 22
Re: Sullivan & Gold - Where's the ambition?
Read this in the Gaurdian, now if the Arabs can sell 13% of Man City to the Chinese and Liverpool are willing to sell a minority stake to the Chinese I can't see why West Ham can't to raise the funds for needed players. Sullivan and Gold have always said they want to sell a minority stake but can only think they don't want to pay the government a share so want to wait for the 5 years are up first?

PCP is headed by Amanda Staveley, who helped arrange the sale of Manchester City to Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed al-Nahyan, a deal that helped the former leapfrog Liverpool to become one of England’s wealthiest football clubs. Sheikh Mansour sold a 13% stake in Manchester City to Chinese investors last year.

Staveley helped Barclays raise more than £3bn in funding from Sheikh Mansour during the financial crisis and is suing the bank for £721m of what she claims are unpaid fees.

She has been involved in a bid for Liverpool before. In 2009, Staveley was the conduit between the club and a Kuwaiti group that considered buying it from the then owners Tom Hicks and George Gillett.

Fenway, which also owns the Boston Red Sox baseball team, bought Liverpool for £300m in 2010 and pledged to return the club to the top of English football, following what was then a 20-year gap since the club last won the top flight. However, despite heavy spending on players, Liverpool’s form has been erratic and they finished eighth in the Premier League last season.

Everbright’s interest in Liverpool surfaced a day after one of the club’s co-owners said Fenway had no intention of selling the club.

“We’ve said it before and I’d like to say it again: this club is not for sale. If someone wants to write us a letter saying they want to buy the club, then it will get put in the garbage,” Tom Werner told the Liverpool Echo.

But Werner said he and Fenway’s co-founder John Henry were prepared to consider approaches about taking a minority stake in Liverpool.

“We actively pursue commercial opportunities, which in turn helps us invest in the squad and win football matches. These commercial discussions can be complex and we’ve said in the past, under the right conditions and absolutely with the right partner, we could look at some small investment stake in the club,” he said.

Chinese businesses have been busy investing in European football clubs since the president, Xi Jinping, said he wanted China to become a world footballing power. West Bromwich Albion, Aston Villa and Wolverhampton Wanderers have been bought by Chinese investors in the past few months.

Trevor B 1:51 Mon Aug 22
Re: Sullivan & Gold - Where's the ambition?
The main thing wrong with Tore is he looks fucking shit. I don't give a toss about his contract.

MOTM today wasn't he? Still, let's judge him by one poor game, when the whole team were poor.

Alex V 4:13 Sun Aug 21
Re: Sullivan & Gold - Where's the ambition?
By all means criticise the transfers if you don't agree with them. I have done so with Ayew. What I don't think holds water is generalising about all frees and loans without judging them on a case by case basis.

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