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BournemouthHammer 12:55 Wed Aug 24
Just putting it out there but how serious is Payet's injury? Seems to coincide with the transfer window rather nicely. Reckon he will be back for the next game after City.

Call me cynical but I dont know people on the inside of the club like some of you guys! I also apologize if a similar thread has been posted before.

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daveyg 10:23 Sun Sep 4
Re: Payet
Mart O
This might be the interview,but if not it will make you laugh and see why he loves it here.Just hope the team and Bilic carry on the love affair.


Lertie Button 2:52 Tue Aug 30
Re: Payet
Of course, one of the big advantages (from his point of view) of staying with us is that he will call the shots and he can put his international career first.
Some small compensation for winning fuck all and playing with some of the duds he inevitably will have to.

Mart O 12:34 Tue Aug 30
Re: Payet
There's a lot of old cobblerrs on here. Us not playing him doesn't make him 'injured'; it means that we feel he's not ready. Afterwards, it's up to the French management to see if they share this point of view. We don't actually have a lot of say in that.

I remember an interview he gave where he explained how not being selected for the last world cup, having been selected for all the qualifiers, was the key to him re-examining his whole approach to his football, preparation, etc. That, plus the arrival of Bielsa at Marseille, helped him make the transformation from talented but inconsistent player to genuine European star.

Playing for us. West Ham United. Now it's come to my attention that there's not been too much of that about in recent years.

Given the importance he attaches to his national team (shame we don't see a bit more of that from our own shower), the very worst thing we could do is try and put our foot down and stop him playing for them.

If we did that, then all the unadulterated bollocks about him leaving that you can read on here might actually come true...

Trevor B 11:59 Tue Aug 30
Re: Payet
as below wasn't deemed fit enough to risk. he has a thigh injury and the club were very conscious of what happened to ayew.

Lertie Button 11:57 Tue Aug 30
Re: Payet
If he was medically fit why wasn't he on the bench Thursday and Sunday. Could've kept us in Europe

Lily Hammer 12:04 Tue Aug 30
Re: Payet
We can't worry every time one of our players goes on international duty, so all we can do is look at the positives of Payet getting a couple of competitive matches under his belt for France, which should help him get some sharpness for us when he returns.

fraser 11:29 Mon Aug 29
Re: Payet
He trained with us as well, but wasn't deemed fit enough to risk, so fit enough to train,

Whether or not France should risk playing him is a different matter, hope if they do it won't go tits up, of course we all know what happens next...

happygilmore 10:57 Mon Aug 29
Re: Payet
something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

i-Ron 10:48 Mon Aug 29
Re: Payet
I think he's taking the piss too as it goes.

How can you be injured yesterday and flying to France to train today?

Uncle Junior 10:42 Mon Aug 29
Re: Payet
What Lertie Button said

Gavros 3:58 Mon Aug 29
Re: Payet


Aardvark 3:44 Mon Aug 29
Re: Payet

Who parked the bus next to the Lancaster bomber they found on the moon?

My money is on that greasy spic that's currently residing in Manchester.

Far Cough 3:40 Mon Aug 29
Re: Payet
Antonio: "I wish I had his skills"

Gavros 3:37 Mon Aug 29
Re: Payet

Justin P 1:33 Mon Aug 29
Re: Payet
Remains to be seen if he does actually feature for France or not!

jimbo2. 1:18 Mon Aug 29
Re: Payet
Cornish, the Sunday Sport reported the bus being found on the moon, then later amazingly reported that it had disappeared again! Who would have thought it? I'm certain that Payet is going nowhere & I'm not a believer in conspiracy theories unless there is hard evidence to support them. Mankind did land on the moon, there was never a London bus there & the Twin towers & Pentagon were hit by terrorist planes! As for who shot JFK, I'm not sure but it may well have been mafia related? I look forward to seeing Payet help us tear Watford a new one!

cornish 1:01 Mon Aug 29
Re: Payet
Yea that's the one,l can see which camp you're in.

Coffee 12:49 Mon Aug 29
Re: Payet

Do you mean the bus parked next to the World War II bomber?

cornish 12:47 Mon Aug 29
Re: Payet
Payet will stay end of,to here some of you it ain't out of the realms that some of you believe that a London bus was found on the moon.

kylay 4:17 Mon Aug 29
Re: Payet
Once Payet is medically cleared to play from an injury, we have no say in whether France calls him into the team, so it is out of our hands in that sense. The only thing Payet could do is retire from international duty to prevent a call up.

What it does show, is that despite being medically fit to play, we chose not to include him in the squad today. I find it hard to believe that regardless of endurance, he couldn't have done a job on set-pieces by being subbed on in the 78th minute at 2-1 for Reid instead of Calleri. Even if he laid in bed every day since the chelsea game, he could still run for 12 minutes, and we've seen the footage of him practice so clearly worth risking there.

joey5000 1:00 Mon Aug 29
Re: Payet
I spoke to Karen Brady today and she said that he was all due to stay, but when he heard about people standing in the OS he was disgusted and requested to leave.

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