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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

grasshopper 8:56 Fri Aug 26
Are cheap.

We are rubbish and should have beaten a team from Romania, we didn't cause we played shit and not for the first time this season.

We have injuries... So what, so do other clubs, it's a rubbish excuse for being knocked out of Europe by a team from Romania.

The refereeing decisions... There are 90mins and if you can't still produce a performance to beat a team despite a few dodgy ref decisions like Costa against Chelsea, u do not deserve to win the match so get over it.

We can't attract a top striker cause of wages or not in champions league... Who said we want a marquee striker, no one did except one. How about buying a real striker who is better then sakho and Valencia, loads of them exist but we have only had the whole of summer to do this before the season starters.

Let's just face facts, we are going backwards this season and we have only just started the season

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Hermit Road 10:13 Sat Aug 27
Re: Excuses
HaverfordWest Ham.

Coffee 9:31 Sat Aug 27
Re: Excuses
Llesdd Ham?

Hermit Road 9:29 Sat Aug 27
Re: Excuses
I didn't think people were overreacting last year when we got knocked out, I definitely don't think they are now that it's happened two years in a row.

It puts us in a par with the smallest teams in Europe. We are resembling a side from the Welsh league.

Private Dancer 7:05 Sat Aug 27
Re: Excuses
Yanky - To be honest I'm still fuming about it. How do you play in front of over 50000 people only needing a 0-0 ffs against a 2 bob Romanian outfit and lose 0-1? Utterly fucking pathetic, they should be ashamed. Who knows when we will be that close to Europe again.

Private Dancer 6:46 Sat Aug 27
Re: Excuses

Capitol Man 6:32 Sat Aug 27
Re: Excuses
You're such a drama queen aren't you.

Private Dancer 6:11 Sat Aug 27
Re: Excuses
Getting knocked out by Astra was a complete disgrace and a disaster for the club, let's get that right, so maybe we are seeing an over-reaction.

Let's see where we are around October. One of my biggest concerns though is losing out on any real home advantage, and that's no-one's fault.

camel-with-3-humps 5:41 Sat Aug 27
Re: Excuses
We have a great squad. Feghouli is awesome, Ayew class and Zaza is like Dean Ashton - only better. Payet and Lanzini are world class. Noble a warrior and Kyouyate is a beast. Adrian utterly superb.

All the best players are missing, and when back we will tear apart teams.

Europa was a distraction, so now we can focus on league and cups.

Capitol Man 1:50 Sat Aug 27
Re: Excuses
TWH - at least October / November if we completely stop picking up points - which I think is unlikely.

gph 1:48 Sat Aug 27
Re: Excuses
Too early to panic.

Our new team hasn't gelled yet. In no way does that mean it can't gel.

We were shit in early 1985, yet it took some Liverpool cheating to deprive us of the '85-6 Championship.

Capitol Man 1:42 Sat Aug 27
Re: Excuses

The White Horse 1:04 Sat Aug 27
Re: Excuses

Texas Iron 1:19 Sat Aug 27
Re: Excuses
White horse...

Agree 100% with both posts...

Better than BFS in some areas...but definitely room for improvement...

But who will be listen to...and who will tell him...

I reckon you...Sir Alf & me could discuss this on a par with him...

He definitely needs positive input ASAP...

Texas Iron 1:15 Sat Aug 27
Re: Excuses
Not convinced re Bilic...

Great first season in terms of football style and quality...but showed weaknesses..

.lack of team motivation in key games ...obstinate line-up choices...tactics and substitutions...lack of consistency...square pegs round holes...persistence with non performing players...lack of killer instinct in key games at the end of last season..

Great tactical theory anayst...but lacking in the above...Overall grade...B...needs improvement in key areas...

The White Horse 1:08 Sat Aug 27
Re: Excuses
The expectations are clear and last night was a fucking debacle.
All that's being pointed out is there is/was much that could have been done to prevent this by doing a few things that any coach with any tactical nous would have done. We're not going down
but again I'm concerned about the decisions made by the coach
given that a few weeks ago I would have said gift him a 4 year contract or whatever.

The White Horse 1:04 Sat Aug 27
Re: Excuses
It is?

Ok you tell me when it's appropriate to trigger the alarm or do we just keep wanking ourselves off over last season?

Capitol Man 1:00 Sat Aug 27
Re: Excuses
its a bit early for the wobbly lips to be starting isn't it?

The White Horse 12:54 Sat Aug 27
Re: Excuses
I agree Fifth and it's clear we have an excellent squad but some of the criteria I see that is alarming.

-We don't have a cohesive team at all. It's like he's tinkering with something almost unsure what his best 11 is - even with the injuries there's much that can be done to remedy this.

-examples back four, midfield, forward line - nobody knows who is starting one game to the next.

-this is incomprehensible considering the due time we've had to prepare. Being this unsettled as a unit.

-The Antonio debacle is well documented. He should be an established part of the forward line. It's unsettling to the team as a whole - this full back experiment especially when we have a competent option available already.

- Fletcher should be a starter in my opinion - last weeks first half was diabolical against Bournemouth. To start with Valencia WTF?
It was clear to all the once Fletcher and Calleri came on we were a different team. They should have started last night as a unit as should the midfield. Antonio providing some width as necessary.

-He went into last nights game thinking draw rather than get the win. I have no other explanation for that performance.

Now we've lost much needed momentum - we're packing out the OS and the revenue we've lost as a result of being out of Europe
is significant to say nothing of the fact our own players like Payer and Lanzini are vulnerable to predatory offers from Teams in Europe prior to the window closing. To say nothing of the players we want to attract -having Euro football is a huge draw.
(And yet we have people saying we're better off out of it -it's a distraction - now that Is a ridiculous perspective.

In short Slav has to make all the right noises about being angry with the players - he has to shift blame as again - we see more of this indecisiveness then the owners on gonna be all over his arse like a bad suit.

Fifth Column 11:46 Fri Aug 26
Re: Excuses
When players come back we'll be fine. The rich sides will most likely do better this year so we've v unlikely to repeat the high profile wins but we'll still finish top 10.

We have added to the squad a load of promising kids plus Feghouli, Ayew and it looks like Zaza.

So in terms of squad we have improved and this will show when we have most players fit.

The White Horse 11:40 Fri Aug 26
Re: Excuses
The usual diatribe between those pacifists that hate any form of negativity and those that make valid points as to how we come to be in this predicament. Anybody that isn't automatically awash with joy and giving Thanks to the good lord for last season and (must carry on in that vein)is automatically dubbed a knicker wetter.

I'll dispense with the analysis of my own other than to say again
Grasshopper makes some good points. I personally Bilic has lost the
plot to a large degree and on the strength of the last couple months and is showing much inexperience. Unless checked he could find himself on a slippery slope. Injuries aside there is much he could have done to have made this situation easier. Suffice to say he is not helping himself with some of the baffling things he has done. Last year was wonderful - he proved himself as a possible manager of the future with longstanding tenure. This has all come unravelled due to whatever it is - ineptitude, stubbornness. He has the injury excuse card to play but losing that game last night can be expensive not only for the club but for his standing in the longer term.

the house of freaks 2:58 Fri Aug 26
Re: Excuses
Fucking drama queens - how are we going backwards? we started out last season pretty much the same. Gave up a 2 goal lead against Astra last season and played a better side with Payet involved. 3 points from the first two PL games

norwichhammer 2:49 Fri Aug 26
Re: Excuses
I'm still optimistic to be fair if payet or lanzini were on the field last night it would have been fairly comfortable. The ref was an absolute joke they was time wasting straight from the first whistle in the 2nd half and he did nothing about it. It's pretty obvious that we did not have a squad completely capable to compete on four fronts this season. Be calm we have had a lot worse as fans we are on a steady upward protectory COYI

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