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Telford Iron 4:29 Thu Sep 1
Lazio Tickets
Planning a trip to Rome with the family in October was wondering what is the best way to get hold of tickets to a Lazio home game.
Also wondering how well received are West Ham fans etc in home end?


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joe royal 11:09 Thu Sep 1
Re: Lazio Tickets
Passport is a must , they put the number on the ticket

If it is not a big game you can buy them at the ground , I was going to go to the Juve game last weekend but being a TV game it was a late kick off and would have made it to tight for the train home.

I was staying just outside Rome (near the Fira exerbition centre) and the last train was 10-15 pm.

Garth Algar 11:04 Thu Sep 1
Re: Lazio Tickets
Went a few years back vs Palermo funnily enough.

Easy to get hold of tickets at any 'Lazio Point'. Supporters shop round from the station is your best bet but there's another down the road from that which is just a ticket office.

You need your passport as well.

Tickets are cheap as!

BulphanIron 9:21 Thu Sep 1
Re: Lazio Tickets
FrancoisVanDerElst 7:13 Thu Sep 1
Re: Lazio Tickets
Didn't they only sell a handful of season tickets and fans boycotting games over the ownership issues?

Curva Nord are back this year...

OccupyGreenStreet 8:32 Thu Sep 1
Re: Lazio Tickets
You can buy match day tickets at the club shops, one is round the corner from the main railway station, the other in Lazio territory up near the Vatican. Best bet is to go on the online English-language Lazio forum, Lazioland. The forum has all the info and regulars will help you out. I found the Lazio fans much more welcoming to English fans than Roma. Lazioland offered me away tickets for the Lazio Euro tie at WHL, for instance, and help with tickets for the Derby.

FrancoisVanDerElst 7:13 Thu Sep 1
Re: Lazio Tickets
Didn't they only sell a handful of season tickets and fans boycotting games over the ownership issues?

shim 5:25 Thu Sep 1
Re: Lazio Tickets
I've been over a couple of times, bought tickets direct from the Lazio official club site without any problems, took my 12 year old lad last year to see Lazio play AC.. The Olympic stadium is a fair way from the centro area which is where you'll want to stay if you want to see some of the other sites or touristy stuff.. Allow an 60-90 mins to get there, there isn't much in the way of bars around the ground, the atmosphere can be good but they're quite a robust crowd & I wouldn't wear any other teams shirts (including west hams in their end) as I don't think all their 'ultras' would see the burgeoning bromance in the same light, that said they seemed a decent bunch, if a little wary of tourists & day trippers, a bit like we would at ours I guess...
All in all a decent trip, do your research first though, there's loads on tripdadvisor etc about it...

Buster 4:35 Thu Sep 1
Re: Lazio Tickets
Flying V and Penners are your men for this.

Trevor B 4:34 Thu Sep 1
Re: Lazio Tickets
I believe there is a video somewhere of Lazio ultras singing bubbles. Bit of an affinity between the clubs based on the fact we both loved PDC and also that their Ultras identify with the ICF. I would imagine you would be well received, especially if you have a Di Canio shirt!

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