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Q: Manuel Pellegrini
a. A great signing for the Club and maybe the change of direction we all need
b. It will only be a great signing if the Board back him with decent funds
c. This is West Ham so it will only end in farce
d. I'm not sure about this one, I'll wait until SKY is back to hear what Gary Neville thinks, then I'll voice my opinion

Gary Darkness 1:33 Tue Oct 4
Stan Lazaridis
I am going to write an article about this man for the Yahoo Football website (no one else will!) and I would like to get West Ham fans' memories of him. Please share them here.

Thing that sticks in my mind is his debut, when he gave away a goal and then apologised to the whole crowd, who applauded him.

Couldn't see that happening nowadays!


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BIL-I-AM 12:04 Wed Oct 5
Re: Stan Lazaridis
I might be the only person who ever had a shirt with his name and number on the back. No idea why to this day

essexmaniacinexile 12:04 Wed Oct 5
Re: Stan Lazaridis
Frank Lampard senior recommended him. Harry wasn't at a game for some reason down under (on the centenary tour) and Lazaridis stood out in the game that day.
The goa lat Newcastle. Pure belter.

DiCaniosLefty 6:00 Wed Oct 5
Re: Stan Lazaridis
He was in the locker room at training one day when Harry came up, gave him a brown bag and told him that he'd been sold and all the best.

He looked in the bag and it was full of cash.

He got a 1 year ban for using an alopecia drug which is now no longer banned.

He still lives in Perth WA. I met him a few years back and he was a bloody good bloke.

i-Ron 1:09 Wed Oct 5
Re: Stan Lazaridis
Hughes joined just before we played QPR and we were shit and lost.

Mart O 1:05 Wed Oct 5
Re: Stan Lazaridis
Michael Hughes was a much better player than Lazaridis, who I liked, btw.

Mr. Burns 1:05 Wed Oct 5
Re: Stan Lazaridis
On loan from Strasbourg if I remember correctly? Good player was Hughes.

B6NY B 12:56 Wed Oct 5
Re: Stan Lazaridis
Hughes was signed in 94 on loam at first, played most of the season so didn't replace Stan. Was one of my favs growing up, back of the SHIRT job (24)

Steady 10:03 Tue Oct 4
Re: Stan Lazaridis
Half decent Aussie winger, remembered for THAT goal away to Newcastle

Sniper 9:12 Tue Oct 4
Re: Stan Lazaridis
I was at selhurst park when he scored an injury time equaliser in a match rearranged from Boxing Day - couldn't see any of it so no idea if it was any good

However the one thing I do remember is being totally perplexed when we sold him as the club kept using this weird 'made a great profit' excuse. Yeah we made 5 times our money when we sold him on, but by that logic Man U shouldve sold solksjaer for £1.5m and been chuffed.

Alex Bunbury 9:10 Tue Oct 4
Re: Stan Lazaridis
I thought he was alright but lacked confidence. Redknapp used to play him as a wing back quite a bit. For one who had a good shot on him he didn't score too many. Other than the Newcastle one I can't remember many. A crucial late equaliser against Wimbledon when we were battling relegation springs to mind.

Spandex Sidney 8:57 Tue Oct 4
Re: Stan Lazaridis
I seem to remember Michael Hughes being one of the very first Bosman moves when he came to us.

Pedro 8:37 Tue Oct 4
Re: Stan Lazaridis
Our scouting was great at the time.

Went to Australia to find a young left sided midfielder.

Step forward Stan.

Unfortunately Harry Kewell must have been at school that day.

Roby 7:53 Tue Oct 4
Re: Stan Lazaridis
He was fast, like shit off a shovel.

Was probably a bit unlucky in that he was there at the time when Harry was buying and selling players all the time. MIchael Hughes came in from Strasbourg and took his place but I don't think there was really much between the two of them.

He also had a very weird posture / running style.

Bernie 7:46 Tue Oct 4
Re: Stan Lazaridis




B6NY B 7:28 Tue Oct 4
Re: Stan Lazaridis
We went 4 years unbeaten up at St James back then, couple of draws including the keith ROWLAND one and the 2.2, was a few days after NYE, no roof and a massive FLOODLIGHT. Think we only took 300 and scored two right at the death, proper HUSH job (my first visit up there)

Lost to Tranmere later that week.

CanningTownWA 7:25 Tue Oct 4
Re: Stan Lazaridis
Thanks Itchy for the vid link that was a great goal. I think shirts must have been one size fits all then😊 Also thought a young Lampard was playing in the second half.

I was in Perth when West Ham did the Australia tour, Stan destroyed us in the game he played, although I think it was just a piss up tour for West Ham. I met all the players afterwards at a local pub and had a good chat with Breaker - nice bloke

Blunders 6:53 Tue Oct 4
Re: Stan Lazaridis
got caught with coke in the end didn't he?

Grumpster 6:50 Tue Oct 4
Re: Stan Lazaridis
Think it was that Newcastle game where Uriah Rennie played 9 minutes injury time the cunt.

Second best time at Newcastle that was.

I quite liked the bloke. Wasn't the greatest player, but always gave his all and had a good cross on him.

Swiss. 6:33 Tue Oct 4
Re: Stan Lazaridis
Couldn't have been that bad as he helped us get 5th that season 98-99. Happy memories with Wright, Hartson, Kitson , Di Canio , Joey Cole and the one and only Marc Keller.

Was Minto playing then ?

Huffers 6:21 Tue Oct 4
Re: Stan Lazaridis
I remember listening to the Newcastle game on the radio at my nans house and couldn't wait to see it on MOTD later.

Itchy Scratchy 5:19 Tue Oct 4
Re: Stan Lazaridis

Sorry, don't know how to do them there short links.

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