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BournemouthHammer 3:33 Tue Oct 11
Las Vegas
I'm off to Vegas in a couple of months and wondered if anyone had any recommendations on good restaurants, Bars, shows etc. Going with the wife for my 40th.

Thanks all

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Northern Sold 1:57 Thu Oct 13
Re: Las Vegas
Was about 102 degrees when we was there in August... actually felt chilly after having 118 in Death valley

jonthehammer 1:47 Thu Oct 13
Re: Las Vegas
I am going in April as well

On a non stag do

Son of Anarchy 5:00 Thu Oct 13
Re: Las Vegas
Jolson ya fat cunt

cuzoftheeast 12:08 Thu Oct 13
Re: Las Vegas
Joes bar and grill Caesars palace and breakfast in serendipity is oncredible

Al Jolson 11:12 Wed Oct 12
Re: Las Vegas
I'm going in April.........Will probably be 80c to the by then


Son of Anarchy 8:18 Wed Oct 12
Re: Las Vegas
Mart O...

Theres two main residential suburbs here in the Las VEGAS valley, Henderson & Summerlin.

Henderson is a City in its own right, I can drive from my house to the MGM Grand in roughly 15 mins

B6NY B 9:36 Wed Oct 12
Re: Las Vegas

Mart O 9:01 Wed Oct 12
Re: Las Vegas
Hangabout, so after all that, Frankie DOESN'T actually live in Las Vegas...


Eerie Descent 8:56 Wed Oct 12
Re: Las Vegas

Son of Anarchy 6:34 Wed Oct 12
Re: Las Vegas
Shut up LomARSE you fucking spastic

East Auckland Hammer 4:36 Wed Oct 12
Re: Las Vegas
I'm surprised almost your entire post was about food Frankie.

Well, actually, I'm not THAT surprised.

Son of Anarchy 4:25 Wed Oct 12
Re: Las Vegas

Forgot how its spelt but take her there, love it.

Son of Anarchy 4:20 Wed Oct 12
Re: Las Vegas
I dont live in Las Vegas itself, im ten miles away in the Valley.

If youre in town with your Mrs the ONLY place to go is Pirios, Old school classic resturant, they filmed the resturant scenes from Casino in there and if its good enough for Frank SINATRA its fucking good enough for Bournemouth Hammer

Wynn Country club is great for lunch

Foundation Room for cocktails (an absolute MUST)

Take a cab to The Cracker Barrell for breakfast & the egg & i

Downtown head to Freemont East - The Park, The Commonwaelth & Atomic Liquor

Rollin Smoke is the best BBQ on earth its kn the atrip

A club with getting ripped off - clique lounge in the cosmo

Mirage buffet has unlimted beer and wine

Aria brunch buffet has unlimited champagne

Shows - O at bellagio, MJ 1 at mandalay bay, Terry Fatir at mirage and mike hammer at 4 queens

Dicko75 11:06 Tue Oct 11
Re: Las Vegas
Andreas at the Wynn is great for special dinner and rammed with fit birds. They will also sort club entrance afterwards which is a bonus.

There's a small club/bar at the very top of Mandalay bay which has a terrace overlooking the whole strip. Great party atmosphere and venue so would recommend

Duelling pianos in one of bars at New York was a good laugh .

Think canyon is worth the day out. Had amazing times in a few trips to Vegas over the years, with both lads and Doris, but that's still up there with the best thing I've done there

Hayzer 9:59 Tue Oct 11
Re: Las Vegas
Tbh I didn't think the cabs were that expensive. $20 from the Tropicana to Fremont st.

I did use the bus quite a bit, get a travel card. There's a fast bus which is a bendy bus and a local bus that stops all up the strip.

jon_snow 9:49 Tue Oct 11
Re: Las Vegas
I was in Las Vegas 3 weeks ago, and usually go once a year.

*I don't rate the Mirage Volcano show, but really enjoy the fountains at the Bellagio (from Oceans 11).

*if you have time to go to the Grand Canyon, it is worth it. For a quicker daytrip if you're into hiking go to Red Rock Canyon, which is only 30 minutes away.

*Wherever you stay, signup for the Casino Rewards card. Show it wherever you spend money inside the casino, and you often get discounts on shows and meals. The MLife reward card is good at Bellagio, Mirage, Mandalay Bay, and many others for example.

*The Beatles Love Cirque Du Soleil show at the Mirage was good, not great.

* If you are staying at Caesar's Palace, they frequently will upgrade your room, if you give the desk-clerk $20 when you present your id.

*I walk everywhere I go on the Strip or take the Monorail. Both are perfectly safe at anytime.

Hayzer 9:35 Tue Oct 11
Re: Las Vegas
The peppermill top of the strip.
Tony Romans in Fremont st
In and out burger is a must
Off the strip near the Orleans hotel is an Irish pub. The grub in there was lovely, cheep to and you could get a decent beer.
There's a decent bar to the right of Newyork Newyork. Beerhaus I think it was called. Food was good and you can sit at the bar it has TVs all round it.

The tipping gets on ya wick after a while though.

Nicey 9:00 Tue Oct 11
Re: Las Vegas
Lyft not Uber - sign up early and take all the offers from the front desk and you can whizz round town for pennies

Grand Canyon wipes out a day - perhaps drive out to the valley of fire instead.

Go out to trailer park for some cool breakfasts and lunches.

Fremantle experience is rough as, it's basically Blackpool but for Americans.

Northern Sold 6:01 Tue Oct 11
Re: Las Vegas
Get there quick as well... fuck going there when it's near parity to the pound... I think I almost done as much in three nights there than I did in my other 14 nights in CAL-ARZ and NEV... and I never punted a dollar

Glenn Roeder 5:56 Tue Oct 11
Re: Las Vegas
Was sent this info when I asked my American work colleagues about Vegas. Hope some of it helps.

Definitely do the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam trip.


use Uber and not local taxis, much cheaper.

Breakfast buffets at Wicked Spoon and Caesars

Watch the Volcano show at the Mirage hotel – runs daily at 8pm, 9pm and 10pm (I think)

If you like eating fish then go to Boiling Point

If you want a great burger, go to Gordon Ramsey’s burger joint in Planet Hollywood called BurGR.

Scott Conant’s place, Scarpetta, in the Cosmopolitan, is a great Italian restaurant. My mom, sister and I had a great meal there last year.

For Chinese, Jasmine at The Bellagio, is a good choice. Also, I haven’t been there for a few years, but my brother and I had a great Chinese meal at Fin at The Mirage.

It’s a bit of a haul to the South, but The M casino has a great buffet. My brother and I went there last year and stuffed ourselves silly. Also, I haven’t been there for a few years, but the buffet at The Bellagio was good every time I went there. FYI, the Cirque show “O” is still my favorite Las Vegas show, followed closely by “Ka” at MGM.

Northern Sold 5:41 Tue Oct 11
Re: Las Vegas
Jabberwockyeez show at the MGM Grand was the best thing about Vegas for me... rest of it I can take and leave in sin city... only time I have ever felt like a town wanted every last cents out of my Sky Rocket... Naaaah... I'll stay in Death valley, Yosemite NP and Grand Canyon a bit longer next time...

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