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Harry Hill 3:21 Wed Oct 12
British police feared five England fans would die from injuries sustained during "barbaric" clashes with Russian supporters in Marseille on the opening weekend of Euro 2016.

In exclusive interviews with Sky News, specialist officers deployed in France have given first-hand accounts of shocking clashes which left scores of supporters hurt and several with life-threatening injuries.

The police spotters compared the scenes to a "battlefield" and said the violence was the most extreme and brutal they had ever witnessed, with a Russian gang using military tactics to deliver savage beatings to England supporters.

The British police commander in Marseille was told there were 100 English "walking wounded"; 30 fans had been hospitalised and five were in danger of dying as a result of their injuries.

In the event they all survived, but two England supporters were left in a coma suffering life-changing injuries from which they are still recovering.

russia hooligan violence

June: Euro 2016 Violence

The police accounts also reveal:

:: The violence and injuries were so serious British police were forced to activate their terrorism contingency plan

:: One fan had his Achilles tendons cut by Russian hooligans to prevent him running away after being beaten

:: Police inside the Stade Velodrome feared "another Heysel" as England fans risked being crushed as they fled a Russian hooligan charge after the match

:: Eurostar trains returning to St Pancras resembled "hospital trains", with one fan disembarking with a broken bottle still embedded in his neck

:: Police are seeking banning orders against more than 100 England fans involved in disorder, with more than 40 already prosecuted

:: Police and government agencies have begun planning for the Russia 2018 World Cup and will only advise fans to travel if they believe it is safe

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arsegrapes 1:12 Thu Oct 13
Re: Russians
Apologies if wrong as going back a few years, but I am sure I heard on more than one occasion that West Ham got turned over from memory mid 70's early 80s by a very decent firm at Bristol City, some believed they were too well organised and the SAS?

simon.s 12:46 Thu Oct 13
Re: Russians
Didn't Spurs play out there a few weeks back, no bother? French OB are two bob.

Lily Hammer 12:29 Thu Oct 13
Re: Russians
It's true that some of the Russians were well out of order, tooled up and well nasty, but to be fair, there was enough video footage showing most of them going in with just fists, toe to toe, and absolutely mullering the few English who had the balls or were stupid enough to take them on. Even the little Russian firms were holding their own mostly, but when they all joined up ran together, it was like nothing I've seen since the very height of West Ham's firm in the 80s. Back then, every little fucker from our mob were amateur boxers, or at least knew how to put their hands up, and loads of proper nut jobs, which is what these ruskies were.

The pissed up English lads didn't have a chance against what was pretty much a Russian super firm, made up of hand picked top lads from all over Russia, especially the Moscow mobs, and quite possibly a few serving military thrown in to the mix.

Ronald_antly 12:20 Thu Oct 13
Re: Russians
i-Ron 5:24 Wed Oct 12

It is certainly strange that some people actually believe that.

HairyHammer 5:32 Wed Oct 12
Re: Russians
I love that some on here trust RT and Putin, Brits are about as close to Russians in beliefs and character as sheep are to wolves.

w4hammer 5:28 Wed Oct 12
Re: Russians
because england fans have NEVER beaten up scarfers, old ladies/blokes or been "organised", have they.

Move along , nothing to see here

i-Ron 5:24 Wed Oct 12
Re: Russians
Being flown over in a private jet owned by somebody in their govt is very strange stuff.

Grumpster 4:25 Wed Oct 12
Re: Russians
Some of the videos made them look like they were military trained and then they were high fived by the politicians upon their return which cracked me up.


Harry Hill 4:23 Wed Oct 12
Re: Russians
Reckon they were ordinary Josefs or Putins men?

Grumpster 4:12 Wed Oct 12
Re: Russians
Not really a huge win though is it Mr B, considering they even smashed up two people in wheelchairs.

like me smashing my mum's face in when I go to see her later, which is a possibility if her dinner isn't up to scratch!

Mr. Burns 4:09 Wed Oct 12
Re: Russians
Let's face fact here, the Russians said they were coming to do us and they backed it up. We took a pasting.

Darby_ 4:02 Wed Oct 12
Re: Russians
I think I'll be giving the World Cup a miss this time.

Grumpster 3:58 Wed Oct 12
Re: Russians
It's bollocks really that they're trying to ban 100 of our fans who were probably just trying to defend themselves.

Should let all of our banned hooligans travel to Russia in 2018, so at least then the Ruskies haven't just got people not interested in fighting to punch.

Buster 3:24 Wed Oct 12
Re: Russians
People are worried about a league cup match against Chelsea, it's going to be true fucking carnage over there in two years.

Harry Hill 3:22 Wed Oct 12
Re: Russians
Cutting of Achilles Tendon post a beating is a tad harsh!!!

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