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Carroll and Sakho

So that geordie sicknote is still knowhere near fit even though 4-6 weeks was the original timescale, must have shoved more Coke up his nose than we thought, please get rid and before anyone says a fit Carroll scores goals we can't afford to wait around every year for his 12-15 games on 90 grand a week, fuck him off to sounderland or boro

As for the mental case Sakho how long does he need to get out of that straight jacket??? So sad really as thought this lad was the real deal and was going to be a 20 goal a season player

So Zaza and Calleri it is then or at least unti January but could well be rooted at the bottom by then

Fuck it give fletch and Martinez a go, young and hungry at least

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Eddie B 6:27 Mon Oct 24
Re: Carroll and Sakho
All Carroll tweets is gibberish when he's pissed up.

goose 6:04 Mon Oct 24
Re: Carroll and Sakho
Swiss. 2:21 Mon Oct 24
Re: Carroll and Sakho

that great finish that took a big deflection?

Fortunes Hiding 6:03 Mon Oct 24
Re: Carroll and Sakho
Hasn't Carroll tweeted when he's likely to be back?

easthammer 3:54 Mon Oct 24
Re: Carroll and Sakho
I think thereis a definite correlation between pissing Bilic off and how long it takes to get back to fitness. First Carroll and Sakho now Randolph out two weeks or more with a minor knock.

franksfat&slow&wank 2:35 Mon Oct 24
Re: Carroll and Sakho
greatly missed

such a shame he has a poor attitude and injury record

the club would have no doubt looked after him too if he could of kept himself fit

Eddie B 2:32 Mon Oct 24
Re: Carroll and Sakho
They keep going on about Sakho 'may' be involved a match in about 2-3 weeks. I'll believe it when I see it.

Swiss. 2:21 Mon Oct 24
Re: Carroll and Sakho
I was watching the highlights of the Man U game yesterday from the last game. What a great finish by Sakho.

After seeing Zaza and Calleri we really need this guy back. And in some ways Carroll.

jack flash 1:22 Mon Oct 24
Re: Carroll and Sakho
I doubt there is anything in the contract to prevent the club from breathalysing their employees (the players) on a daily basis if they so wished
Surely anyone turning up constantly pissed would be breaking the terms of their contract?

Balto 11:15 Fri Oct 21
Re: Carroll and Sakho
About twenty years ago I had to stay in Peterlee, very close to Sunderland, for a week on business.

Imagine my suprise when then the hotel opened up a disco downstairs on Monday night. Loads of people dressed in skimpy clothes getting hammered - on a Monday! The drinking culture is very big in the North East. I was also told Sunderland was the top area for "Twocing." - Taking without the owners consent.

Keep dreaming 10:58 Fri Oct 21
Re: Carroll and Sakho
If he has a drinking problem (highly possible), his contract Dudley must be void to be terminated?

kylay 9:34 Fri Oct 21
Re: Carroll and Sakho
It would not surprise me one bit if Carroll had a drinking problem. footballing specimen who's been told how great he was since he was kid. roomed with kevin nolan for a few years, who clearly did not take care of himself.

I really wish we would look at the Seattle Seahawks' template for managing their players. they do blood analysis, evaluate sleep and conditioning profiles, and monitor diet closely. whatever we do for fitness, it sure as shit isn't working.

Lily Hammer 8:09 Fri Oct 21
Re: Carroll and Sakho
horrible 12:21 Fri Oct 21

If that is true, then he may well have built up a habit that is hard to quit. Not neccessarily a full on habit where it's nighlty oblivion, but a habit where you need a few beers to have a chance of getting to sleep at night.

horrible 12:21 Fri Oct 21
Re: Carroll and Sakho
Lily, by the sounds of it , when he was at Liverpool he was in the pub every lunch/time/afternoon after training. My (scouse) manager said his dad owned a pub up that way and Carroll was in there nearly every day. He didn't seem a liar ............. but he is a scouse tho

B6NY B 12:14 Fri Oct 21
Re: Carroll and Sakho
I don't think he's got a drink problem, I don't know the guy so I don't have a clue but I'd be surprised if he did. He doesn't have to have any sort of problem though at the minute. But I do know that when injured just ONE night out (all fucking night) isn't good.

I did find it weird that when he warmed up and 'Andy Carroll, he's sniffed all my gear' song used to be sung he'd look over and smirk/laugh.

Eddie B 11:55 Fri Oct 21
Re: Carroll and Sakho
You can't just let him go

Alwaysaniron 11:49 Fri Oct 21
Re: Carroll and Sakho
I do think we should be giving Martinez a go. The lad looks a real handful and is as hungry as fuck for some success.

Agree too that we need to let AC go.

Lily Hammer 11:23 Fri Oct 21
Re: Carroll and Sakho
Maybe he is an alcy.

If he's alcoholic, he may well know it's no good, and may try to stop, but it won't be enough to say you are ruining your carreer, just as it's not enough to say one more drink may kill you.

Whatever the reasons, it's a bloody shame we haven't had him fit most of the time. You can only wonder what kind of player he'd be if he stayed fit for years like Cresswell, for example.

Personally, I think it's more a case of his body being naturally fragile more than anything else, but of course, heavy drinking habits will not help one jot.

Pervy McBeer 11:15 Fri Oct 21
Re: Carroll and Sakho
He'll be 30 by the time his contract ends with us. And he could happily retire on the money he has picked up from sitting around doing bugger all, going on holiday, going on the piss and kicking a ball a few times. If he's wise, in other word if his financial adviser is wise (because he clearly isn't), he'd invest a whole chunk, retire at 30 and live out his life doing what he does best....absolutely fuck all.

stewie griffin 10:53 Fri Oct 21
Re: Carroll and Sakho
"I actually think Nolan saved him from a more destructive path"

Categorically untrue.
The best thing that ever happened to Carroll was Nolan leaving. He was a terrible influence. And not just on Carroll.

Full Claret Jacket 10:49 Fri Oct 21
Re: Carroll and Sakho
The guy has no discipline or professional pride. I have to admit I was the same in my teens and went boozing the night before matches but at his age if he wants to be the best he can be then you have to make sacrifices. You can go out and have a laugh without drinking.

Does he still have the desire or have repeated injuries told him that he isn't ever going to be what he could have been?

I actually think Nolan saved him from a more destructive path he was going down but if you are an athlete then your career is going to finish early if you abuse it long term.

He'll no doubt come back get injured again and be unsalable in the January window.

Pervy McBeer 10:44 Fri Oct 21
Re: Carroll and Sakho
Trevor B 10:24 Fri Oct 21
Re: Carroll and Sakho


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