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Q: Manuel Pellegrini
a. A great signing for the Club and maybe the change of direction we all need
b. It will only be a great signing if the Board back him with decent funds
c. This is West Ham so it will only end in farce
d. I'm not sure about this one, I'll wait until SKY is back to hear what Gary Neville thinks, then I'll voice my opinion

w4hammer 11:34 Fri Oct 14
Skinhead moonstomp
On BBC4 Tonight...
Don paves the way for his new film Skinhead, which will be broadcast on BBC 4 on Friday 14th October, with his moonstomping mix of the original movement's best-loved sounds from the likes of Laurel Aitken, Desmond Dekker, Derrick Morgan and the Pioneers.

He says: "When I tell people my first point of entry into youth subculture was via skinheads, they look somewhat confused, not understanding I'm talking about the fashion version not the fascist version. I hope my film goes some way to clarifying what was the UK's first real multi-cultural movement."In Skinhead, Don looks at this very particular and very provocative British subculture. He explores how skinhead has become associated with street fighting, trouble on the football terraces and violent racism in the public consciousness, both in Britain and around the world. He reveals that its origins actually lie in a cultural coming-together that could not be further from its tarnished image.

Im not sure I really get this re-branding of skinheads as lovable chaps who fully embraced multi culturalism and just liked to dress differently- growing up in the 70's each and every one was toothless, thick, liked a tinny and lot of whizz, their women were slappers and they couldnever imagine a one on one fight- pissed up brain dead bullies, the lot of 'em!

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missy 5:33 Fri Oct 21
Re: Skinhead moonstomp
Northern sold - ha good for Mr Starr! He was such a passionate singer. I liked the toothbrush- good venue, was there when Bad Manners played after riding there on my old GP, good times.

Northern Sold 10:54 Fri Oct 21
Re: Skinhead moonstomp
missy... no my first and only IoW Rally was 85... seen Edwin a few times... best was at the Toothbrush in 2000.... bloke in the audience was berating him saying he was miming... Edwin said... `I've been called every name under the sun but I've never been called a mimer'... he then went on to do the best 5 min acapela I ever heard... oh the bloke who called him a fraud was taken outside and given a shoeing...

Hayzer 10:30 Thu Oct 20
Re: Skinhead moonstomp
I was at Edwin starrs comeback gig at the Embassy club Bond st. He dragged me on stage as a dancer. First night I ever had a line of Coke..

missy 9:15 Thu Oct 20
Re: Skinhead moonstomp
Northern Sold - yep I was there at Yarmouth and remember that. Muppets the lot of them! Apart from that it was a good rally. Always liked Yarmouth and the VFM do's. Did you see Edwin Starr at IOW 84?

Hayzer 8:15 Thu Oct 20
Re: Skinhead moonstomp
I went Yarmouth 83 with seagul etc. Never heard that before sold.

Northern Sold 12:11 Thu Oct 20
Re: Skinhead moonstomp
I didn't go to it but a couple of MATES did... Yarmouth Scooter rally (83??)... Desmond Dekker getting a kicking from a load of NF Skins?? Anyone remember that??

fred flinstone 9:57 Wed Oct 19
Re: Skinhead moonstomp
Just seen this, not a bad prog apart from the complete embarrassment that is Gary Bushell, what a cunt that bloke is ! I remember a good number of punk gigs that were ruined by BM skinheads back in the day. Those cunts were very brave when in a group of 20, get them on their own though and it was a completely different story

Northern Sold 12:21 Wed Oct 19
Re: Skinhead moonstomp
AOI.... I was just trying to put up a few photo's of Skin birds looking half decent... I could have gone for the monkey booted white socks over fish hole tights look but most of those are fucking monsters...

Any Old Iron 10:18 Tue Oct 18
Re: Skinhead moonstomp
Northern Sold 2:12 Tue Oct 18

Sold, those photo links don't show skinhead birds. Those are pastiche's of what skin birds looked like. They are more likely knocking about with fucking hipsters. (shudders). Also, they're all wearing contemporary tramp stamps.

missy 10:18 Tue Oct 18
Re: Skinhead moonstomp
Hayzer - now you're talking - Cock Sparrer - what a great band. I am told that some of them will be at the Oi shop in Camden market on Nov 12th - they couldn't confirm exactly who when i last spoke to them though!

Motspur Park Hammer 10:15 Tue Oct 18
Re: Skinhead moonstomp
Hayzer. Justin McConnville is singing with HMK now, before that Paul Manzi. Gary Lammin is in the Bermondsey Joyriders.

Hayzer 10:04 Tue Oct 18
Re: Skinhead moonstomp
Blimey they still going. Whose singing with them now.. Last I heard about them it was nasty nick cotton.
Not seen Lammin in over 30yrs only rembered his name cos a pic popped on FB with him and Rawlings earlier tonight.

Motspur Park Hammer 9:41 Tue Oct 18
Re: Skinhead moonstomp
Natch Cough.

Far Cough 9:30 Tue Oct 18
Re: Skinhead moonstomp
Motspur, same time and place Saturday?

Motspur Park Hammer 9:25 Tue Oct 18
Re: Skinhead moonstomp
Gary Lammin was in my pub the other week, watching the Heavy Metal Kids.........what's left of 'em.

Hayzer 9:16 Tue Oct 18
Re: Skinhead moonstomp
Gary Lammin that's who I was trying to think of.

Hayzer 7:52 Tue Oct 18
Re: Skinhead moonstomp
What was the singers name from Cock Sparra, there was a film about at the time that's never been seen since. He was in it, so were loads of mods, filmed all down Carnaby st and round the back of Piccadilly.

Hayzer 7:50 Tue Oct 18
Re: Skinhead moonstomp
My Mrs knocked around with Hoxton Tom. They were all mates. Fleming, Tom, Lawrence, Crowley, Mark Woolwich, Goffa. Skins one week, mods the next casuals when it suited them. Si Spanner was a skin that knocked around with us,

The Stoat 7:47 Tue Oct 18
Re: Skinhead moonstomp
Cock Sparrer came about from the band Janus who played the Dagenham Roundhouse as a support band for Thin Lizzy, Stray, Manfred Mann's Earthband and even Alvin Lee of Ten Years After fame .
When they became Cock Sparrer they supported Motorhead there as well and it was one of Motorhead's first gigs (billed as Cock Sparrow) ;-)

Steve Bacons Lenscap 7:31 Tue Oct 18
Re: Skinhead moonstomp
The Rejects were always a punk band, a second wave street punk band influenced by the Pistols and The Clash. Jeff has talked before about the band diving in and helping out punk kids being bashed up by skins.

They had more in common with bands like Peter & The Test Tube Babies - street punk, apolitical, singing about working-class life at the time - than anything to do with skinhead. When punk had burned itself out, they went in a metal/hard rock direction, as has been mentioned.

Bromley Reject 7:10 Tue Oct 18
Re: Skinhead moonstomp
Thanks Stranded

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