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Q: Manuel Pellegrini
a. A great signing for the Club and maybe the change of direction we all need
b. It will only be a great signing if the Board back him with decent funds
c. This is West Ham so it will only end in farce
d. I'm not sure about this one, I'll wait until SKY is back to hear what Gary Neville thinks, then I'll voice my opinion

Mr Anon 9:17 Sat Oct 15
Time to lay off him?

Not scoring but is adding a lot of effort at a time when we need a little grit. Have a feeling if he gets one, he'll go on a run.

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ragingbull 8:55 Mon Oct 17
Re: Zaza
A point well made earlier,when Lanzini scored he should have been the one in that position to put it away.

Anyway at least he doesn't get injured easily like Carroll.

the exile 8:52 Mon Oct 17
Re: Zaza
I think some people are building Sakho up as some kind of saviour. They'll be disappointed.

j.a 8:30 Mon Oct 17
Re: Zaza
If Zaza was excellent at Palace, then a few of our other players must have put in world class performances.

Zaza was decent, nothing more. Held the ball up well at time, and didn't hold it up well enough at times. Often a promising move would break down as soon as he got it.

He also offered very little in the way of a goal threat.

Sakho, when fit, puts in far better performances in every aspect.

Darby_ 7:52 Mon Oct 17
Re: Zaza
Injured probably.

Far Cough 7:14 Mon Oct 17
Re: Zaza
Where is Louis SAHA these days?

Trevor B 7:09 Mon Oct 17
Re: Zaza
Yes, you spoke about Zaha but spelled his name Zaza.

Utterly hilarious. You should be on stage. Preferably with a guillotine.

Justin P 7:07 Mon Oct 17
Re: Zaza
I don't rate Zaza good enough, I mean 1 goal every 10 games at Palace! Shocking at Man Utd to!

See what I did there

camel-with-3-humps 6:54 Mon Oct 17
Re: Zaza
Let's be honest, he's not fit to lace Charlie Austin's boots.

Sullivan, showed how thick he was making spurious comments on his knee without the facts. Idiot.

Haz 5:47 Mon Oct 17
Re: Zaza
Admiral Lard 1:23 Mon Oct 17
Re: Zaza
"Zaza had an excellent game against Palace, he held the ball up well and was a constant menace to the Palace CBs

His contribution to the won was immense "

I agree with all you say Admiral. However, a forward needs to score too and can't do it on effort alone. I'm old enough to remember Dowie!

However, nothing would give me greater pleasure than to see him get a scrappy one against Sunderland and then bang in another 20 before the season's end.

Pervy McBeer 5:47 Mon Oct 17
Re: Zaza
Injuries aside, our first team isn't THAT much different to last year, where we appeared to have a number of superstars in our ranks. And we have the same manager. The only thing that's been different is the stadium and the attitude.

You can't really criticise the players who did so well last year for not having technical ability. They have it in them, they just haven't been so bothered.

Bilic himself has said it was about attitude and although it was a bit cringey to celebrate the win like it was a cup final, it was still good to see what it meant to the boys. They looked much more up for it from the word go.

If Zaza has it in him somewhere then hopefully it just needs prizing out with a better attitude and better performances around him.

Trevor B 5:40 Mon Oct 17
Re: Zaza

Most of our players have been criticised for their general ability to play football at this level so far this season. Hopefully this is the start of one and all improving.

Pervy McBeer 5:37 Mon Oct 17
Re: Zaza
It's funny what a win can do. Just day's ago everyone had written him off and was calling for him to be shipped out in Jan before we ended up paying more money for him.

Yes it was a better performance, but the same could be said for the whole team which is why we won. He has been criticised for his general ability to play football at this level, which doesn't change over night.

It's a fickle old game and I hope he comes good but it's a costly gamble if he doesn't start returning on the goal front soon. It's what strikers are for.

franksfat&slow&wank 5:37 Mon Oct 17
Re: Zaza
I don't see him working based on what I've seen

I hope he proves me wrong

kylay 5:35 Mon Oct 17
Re: Zaza
It was a big improvement from him against palace which is encouraging, but I'm still a bit skeptical. He clearly contributed more on the pitch in terms of pressing defensively and distributing the ball, but as has been said, his movement is still lacking. If you look at the goal that Lanzini scored, Lanzini was tearing through the box to get on the end of that cross. If you look at Zaza in that play, he's pretty much static in the far side of the box. Maybe you can say he's opening up space for Lanzini, but he almost always seems to wait for the ball to come to him. I don't think you can really do that in this league, even with his size.

The other troubling thing is he was put through on goal twice and didn't manage to get a shot on target. Took two touches both times to get the shot set up, and was smothered by defenders in the interim.

It's great to see him improving, but at 20 million quid, we might spend our money better elsewhere, particularly when Fletcher can harry defenders and open space at a fraction of that cost.

southlondonhammer 3:10 Mon Oct 17
Re: Zaza
His movement is still a concern for me, doesn't make the runs you expect a forward who wants to score goals or be in a position to score goals.

He was massively improved on Saturday though, he closed down very well and kept the ball a bit better, I fancy him to notch a BRACE this weekend

Trevor B 3:09 Mon Oct 17
Re: Zaza
He is playing a different way to how he used to play at Juve, and it's obviously taking him time to adjust. I'm all for giving players for foreign leagues time to settle, I just hope he has enough time to fully adjust before we have to make a decision, as he was superb on Saturday and definitely deserves to keep his place in the team for now.

Sir Alf 3:05 Mon Oct 17
Re: Zaza
I think it is largely down to the speed, physicality and lack of time on the ball. If I recall that Pelle geezer struggled at Southampton at first but once he was up to speed everything improved including his goals and he became a real force.

Zaza seems to have upped his fitness to cope with the speed of the game and he also did much better in terms of his strength and aerial tussles. He won a lot of headers largely because his leap was excellent and again that is down to fitness and conditioning.

What looks still to be a problem is the time he needs on the ball. That will improve as his awareness of where other players are improves with games. His other obvious issue is positioning and being able to get on the end of things but again he was much better on Saturday and at least had a couple of chances that on another day may have hit the back of the net.

Lets see if he can continue the improvement. Only a few games to do so but if he plays as he did at Palace every week he will be a decent addition. If he plays as he did previously then obviously not. 2 more games we should know I would think?

busheyhammer85 2:23 Mon Oct 17
Re: Zaza
I loved his performance against Palace.

All that was missing was a goal.

I hope he comes good, I really do.

boleyn8420 1:54 Mon Oct 17
Re: Zaza
I thought it was his best game so far and I also liked the celebration at the final whistle just behind Bilic, maybe, just maybe a scrappy goal against Sunderland and we may get to see the real Zaza, hopefully

Admiral Lard 1:23 Mon Oct 17
Re: Zaza
Zaza had an excellent game against Palace, he held the ball up well and was a constant menace to the Palace CBs

His contribution to the won was immense

On The Ball 1:15 Mon Oct 17
Re: Zaza
Sometimes these things just don't work out. Sometimes a player just doesn't suit England - Andriy Shevchenko springs to mind. Doesn't make them shit.

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