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Q: 2018/19 Wolves (H)
a. At last we have a win now let's make it two, Win
b. A win against 10 men and two leagues below us is fine, but this will be much harder I'll take a point, Draw
c. Who are we kidding, a win against Wimbledon and all is rosy, forget it we're getting our arses kicked in this one, Lose
d. It's at times like these when you really do miss Love Island
e. I was all over this game until I found out it's not on the box, the broadcasting companies really don't care about us hard core fans do they, I might pop off to Thorpe Park for the day instead, obviously in my WHU shirt

monkey-boy 1:17 Wed Oct 19
Underrated Groups
Been listening to Alberta Cross lately and they are tip-top. Not too well known though, hugely underrated. Yours?

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On The Ball 10:30 Fri Oct 21
Re: Underrated Groups

FruityBoots. 10:28 Fri Oct 21
Re: Underrated Groups
The Mooney Suzuki, great NYC based garage rock band. Saw them a couple of time over here about 10 years back at the Mean Fiddler and the Islington Acadamy, amazing live came away dripping with sweat, bruised arms and shins from being down the front. Had 1 minor hit over here "Alive & Amplified".

Forest Gate Ugly 8:13 Fri Oct 21
Re: Underrated Groups
Eastend joker- Dolly Mixture were great weren't they. Maybe not mainstream enough for some tastes and not edgy enough for others. Brilliant pop band though.

Saul Bollox 3:27 Fri Oct 21
Re: Underrated Groups
The women's group where I used to work was very under-rated. After six months most left their husbands and some became lesbians.

eastend joker 11:27 Thu Oct 20
Re: Underrated Groups
I remember seeing "Dolly mixture" down the bridge house early eighties , real talent but for some reason never made it .

park chan wook 11:13 Thu Oct 20
Re: Underrated Groups

Lily Hammer 9:38 Thu Oct 20

Haha yes the lead singer does love a climb during live gigs, even better when he dances around with the traffic cone on his nut. I absolutely love Bob hund, Bob dog. They also so play as an English singing band too, then their called Bergman Rock. The new bob hund album dodlicka klassiker is blinding.

White Pony 10:05 Thu Oct 20
Re: Underrated Groups
Love that story Gloucester, son. I frequented Lakota many times but sadly never saw Sugar. I love Beaster but yeah if I turned up before I knew it and he didn't even play Changes or The Act We Act as an encore I might be a bit miffed.

I lost track of Swervedriver somewhat after Mezcal Head. Although Raise is untouchable for me, Never Lose That Feeling/Never Learn was a fucking masterpiece. That and Blue Lines was never off my turntable back in 92 when I was permanently befuddled out of my mind on skunk and cider in Bristol. Good times.

Lily Hammer 9:38 Thu Oct 20
Re: Underrated Groups
park chan wook 9:29 Thu Oct 20

I didn't know if anyone outside of Scandinavia knew about Bob Hund. I've never listened to their records, but they stood out at a festival I worked at a few years back. Really good live band, with proper enegry. The singer made me nervous the way he kept climbing on things all over the stage; way outside the health and safety guidelines.

ray winstone 9:38 Thu Oct 20
Re: Underrated Groups
Love And Money/James Grant

The Stoat 9:37 Thu Oct 20
Re: Underrated Groups
backpass 4:18 Thu Oct 20

Now yer talkin'

Boomland was a masterpiece

Lily Hammer 9:34 Thu Oct 20
Re: Underrated Groups
UNIHAMMERED 4:38 Thu Oct 20

Yes, mate. I've *avoided the single they just put out, as I'm waiting for the album. They're playing in Oslo in February, so probably on a euro tour.

* I have heard that he uses auto-tune on this single, which made me smile. No doubt triple measures of irony, as nobody can like Wagner.

park chan wook 9:29 Thu Oct 20
Re: Underrated Groups
The cooper temple clause
The rakes
Young knives
Bob Hund

riosleftsock 9:20 Thu Oct 20
Re: Underrated Groups
Anybody remember Manufactured Romance?

Had a few moderately successful releases and used to play in the Greyhound (Chadwell Heath) regularly.

Far Cough 9:14 Thu Oct 20
Re: Underrated Groups
I still think Icehouse didn't get the recognition they deserved, at least over here

Alex G 9:12 Thu Oct 20
Re: Underrated Groups
Hope of the States.

tnb 8:06 Thu Oct 20
Re: Underrated Groups
Queensryche. There was some utter shite in 80s metal, but when you look at some of the bands from that era that still get worshipped (and I like Maiden, for example, but it's pretty generic stuff) I can't help feel people are missing one of the few bands of genuine quality just because of the crap that surrounded them. Albeit, some of the pretentious stuff probably didn't help, but as musicians they were pretty unmatched. And a bit of pretentiousness doesn't seem to stop people waxing lyrical about the likes of Dream Theater and Tool.

Takashi Miike 8:00 Thu Oct 20
Re: Underrated Groups
The Lemonheads

solidbond 7:58 Thu Oct 20
Re: Underrated Groups
The action
The bureau
The purple hearts

Razzle 6:07 Thu Oct 20
Re: Underrated Groups
White Pony 10:22 Wed Oct 19
Re: Underrated Groups

Was a big Husker Du fan so seeing Bob Mould play was pretty and as for Swervedriver top band.

I would say most underrated band would be The Minutemen. If any of you are into music then you ought to have a copy of Double Nickles on The Dime in your collection. If you have never heard of them check out EconoJam on you tube gives a brilliant insight and just why i think they were so underated

Gloucester Iron 5:58 Thu Oct 20
Re: Underrated Groups
White Pony 10:22 Wed Oct 19
Re: Underrated Groups

Pony, son...

Swervedriver were fantastic live and very popular in Gloucester and frequently played here in the early years, especially, which meant I probably caught they 7-8 times all told.

Sugar, however, fully lived up to Bob Mould's reputation as a right moody fucker. I also caught them live a number of times too, but the one that springs to mind was at a club in Bristol called The Lakota. They were supported by another great guitar band from the USA, called Magnapop, who put in a blinding shift, which is just as well because Sugar decided to make everyone wait. After about 90 minutes the natives were getting restless, so an announcement was made that there had been a problem backstage, but they eventually got up and proceeded to play the entire Beaster album from start to finish. All well and good you might think, but it hadn't been released at this point, no one knew any of the tracks and had probably come along to hear Copper Blue, from which there was fuck all, The band didn't utter a word to the crowd for the entire show until upon being heckled at the end of the set when good ole Bob pronounced the entire audience a "bunch of cunts" before leaving the stage.

And no, there was no encore!

monkey-boy 5:03 Thu Oct 20
Re: Underrated Groups
De-Robert & the Half Truths for anyone likes modern funk.

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