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bish bash bosh 8:36 Wed Oct 19
does anybody have this bastard of a disorder...its an anxiety related condition where if some one eats too loudly, sniffs all the time...etc etc it sets me off into an angry frustrated aggresive situation. If anyone has any ideas or tips to reduce the anxiety please let me know. My family is starting to lose the will to live with this disorder. I only found out recently that it actually existed and going to the GPS for help. Please tell me I'm not the only hammer suffering with this !!!

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MrTrentReznor 10:11 Fri Oct 21
Re: misophonia
Older guy in my dept has really noisy shoes. He says they are new. I think he may have pissed himself & is squelching around in two mini urine reservoirs.

claret upstart 10:09 Thu Oct 20
Re: misophonia
Is whomail always this shit? Been trying to message old bish here with zero success.

White Pony 9:47 Thu Oct 20
Re: misophonia
I htink I have phobophobia, in that I hate made up fucking phobias. You're just intolerant of certain things, stop trying to rationalise it by saying you have a "condition".

Scraper 8:22 Thu Oct 20
Re: misophonia
As with all diagnoses, if it *majorly* affects your ability to function you might have it. Not that it's a real diagnosis, yet.

Any Old Iron 5:58 Thu Oct 20
Re: misophonia
I suffer from stultophobia, so fuck knows what I'm doing on this thread.

Side of Ham 4:27 Thu Oct 20
Re: misophonia
Couldn't you have saved this for the Friday Slurps thread?

munkyfunk 4:03 Thu Oct 20
Re: misophonia
That beatboxing sound whilst eating drives me fucking insane.
Hate it.

gph 3:55 Thu Oct 20
Re: misophonia
Sometimes, opera comes to you - Nessun Dorma, soundtracks, etc.

I quite like non-operatic classical music, but I'm always being ambushed when listening to Classic FM - fucking opera's always lurking there

Biggie Biggs 3:50 Thu Oct 20
Re: misophonia
Sounds like someone has made up a disorder to disguise a lack of patience

Dr Moose 3:38 Thu Oct 20
Re: misophonia
joe royal 10:44 Thu Oct 20

I think I have it too, but I've been told I'm miserable old cunt so maybe not!

Trevor B 3:35 Thu Oct 20
Re: misophonia
don't go the the opera then

gph 3:23 Thu Oct 20
Re: misophonia
The noise that does me in most is designed to give enjoyment, allegedly - opera

Kearley 3:16 Thu Oct 20
Re: misophonia
My missus can't stand jangling door keys, especially when it happens at 2am and is followed by me falling through the front door in a drunken heap.

Swiss. 2:48 Thu Oct 20
Re: misophonia
People eating on public transport gets me> More the smell.

Tony Gubba 2:35 Thu Oct 20
Re: misophonia
As others have said, why is this even a thing?....you just get wound up by certain noises. Most of us do. I hate noisy eaters. Really makes my teeth itch but I don't have phobic disorder.

I either ask the perpetrator to shut the fuck up or I live with it.

However, if you genuinely get into a violent spitting rage about it, then yes you are probably mental and need some ECT or marijuana.

One McAvennieeeeee 2:18 Thu Oct 20
Re: misophonia

I defo have this, and it's getting worse with age. I sometimes feel like killing people on the train.

Dr Moose 2:04 Thu Oct 20
Re: misophonia
My missus also thinks she has this but I believe there are varying grades to this disorder from mild annoyance to getting your face ripped off with a spoon!!! (yes the missus has threatened to do this when I chomp and slurp my food!!)

Agent Scud 10:49 Thu Oct 20
Re: misophonia
The Mrs reckons she has this, the certain background sounds can send her into a rage.

Whistling and jangling of change/keys seem to be the worst. I'm getting bloody good at both of them.

joe royal 10:44 Thu Oct 20
Re: misophonia
The straw that broke the camels back with my ex was her daughter sniffing in the back of the car.

Always hated body noise (except for a fart) chomping, sniffing etc . Now I know why.

BubblesCyprus 10:18 Thu Oct 20
Re: misophonia
People ''slurping'' not sipping thier drink does my head in !!

Cheezey Bell-End 3:58 Thu Oct 20
Re: misophonia
I don't know, but they always seem to be near me rattling on in a loud voice even when I make the effort to move away.

But the mouth noise thing really bothers me. It's such a small thing, but I hate it.

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