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Q: 2019/20 With seven games to go will West Ham stay up
a. Our demise was sealed when the idiots on the Board appointed Moyes, we're down
b. Despite the efforts of Moyes and the players, we will stay up by the smallest of margins
c. I'm beyond caring & couldn't give two hoots either way

One McAvennieeeeee 2:05 Mon Oct 24
Dimitri PAYET
Is the best player I have ever seen play for us.

I was too young to appreciate Devonshire's best years and missed out on Brooking, but talent wise he pisses over anyone else.

What a player.

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Pub Bigot 8:54 Mon Nov 14
Re: Dimitri PAYET
Eerie, he was deservedly in with a shout last season.

What I don't get is everyone getting on Payet's back. Hasn't he created more chances then any other player in the league this season? As much as we all love Mickie, Dimi is a once in a generation player for us.

And would I understand if he left? Of course. Would he be a cunt for leaving? Yes. I support West Ham United, not any other team.

Eerie Descent 7:06 Mon Nov 14
Re: Dimitri PAYET
You need your fucking head tested, Riddle.

The shit you have posted here is embarrassing, I honestly worry about the sanity of anyone judging Antonio against Payet. If you voted for him as HOTY last season, stop watching football.

J.Riddle 3:27 Sun Nov 13
Re: Dimitri PAYET
Sesar agreed, but I can't agree he is not very good, he has many other qualities part from those you mention, some I state in my earlier post.

Payet's passing was not very good against Stoke. Payets free kicks are not very good either this year. Half the player for us that he was last season.

Sesar 3:20 Sun Nov 13
Re: Dimitri PAYET
Antonio is not very good Riddle. Lacks technique and passing capabilities

J.Riddle 3:18 Sun Nov 13
Re: Dimitri PAYET
One McAvennieeeeee 9:06 Thu Nov 10
Re: Dimitri PAYET
Hold on a sec, Riddle son.

Longterm yes as Antonio is 3 years younger, makes a big difference, he is hungrier just came up to the big time and it shows. Payet looks like he thinks he should be playing Champions League and so he should. Antonio is our top scorer and will only get better. Will be an England international regular and value will rise. Indestructible, smashes through walls never injured. Payets value will only go one way going forward. Antonio attacks but also gets back to defend as where Payet doesn't think it is his duty. Payet is wasted in our team currently without a top striker to supply. Shame on the owners for wasting his talent.

No Payet was better last year, but I voted Antonio HOTY as I knew Payet would win and wanted Antonio to get second which he did.

Very lucky to have both tbf.

backpass 2:45 Sat Nov 12
Re: Dimitri PAYET
the amount of people on here who think what they say is either important or will mean anything, utter delusionists

neilalex 2:26 Sat Nov 12
Re: Dimitri PAYET
I'm genuinely worried about losing Payet in January. I just cannot see a good reason for him to stay if someone like PSG pitch up. Someone mentioned this on a separate thread a while back but I can't think of another player of similar calibre who wouldn't be cup tied for the CL. He is also running out of time to win trophies at club level.

1964 2:19 Sat Nov 12
Re: Dimitri PAYET
2015/16 = 9 goals
2016/17 = 5 goals
Tot = 14

Joint top scorer with Payet over that period, consistant and not injury prone.

Quite an important player really

LeroysBoots 1:33 Sat Nov 12
Re: Dimitri PAYET
Are you serious about Antonio ?

Some game the conference would be his level...appalling for much of the games this season

Crassus 12:51 Sat Nov 12
Re: Dimitri PAYET
Stewie has it right I am sure

Bloke has a great season and his profile is now international, why would he stay at a club frankly in turmoil?

Harsh choice of word turmoil but if the cap fits...

Side worse than last year and on the slide, with nothing like the quality discussed brought in - off field with the stadium bollox, well nuff said

1964 12:39 Sat Nov 12
Re: Dimitri PAYET
Scores one, assists one


B6NY B 9:30 Thu Nov 10
Re: Dimitri PAYET
Antonio really reminds me of CFC. His touch, head down and run approach. Superb in the air, mind.

stewie griffin 9:24 Thu Nov 10
Re: Dimitri PAYET
Only thing that I thought was revealing were his comments about the ' project'

Given he's been sold a pup here, I wouldn't be surprised to see him leave

One McAvennieeeeee 9:06 Thu Nov 10
Re: Dimitri PAYET
Hold on a sec, Riddle son.

Are you saying you think it's more important for the club to keep Antonio over Payet, and also that you thought Antonio was better than Payet last season?

J.Riddle 1:24 Thu Nov 10
Re: Dimitri PAYET
Antonio is the one I worry about. He was my HOTY last year, Payet second. Antonio is our future, it was mentioned that he would be rewarded with a increased contract, I hope they nail him down because I can see some big clubs coming sniffing.

theaxeman 4:57 Wed Nov 9
Re: Dimitri PAYET
Better hope Sakho can fire us up the league and get us and him looking upwards.
Fucking window was a disaster!

Alex V 4:43 Wed Nov 9
Re: Dimitri PAYET
Realistically at his age and at somewhere near the £30m price, it already massively limits the market imo. The possible suitors at a guess are PSG, maybe Inter Milan, maybe Atletico Madrid. If they don't want him, who does? I think basically he isn't worth enough for us to take the money. I think big bids for Cresswell (and from bigger clubs) are much more likely.

Blunders 4:01 Wed Nov 9
Re: Dimitri PAYET
Anyone who would be happy to let him go because of his form this season needs their fucking head tested.

Sure he's not been matching last year's form, but he's still scored 2 fantastic goals and got about 6 assists.

Without him we'd probably be bottom of the league, and out of the League Cup 2 rounds ago.

Swiss. 1:15 Tue Nov 8
Re: Dimitri PAYET
I wish people would stop wetting their pants every time they read the gutter press especially the Mail. Man up.

chelmsfordhammer 12:58 Tue Nov 8
Re: Dimitri PAYET
Fucking hell there's some drama queens that follow this club. The bloke has said that the doors never shut on a move and already we've got people rambling on about how it was good while it lasted and thanking him for his time at the club. I really wonder how some of you deal with a real crisis in your lives.

BournemouthHammer 12:43 Tue Nov 8
Re: Dimitri PAYET
There is no point keeping a player who wants to leave to better himself. But should he go then I think the owners should command a heck of a lot of money for him. For his time at the club I thank him for bringing a spark back since Tevez and Di Canio. It was good whilst it lasted

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